Jul 26

Call Highlands Australian Cobberdogs AKA Labradoodle to get your perfect labradoodle puppy today.

Some of my friends just got the most adorable labradoodle puppy. They are so darn cute and I can’t believe that I hadn’t ever heard of this breed before. It’s such a wonderful idea australian labradoodleto take some of the most well behaved and intelligent animals and breed them together. Apparently this is something that originated in Australian. The name labradoodle started to circulate in the 1950s but in Australia in the 1980s were when people started to really pay attention to what a labradoodle was. There are so many amazing things about an Australian labradoodle and some of them include a great temperament, highly intelligent, extremely intuitive and also allergen-free with minimal shedding. It makes such amazing sense that we can now breed an animal with this temperament that doesn’t hardly shed. That is amazing, especially for people who love dogs and can’t have them because of allergies. For example, I love cats but I am highly allergic so I can never have a cat. Perhaps I will see what the kitty equivalent of a labradoodle is.

There are a lot of businesses that are opening up these days to breed and sell labradoodle puppies. As many of us know, there can be some really intense horror stories about dog breeding and so it’s very important to do some research before you back a business with your money. I will cut out some of the hard work for you and let you know that some of the best labradoodle breeders around are Highlands Australian Cobberdogs AKA Labradoodles. They are a company based in Parker, Colorado and they are well known for making sure that the animals, nay the pets that they use for breeding are well taken care of and also are very healthy. They have a health check for each of their animals to make sure that not only are the dogs they give away healthy but also that they are keeping the breed healthy. It can be very important for people who are breeders to help keep the breed itself healthy so you don’t have unnecessary health issues with the dogs which we know a lot of breeds have. For example we know that some of the smaller dogs like French Bulldogs can have a hard time breathing because of their flat noses. That is just part of the breed but you can find some breeders who take extra care to make sure the breed stays healthy so these issues don’t become worse.

So if you are interested in getting an Australian labradoodle puppy, then be sure to check out Highlands Australian Cobberdogs AKA Labradoodles. They are a company that will make sure you are getting a pet that will be with you and your family for a long time to come. They even come with a healthy warrantee for two years because they are so sure that your animal will be happy and healthy. These dogs are smart and wonderful with people of all ages. If you are interested, give them a call today.

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Jul 21

Harley-Davidson and the Sturgis rally

Anyone who knows anything about Harley-Davidson motorcycles has at least a tiny bit of knowledge about the Harley-Davidson motorcycle rally that occurs every year in Sturgis, South Dakota. The Sturgis rally is usually held around the first week of August and has grown to be one of the largest gatherings of motorcycle riders in the world.

The Sturgis motorcycle rally started in 1938 as a get together for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts to see races and stunts done on motorcycles. There was no particular reason that Sturgis, South Dakota became the hotspot of everything Harley-Davidson except that a small group called the Jackpine Gypsies owned the track in Sturgis and wanted to use the track for something exciting.

Now the city of Sturgis makes more than $800 million every year from the motorcycle rally. The money comes from all sorts of directions including but no where near limited to advertising rights, hotel and restaurant patronage and beer sales. The amount of alcohol sold at the Sturgis motorcycle rally is one point that is in contention because of how close the rally is to sacred Indian land. There is also issues of hundreds of people being jailed every year during the rally and of course, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of motorcycles being stolen or damaged. Sadly, this is something that is a bit expected from a rally of that many people.

harley davidsonThere is a lot of good sides to the Harley-Davidson Sturgis rally though. The gathering has become in some ways a second home for both Harley-Davidson novices and aficionados alike. It is a place where people can go around and party a bit but then also have a look at a number of different Harley-Davidson motorcycles and parts including some of the newest and most over the top new innovations and modifications that Harley-Davidson bikes have to offer. A number of people come to the Sturgis Harley-Davidson rallies to both show off some of the biggest, badest and crazies things that they have been able to do to aHarley-Davidson motorcycle. It is a place for people to get inspiration for their next possible bike or maybe even just the next possible modification. People also like the Sturgis Harley-Davidson rally because it gives them an incredibly strong community to be inside of. Harley-Davidson owners make up this very closed and yet very open group where anyone can join, as long as they ride a Harley. It is not difficult exactly to get into the club when once you are in somehow you are all of the sudden in a brotherhood. Lastly, if anything the Sturgis Harley-Davidson is also a primary excuse for people of all ages, of all sizes, of all nationalities and backgrounds, people from every side of the wealth spectrum, to wear every single piece of Harley-Davidson clothes, jewelry, hats, bags and shoes that they have in their homes, which really is a shocking amount. No matter what product you can possibly imagine, there is one with the Harley-Davidson logo on it out there somewhere and it probably is not even that difficult to find.


SUN Harley-Davidson -

8858 Pearl St -

Denver CO, 80229 -



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Jul 13

Plumber Marketing Will Help You Catch Fish

We’re all in this together, we gotta find a way to coexist and still get everything that we need. Sure, we live in a society where competition is encouraged, and there are indeed, some very dark and terrible side-effects of that but that’s coming from the dark hearts and intentions of some of the people involved, not the concept of competition. SOS calls on fishing boats go out all the time at sea and although a lot of times, the boat captains don’t like each other, that doesn’t overcome a sense of duty and good will to their fellow shipmen, they won’t let them perish, they’ll save them every time. I’m sure that they do this for at least several reasons, but I bet that the main one is that they simply know what it’s like to be in their distressed shipmate’s shoes, the same boat, so to speak, to use a more appropriate analogy in this case. I think that we can all do a better job of trying to put ourselves in each other’s shoes, so we can try to empathize and understand where each other are coming from.

Anyone who’s ever started, owned or lost a business, knows things that people in the same boat are trying to figure out still. In combination with the boat analogy, I’m going to use the plumbing business to explain some things since it’s what I know. I know who my competition is, but I was always the big dog in town until gradually, it felt like everyone was catching up, catching all my fish. I didn’t understand why until I found what they were now doing that I wasn’t, and that was the only difference.plumber SEO That difference was that they were using plumber marketing on the internet, and I was not. I mean, I had a website and everything, I knew that was important but before I found the Plumber Marketing Gurus, I know now that I had absolutely no clue.

After making initial contact with them, I was already feeling a whole lot better about righting my ship and getting back out onto the sea to start snatching more fish than ever before. I explained that my business had been floundering for a little while now and it had just gotten to the point that it began to feel that it was unsustainable. Well, now I know that plumber SEO is no joke and although I never saw an SEO company as my fellow fisherman, they helped me in ways that no one else ever would have, they saved me. We can’t depend on someone else to bail us out when we get in trouble all the time, but there are some good people out there who can throw us a life saver to hold onto until they pull you back aboard, so you can do your job better than you were ever capable of before. It doesn’t matter what analogy you use or understand, just realize that you’re not alone, go out and get the help you need to succeed and you’ll catch all the fish you could ever dream of.

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Jul 11

Custom blinds will change your life.

Let me start out by saying that the title of the article is probably a bit misleading, but it does emphasize the impact of having the right blinds for your house and that is the goal of what I am trying to talk about.  The big thing for me is to have a house that is continuous in how it represents a theme.  For me, I am trying to have a modern theme in my house and I am trying to do so through the development of different factors in a piece by piece strategy. So far, it is working out really well, but that is not to say that I can’t improve upon what I have already done.  Nevertheless, the reason why I am writing is because friends have asked me many times about my place and everything that is going on there.

hunter douglas blindsLet me emphasize that there is a lot going on in the home and that has a lot to do with the fact that the place is newer to me and so I am having to make a lot of the decisions about the furniture and the amenities right now. One of the first decisions that I made about the place was concerning the blinds.  When I moved in, the blinds were the old plastic ones that you have seen everywhere before.  I was not a fan of them because they were dusty, broken, and were a pale yellow color.  To change this, I got some custom shades created to fit the wood molding in my home.  It truly looked amazing and I do not think that I would change how it appears in my home in the future.

This is something that most people can do.  I chose to have a blind that reflected the wood molding and the wood floors in the space without distracting from their natural beauty.  I also wanted to make sure that ample light still came through.  The best way for me to do this was through the development of a strategy around the blinds.  I have to say that this is something that I would want to do again.  I found that it was a lot of fun to be able to focus on that sort of improvement in my home.  The other thing that I thought about doing was to develop a theme in each room.  This is decided against, but that is something that you can do through different custom shades. By simply using different patterns and materials or by choosing to go with some custom shutters instead, you could make each room its own adventure.  That would be a great idea for something that is looking to get that kind of change in their lives.  I would be thoroughly behind a decision around making your home reflect your personality and doing so through different blinds is great idea. I would like to see how that would work in a smaller space because I don’t think I can do it.

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Jul 10

Find out the little things you can do to help preserve the Rimba Raya.

I grew up in a culture where people didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about the environment. To be fair to my hometown, I won’t disclose to you where that was but I will rimba rayashare with you that we weren’t concerned whatsoever with our present actions affecting our future. In fact, to me it seemed growing up that our resources were endless. I mean I did hear that things were dwindling but I wasn’t concerned about bad things happening because I knew there were people in charge somewhere that would get it all taken care of. Kind of like when you have to go grocery shopping and you put it off one more day, or you need to laundry and you put it off one more day or you wait a couple of weeks before you go see the doctor. Yes you technically should be doing all of that up front but know that it will eventually be taken care of and will be a nonissue.

Places like the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve remind us that that is not the case. There are places in on our planet that are steadily dwindling away. The oranganutan population in the reserve has decreased by ninety percent in the last century. Ninety percent! That is a staggering statistic and it is terrifying to think there are so many people out there who are not aware or who don’t think their actions can make a difference on our environment. There are companies out there like Infinite Earth who are committed to helping our environment, committed to preserving our lands that desperately need our help and are committed to making sure our beautiful earth will be there for our children’s children’s children.

One of the things that Infinite Earth talks about his how deforestation itself is a huge polluter not to mention it is cutting down a majority of our globes forest. There are places in Indonesia where the forests have been eighty percent eradicated for the planting and farming of palm oil which is an ingredient that can be found in almost half of the things that you can find in your cupboard. So what are the things that we can do to help? We can educated ourselves through companies like Infinite Earth who is committed to helping Rimba Raya. We can also be socially conscious consumers by checking to see what kind of companies we are supporting when we buy groceries. Where do they get their ingredients? If they use palm oil in their product, where does that palm oil come from? Are they by means that will help or hurt our earth? We can also be conscious about the nonrenewable resources that we use every day. Bike to work one day this week, walk to the grocery store or just take public transportation. Also pinpoint the companies out there like Infinite Earth that are here to help us take care of our earth’s wild animals and places and offer them your support. We want to make sure places like Rimba Raya are around for a long time to come.

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Jul 08

Soccer Camps Literally Changed My Life

The faster things begin to move, the more we have to pay attention to what’s happening. Most people aren’t fond of it, even less people even are willing to admit it, but we are in a constant state of change; things never stay the same. We age, flowers wilt, leaves fall off of trees and get raked up and get stuffed into trash bags. However, there is always renewal and too often, we got caught up in the dying instead of the living. Life is beautiful, but it can be painful too, that’s all part of the game and the sooner that we come to terms with it, the better off we’ll be. So, if we’re all gonna die one day, then why don’t we try and feel alive as we possibly can before we kick the bucket? Some find self-destructive ways to feel alive, but those things are lies and there are no two ways about it. This world is very black and white when it comes to being healthy or unhealthy, but there is a lot of grey that exists in other areas. If you’ve got kids, their physical and mental well being is pretty important and getting them involved with a sport that they enjoy could be paramount to their ongoing development as people.youth soccer camp There are all kinds of choices out there and there’s nothing wrong with giving them every opportunity to succeed by exposing them to as many potentially healthy physical outlets as possible. Karate, jujitsu, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and football could all be a piece of the puzzle to your kid ultimately becoming a grownup and finding happiness. I remember that when I was a kid, my parents got sick of my particularly negative attitude and shipped me off to a Colorado youth soccer camp. I wasn’t happy at first, but in retrospect, it’s the absolute best thing that they could have done for me.

I wasn’t very social and for some reason, I had a really bad attitude but Skyline Soccer played a key role In changing all of that for me. When I came home after only a week, my parents told me that I seemed like a different kid altogether. All I could remember was that there weren’t enough kids on the block to put together a respectable soccer match with, so I got on my parents case about getting me into a Denver Soccer league that fall. They were so happy to see that I was loving life now because of my introduction to the sport of Soccer, they would have done anything to keep that progression going. And guess what? It did, that was the beginning of the rest of my life and although I didn’t even play Soccer collegiately, I began to understand at that camp, that competition and physical activity was a fulfilling combination for me. I volunteer at soccer camps now during the summer, because I like to see it do the same thing for some kids that it did for me, and it fills me with a sense of joy.

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Jul 04

Linear air bearings make smooth, precise movements

motion control systems

Across the globe and in many sectors of our global economy air bearings, motion control systems and precision motion systems are responsible for helping to create many of the products we use every day. They’re the unsung heroes of the modern era because they have helped improve efficiency and accuracy in the products that we have come to rely on. Anything from medical equipment to smart phones to computer chips to earthmoving materials are created with the help of Nanotech precision motion systems. These systems are so highly calibrated that many of them have to be operated and what is known as a “clean room”. These rooms have been hermetically sealed and avoided of all dust and small particulates in the air. They can work in normal atmospheric conditions and in vacuum chambers as well so they’re incredibly versatile. Here’s a brief overview of how a system of motion controllers works.

Let’s say we are assembling a smart phone. The problem with the mass assembly of this type of object is that you smart phone consists of hundreds of data points on a closed loop. These points have to be hit with 100% accuracy you and every time a new phone comes down the line. They miss placement of a microchip or soldering of an element by even a millimeter will result in the loss of that unit. So the first up is for the core of the system known as the controller to tell the other mechanical objects or robots in the line what to do. Of course, here’s where human interaction is necessary because the computer cannot program itself to make an object. Once the human technician has entered in the data points though, the rest is fully automated.
Once the controller has told the other components of the linear air bearing system where to go and what function to perform the signal is an amplified and produced. The signal is more easily read by the other components and then the signal is then passed along to an actuator. Think of an actuator as something that performs an action, regardless of what is needed. Sometimes that action maybe twisting, pounding, turning or melting. Sometimes actuators use electric motors and other times compressed air or hydraulic pumps. Sensors of various kinds all along the rail will keep very accurate data points and send them back to the controller for review. Any adjustments that need to be made will be made in milliseconds to ensure that the product online is created as a perfect clone of the one before and after. Precision linear motion systems are a miracle of the technological age.
ALIO  industries is a true nano precision motion systems company. They’re able to be cost-effective without compromising quality with their linear and rotary stage lines. Their company name, ALIO is Latin for “a better way” and ever since their appearance on the market in 2001 Devon known as an innovator in nanotechnology motion systems and a respected name in the industry. Without their bearings and precision linear motion systems it would be difficult to envision the world we would live in today. Whether we know it or not we all rely on and should be thankful for precision linear control systems.
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Jun 30

I Can Keep All of My Things in My Storage Unit

storage unit

I had thought that I would be able to keep most of my possessions in my apartment, as I had a lot of space for myself.  I was able to fit a lot of my belongings into the various closets throughout the apartment, and I didn’t have a whole lot of furniture, so I figured that my living space wasn’t going to be too cramped up.  In addition to having ample closet space in my apartment, I was also given lots of basement storage in our apartment complex, and I could share the space with the other tenants who lived in the same apartment building.  I was under the impression that I would be able to get a lot of storage happening on my end, but I soon found out that all of the other tenants had the same idea!  In no time flat, all of our basement storage had been used up, and there was definitely no wiggle room for anyone to put in an extra box or plastic tub filled with clothes.  I overheard one of the tenants talking about renting out a storage unit at the nearby self storage facility, and decided to ask him what it was all about.

He said that the self storage facility was extremely easy to use, and it just required a monthly rental fee.  He said that their usage ranged from extremely large storage units used to store cars and furniture, to their smaller versions what were equal to that of a standard bedroom.  Since both of us only had a few boxes to split between us, we decided that we would split the monthly rent between the two of us, which would save us even more money!

Once we got to the storage rental unit, we found that it was more spacious than we had initially imagined!  Everything on the inside was neat and tidy, and we didn’t find any leftover boxes from the previous tenants, so we didn’t have to clean up any extra messes, which we were both appreciative about.

Both of us had loaded up our respective trucks and soon found that we had once again packed way too much stuff to take!  Thankfully, the company that owned the storage units also had a shop nearby, and they had all of the goods and supplies that would help us with our storage.  We picked up a couple of boxes with markers, so we could specifically label our boxes, and we also decided that some bubble wrap would help us out as well, as both of us packed very delicate dishes.  We were both happy that we were not only able to get some extra materials to help us pack our stuff, but we were also very pleased with the space that was offered to us.  Now that we don’t have to rely on our apartment complex’s tiny and dingy basement storage, we no longer have to worry too much about owning too many things!  Even though the monthly rates on the storage units are very inexpensive, both of us are saving a ton of money by splitting the cost.

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Jun 30

Invisalign making it possible for people to finally their teeth fixed

Invisalign is finally being able to make it possible for you to have your teeth fixed without the worrisome problem of peoples noticing you’re wearing braces. This is the great way that many people are able to fix their teeth today. By being able to have a series of trays they can be used to change the way to your teeth are in change the shape of them can make it possible for you to have them fixed over time without being able to have to go through the process of using traditional braces that use metal gear to slowly move the teeth into position where the orthodontist needs them to go.

By being able to have this great new option on being able to have a invisible way for you to take care of the problem makes it a great opportunity for many people to finally have it taken care of and not making a big deal out of it. Often time’s people are just not comfortable having to go through this type of option when they are later in years and life. With this it happens to be you know that you can do it without having to show the world that you are having your teeth fixed. You can be a very comfortable way for many people to finally get the work done without having to make a big deal out of it. It is a great way in which you have an option rather than having to go through the much feared ordeal with braces. Speak to your orthodontist about what he or she may do about getting you into this type of option.

You may find that the orthodontics that you have been putting off is a reality for you. orthodontistYou’ll find that you will have the ability to eat and enjoy the food you want through the process without having to worry about getting it all inside the braces. It’s a great new option that many people are realizing is the way for them to go. It is in a more enjoyable process without having to worry about what they eat and with the option of not having to let the world know that they are going to the process. If you think that you would like to give it a try and speak the orthodontist about what your options are and if this process is one that will work for you. Ending on the structure of your teeth and how they like your orthodontist can let you know if this is an option. Not everybody qualifies in order to shape their teeth using this style of process but the only way for you to find out is to speak to the orthodontist and they can let you know if you are a candidate to have this done. You might just find that it is the way for you and it is a way for you to enjoy your smile once more and not worry about all the other things that go along with regular braces. A longer do you have to use the traditional way you have options in speaking with the orthodontist will show you all the options that you can choose from and having work done on your teeth. With today’s modern dentistry you’ll find that you’ll have a way to get it done in a way that is convenient and comfortable for you.

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Jun 24

Renting a photo booth helped commemorate my swim team

I have coached the local high school girls’ swim team for several years, and every year, I get teary-eyed as we say good-bye to our senior swimmers at a banquet for the whole swim team and their family members. This year, though, we are saying good-bye to a very special senior class. They are larger than previous classes, and larger than the classes coming behind them, with nearly fifteen senior swimmers getting ready to graduate. Most of them were varsity swimmers all four years, a credit to the coaching talent that came before us, and all of them had lettered in swimming prior to their senior year. Several of them were on their way to the state championships next week as well, and we wanted a special way to honor this particular class. Our head coach was retiring with this group of seniors, and he was on the verge of crying at basically every practice. I was not sure he would even make it through the last one, but I was determined to make the banquet a special event for all of us.

Besides the usual senior gifts, such as monogrammed towels and a special framed image that the junior girls were putting together for each senior, we catered the banquet. But we wanted to do something different this year besides just the usual speeches. I searched in vain for as many ideas as I could come up with to commemorate the event, and properly send off such a special class. Finally, I had it. A friend who had recently gotten married had a rental photo booth at her wedding and she said the guests went crazy with it, taking all kinds of pictures that turned out fabulously. She said she almost preferred the photo booth rental photographs to the official wedding pictures, though she could never admit that to her mother.

As soon as she brought it up I knew I had my answer. The girls could take pictures in groups with families and coaches and teammates and we could put together a memory book for each of them for graduation. I immediately called the photo booth rental company she had used and booked one for the banquet. I was determined to surprise the girls though, so I had it delivered to the venue early and hid it behind a door. Once they started to arrive with their family members, we unveiled the photo booth and they immediately started taking pictures. There was almost no moment when it was unoccupied and I was so proud as I took pictures with my swimmers and fellow coaches. I knew we had dozens of good pictures to remember the evening and the season by, and I could not wait to put the book together after the event.

As I pored over the pictures a couple of weeks later to pick out the ones for the book, I cried for what seemed like hours. It was probably more like thirty minutes but there were so many amazing pictures and I knew I had found the right thing by which to remember this year’s team.

photo booth rentals

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