Adding brick to our steel building

So after we got the new steel building up, we waited awhile to see how we would start to feel about the look and feel of the new place.  We got some nice landscaping done around the front door and the parking lot, and the office really started to feel comfortable and like we had been there forever. But the look of the building from the outside just never really seemed to impress any of us and really we felt like we were going to work in a warehouse.  Of course, there is a lot you can do with steel buildings, and we knew that we didn’t have to just leave it like that if we didn’t like it. And work wasn’t supposed to feel like a warehouse environment anyway.  So we decided to add some brick to the outside of the space, and put in an awning over the front door that would protect the door from the sun and the rain, and provide a place to stand outside out of the elements.  We hired another contractor who did the work over the weekend, and we think initially that it looks much better already than it did last week.  The brick took away that warehouse feel that the steel building had before, and it made it seem more like an office building than a warehouse.  So people are feeling more at home here now than they were just after the move to the new steel building, and we think it really was the right way to go for all of us.

steel building