A Facelift is Supposed to Slow the Effects of Aging on the Face.

faceliftIn our society, cosmetic surgery has become extremely mainstream.  While it was once something mainly used for reconstructive purposes and occasionally on celebrities, it is now common for people all across the country, in all different fields, to undergo cosmetic surgery.  Of course, this is partially a result of the fact that cosmetic procedures are far more safe, effective, and noninvasive than they used to be, for the most part.  A lot of the most common procedures have to do with slowing the aging process, in some way.  At least, that is the point of such procedures as the facelift and Botox injections.

For various reasons, the aging process has the most noticeable effects on the face.  There are various different skin treatments and other at-home remedies that you can try, but, at the end of the day, a facelift sometimes seems like the right choice.  Facelifts have been in use for a long time, so the technique has had a long time to be perfected.  Nowadays, the rate of success for facelifts is extremely high.  Most patients are very satisfied with the results, and it usually takes very little time to recover from the procedure.  Facelifts are a type of surgery, and they do involve convention surgical methods and tools, such as scalpels.  That being said, they are one of the least invasive conventional surgeries, especially nowadays.  The procedure is performed by making a small incision in the skin on the head and pulling the skin, until the skin on your face is tight enough.  Though this sounds crude, the effect is miraculous.  Once the skin is stretched, most of the wrinkles that were present before should be gone.

Botox injections are the other quick and simple cosmetic procedure that is intended to tighten the skin on the face.  As a matter of fact, Botox treatments are even less invasive than a facelift.  In fact, they are really more of a treatment than a surgery, as all they require is a series of shots.  Patients can go back to work the same day they have treatments.  Though they are only injections, the substance in each shot is powerful enough to do the trick.  It is actually a fairly toxic substance, under ordinary circumstances, but injecting a tiny amount of it into the skin simply makes it tight and youthful, eliminating wrinkles.  The biological reason this is happening is due to very mild paralysis, as a result of the toxin.  However, it is not harmful to you in any way, and it removes your facial wrinkles for months to come.  The only real downside is the fact that it wears off after awhile, so you need to keep getting more, in order to maintain the look you achieved.  Of course, since the procedure is something so simple, it is not that big of an inconvenience to have to get another treatment again in six months to a year.  In the Denver area, you can go to Raval MD for regular Botox treatments.