A Simple and Easy Guide to Find Blinds that will Suit your Home

Windows are one of the most important parts in the house, they lit in natural light from the sun and also provide a great view of the outdoors that one can admire. From the inside of your house, you can work around the windows making it a focal point. This is precisely why homeowners are quite particular about decorating their windows with Blinds, shades, and other window treatments which really help improve the aesthetic look of the window and create a decorative setting in the room.


beige blinds

When you are looking to invest in blinds, shades, and other window treatments, you will need to find one that can really work in the room and that does not come with just any window treatment. There are a number of factors that can affect how your chosen window treatments can look on your windows so you will want to take care in finding the right ones as any homeowner would want to find the window treatments that works best for their windows.

Because there is such a variety of choices of window treatments out there, one can easily feel overwhelmed looking for the right treatments. To help you out in finding the right window treatments, here is a simple and easy guide to find blinds that will suit your home.

  • Find the right color for your blinds – One of the biggest factors that can affect the way your blinds will look in the room is the color it is. You can choose to go for a color that can blend in with the existing color scheme of the room, you can go for a color that complements the color of the wall or you can go for a color of window Blinds that will really allow it to stand out in the room.
  • Choose a material for the blinds – Next to the color of the blinds, the material plays a big part on how good window blinds will look. It is the material of the blinds that give it the feel and texture. Usually you will find blinds that are made from plastic and fabric. If you are willing to invest more money into the blinds, you can go for blinds that are made of wood or faux wood. Understand that the thicker the material, the better the light filtering.
  • Measure out the right blind size – Lastly, you really need to make sure that you purchase blinds that will fit right well on your windows. Nothing looks more off than blinds that are too big or too small (unless you are going for a certain style). To make sure that your blinds are the right fit, you will need to measure out the dimensions of the window itself. With that you now have a basis for the dimensions of the blinds which you can play around with.

That is all for this simple and easy guide. Hopefully you will be able to find the right Blinds for your windows and really make your windows look great.

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Understanding the Importance of Communication in Crisis Management

When it comes to crisis management, different PR firms can have different approaches. There are firms that make use of the media to reverse the bad publicity while there are those who offer great deals and promos in order to keep clients coming in. Despite the variety in channels and strategies, all of them make use of one very important tool and that is communication. When it comes to crisis management and public relations, communication is very important. Let’s take a look at why.

crisis management

crisis resolution

  • It helps get to the origin of the problem – When trying to solve a problem the most definite way to do so is to get ride down to its rood. When formulating a solution and approach in order to solve a problem, it is highly important for companies to identify where everything started. In order to do that companies have to communicate properly so that they can gather the right info about the problem and help trace it back to the origin.
  • It shows your customers that they are valued – The more a company lets a problem go unnoticed or unsolved, the more severe the damage will be to the company. When problems are not acknowledged, the customers who gave the feedback will feel like they are not noticed and that their feedback is useless. When a customer gives feedback, the company in return, should give acknowledgement showing communication as a two way process in public relations in order to properly build trust between the company and its clients.
  • It helps facilitate resolutions – Resolving issues really involves the use of communication. When handling a crisis, the company has to constantly communicate with its customers ensuring that all issues are being resolves. When communicating with clients whether through phone, email, or media, they will know that the issue is being resolved and that the company is taking the important steps to making sure the problem will be fixed and that the customers will be satisfied and have an improved experience in the future.
  • Helps ensure the coming back of customers – One way to know that your crisis management strategy is effective is when customers will come back. This is very important for any kind of company or business because it shows that you were able to build trust with your customers even after a negative experience which has been handled properly. Doing so also shows your customers that you are taking the right measures to properly improving all your products to make the customers’ experience even better.
  • It helps the company learn from a negative experience – A negative experience is something than any company should try to avoid at most. However, there is no assurance that a company will not experience any crisis. When a company gets into a crisis, it will provide a learning experience for the company helping them learn and understand more about crisis management. Through this learning experience, the company can make their approaches much better to make it better for the customer.
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Learn How to Repair Holes in Your Metal Roof in Five Steps

With the proper installation, the life span of Metal Roofing faces no competition. However, even though metal roofs are durable and last long, they still need to undergo proper maintenance and repair to ensure their quality and integrity all throughout. A repair done on a metal roof can really improve things and even last longer than the roof itself or it may just be a cause of more complications on the roofing system resulting in more costs and more labor required.

Metal Roofing

metal roof

If you have a hole in your metal roof that has resulted in a leak, you will need to deal with it immediately to prevent the development of mold. Conducting metal roofing repairs can be difficult but if you understand everything, there isn’t much to worry. Today, we will go over repairing a hole in your metal roof in just five steps. First, you will need:

  • Sheet metal, metal snips, and pan-head sheet metal screws
  • Cordless drill, caulk gun, and wire brush
  • Paintbrush, pencil, and paint
  • Non-residue cleaner and urethane sealant

Now, let’s go through the five steps in patching up the hole in your Metal Roofing:

  • Clear the area of repair – Take note that holes in metal can develop due to a variety of reasons including rust, deteriorating, and falling debris. If it is any of these, it is sure that the area of the damage will be dirty. Make sure you properly clean out the area and then scuff around the hole with your wire brush
  • Take measurements and cut out the patch – Take measurements of the damage and use it as a basis for the patch that you will cut out from the sheet metal. Taken note the patch should overlap two inches from the edge of the hole. After cutting out the piece, make sure you properly round it to prevent snow and ice from being trapped. Mark the patch outline with a pencil.
  • Install the metal patch – Around the hole, apply some sealant and make sure that you do not go over the pencil mark that you made. After applying sealant, press the patch onto the area. You should be able to see sealant squeeze out from the sides. If there are any areas where sealant does not squeeze out, apply some there to eliminate all the gaps.
  • Secure the metal patch into place – Once you have properly pressed the patch into place you will want to secure it into place with some screws. Drill holes into the patch making sure that they are within three to four inches within in each other in the perimeter and within one inch from the edge of the patch. After drilling, screw in the screws securing the patch.
  • Do some finishing touches – Once the patch has been secured onto the Metal Roofing, you can paint the roof to make sure that everything looks uniform and the patch will not look out of place. Paint also helps to really seal the top layer and prevent water from penetrating.
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Pipe Fabrication: Process of Bending a Pipe into a Right Angle

A lot of pipe bending that goes on around today happens in industrial factories where the pipe bending fabrication methods call for the use of mechanical tools. Most often these tools won’t be found in any household. Bending a pipe can be done in a variety of ways that don’t even require any complex tools which are used by workers in industrial manufacturing factories.

bolt torquing service


Working on bending pipes properly can involve doing some math to carry out the measurements. However, that doesn’t mean that not anyone can bend pipes when needed. Today, we are going to take a closer look into bending pipes with simple pipe benders that you can get.

The process of bending a pipe can be rather rough and you won’t necessarily be able to bend a pipe perfectly in the first try so chances are you will go through some trials. Because of this, it is recommend to have an extra pipe piece which you can practice and use as a test. First, fit the test pipe into the simple bender you have and try to bend it at a 90-degree angle.

As of now, it’s alright to do it by eye trying to really get 90 degrees and not worry about any calculations yet. Doing this will help you get a good idea of how to use the bender and how much force you will need to exert to bend the pipe. The result of this test bending can be used as a reference for the next pipe bending fabrication you will do. Once you have the test pipe bent, check the angle with a carpenters square.

Now take a look at the test pipe you bent and look where the bend starts and ends. Mark these areas and measure both the distance both inside and outside the pipe bend. After doing so, take a look at the tool that you used to bend the pipe and fit the test pipe back into the pipe bending tool without applying any force that could bend the pipe even further. Now check the angle that the pipe bending is left at. Once there, look for the markings that you have made on the test pipe and mark the bender matching those markings.

By marking the pipe bending tool you now have a reference point to use when bending more pipes in the future. Now when you are going to bend more pipes, make sure that you use a similar diameter to the test pipe that you have used. When you are going to end another pipe at a right angle, take the measurements that you have gotten from the test pipe and mark it on the new pipe. When you put that new pipe in the pipe bending fabrication tool make sure that you position it so that the marks will align with the marks on the tool.

Now you can start bending more pipes. As you bend more and more pipes, you can refine the process even further to improve the quality of your bent pipes in the future.

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The Success of Factories in the Fabrication of Heavy Components

We today live in a society that has developed quite a lot technologically creating a very much modernized world once in which was way different from the way it was decades ago. What was once a vast empty landscape is now adorned with a variety of tall buildings which are most likely used for commercial purposes. Along with these buildings, large infrastructures like bridges can also be found in certain areas. The construction of such large structures is no small feat and it is thanks to the development of construction equipment that these are erected. However, before the construction of tall buildings and infrastructure all of its large and heavy components start off somewhere and that is in a Heavy Fabrication factory.

Composite Cutting

aerospace fabrication shop

Heavy fabrication is the process in which large and heavy components including large metal pipes and beams are manufactured for use in large construction projects. The process itself is done inside a large factory that has a variety of equipment. Heavy fabrication projects can’t be taken on by just any fabrication shop. The scale of such projects is too large and will require heavy equipment as well as well-strained and highly-skilled workers to operate these equipments.

With the ever growing industry, the demand for more buildings and infrastructure continues to grow as well. And with more and more construction projects being handled, construction companies will turn a lot more to Heavy Fabrication companies in order to supply them with the components that they need to go on with the construction. Considering what they are going to be used for, the products of heavy fabrication have to be really strong and of high quality.

When working on a heavy fabrication project, the quality of the metal being used to produce the final product has a big impact on the overall quality of the final product itself. However, it is also important to note that the way that metal is processed and handled as it goes through the factory can also have quite a significant effect. The methods used in a heavy fabrication project include welding, punching, drilling, rolling, bending, cutting, and finishing. As mentioned heavy fabrication factories have a number of equipments on site which are used by the workers to carry out the processes in a much easier and efficient way.

Those who work in heavy fabrication factories have to have undergone a considerable amount of training and learn how to properly handle the equipment in the factory. Inside heavy fabrication factories, a lot of pieces have to be moved around from area to area especially in between processes like when after a piece has been cut out it will have to be welded.

Being able to successfully fabricate the heavy components needed in a construction project not only relies on the quality of the raw materials or the skill of the workers or the equipment. Overall, there has to be a proper system to make sure that the work in the Heavy Fabrication factory goes efficiently to meet the proper time table.

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The Benefits of Being in a Group Fitness Class

Many people today have the desire to have a more toned physique and improve their fitness. If you share the same goals, you will find that there are a variety of approaches that you can take in order to become more fit. For one, you can choose to move at your own pace and work out alone at the gym. You can choose to work with a trainer who can tailor your workout program, or you can sign up for a Fitness class and get to train with other people. For today, we are going to focus on working out in a fitness class.

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping

group workout

Fitness classes have become quite popular these days to the point that they have become a trend. Being in a fitness class isn’t just about getting to be with other people. In fact, there are benefits to working out in groups. You are probably considering signing up for a fitness class especially since you know people are getting into it. However, there is something to be valued in group fitness classes and today we are going to take a look at its benefits so that you will have more reasons to get into a group workout.

1.) Group workouts are cheaper than working with a personal trainer – Working with a personal trainer can come with a lot of costs and those who have worked with them know how expensive it can be. Different trainers charge different rates. The great thing about a group fitness class is that you are basically dividing the costs between the other people in the Fitness class thus making things a lot more inexpensive for all of you.

2.) The instructor will be able to check on your form – Every group fitness class is sure to have a professional instructor or trainer. With their presence, they will be able to check on the form of each of the individuals in the fitness class and make the proper corrections to make sure that they are doing the workouts and exercises correctly. With the supervision of a professional, you can feel a lot safer knowing that with their knowledge, they will make sure that you are not injured.

3.) There is a lot more motivation in group fitness classes – When you are working out solo and don’t have a trainer to work with, you might not get a lot of motivation. However, in a group fitness class, there is a professional trainer who can provide the motivation everyone in the class needs to keep going. Being in a group also means that you can motivate each other through the entire process.

4.) Being in a group fitness class is more fun – Working out on your own can get quite boring at times and you don’t have anyone to interact with. In a group Fitness class you have all these other people who also want to get fit. When you are working out in a group everyone can have a lot of fun together and the trainer can always make sure that everyone is having a good time while getting fit.

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Understanding the Speed Performance of the USB 3.0

The creation of the USB system back in the mid 90s has really put as a step forward in data transmissions and communications between the PC and the connected peripherals. Through USB data transfers, information can be much more efficiently transmitted between the host PC and the devices. In addition, the implementation of this interface has provided users with a much easier way of connecting additional devices to one’s computer. With the previous approach, one had to make sure that one was using the right serial port to connect the device while with USBs all ports are basically the same.

fast USB charger

black USB hub

Although USBs do provide a faster and more efficient way of being able to transmit data that still doesn’t really mean that it can really blow you away with its performance. The USB 2.0 interface still really isn’t that fast and with certain computer systems data transfers can be an issue with its speed and thus the time it takes to accomplish it. Users of these computer systems tend to avoid using the USB interface when it comes to transferring large files of data. The only use USBs have for them would be with the mouse and keyboard. However, with the development of the USB 3.0, things might just really take a turn for the better.

Times really have changed and this has brought with it the improvement of technology including the USB 3.0. With the availability of the new version of the USB interface, users with computer systems that did not do that well with USB data transfers in the previous version of the USB now have hope with a version that is supposedly a lot faster than its predecessor.

The USB 3.0 which is also called the SuperSpeed USB is said to have a max bandwidth of five gigabits per second. That can be translated into six hundred forty megabytes per seconds which is actually a lot faster than its predecessor the USB 2.0 or the Hi-Speed USB, ten times faster to be more specific.

But the question is does the USB 3.0 really live up to its hype? Well the only way to really check is to put the SuperSpeed USB to the test with its data transfers. With the hard drive tests, the USB 3.0 performed pretty consistently. Whether it was writing a 10 GB file, reading a 10 GB file, writing a 10 GB folder, reading a 10 GB folder, writing AJA, or reading AJA, the SuperSpeed USB showed a range of 112 megabytes per second to 115 megabytes per second.

With SSD tests, USB 3.0 performed quite significantly better having a range of 114 to almost 200 megabytes per second with all of the six tests that we used. Meanwhile the USB 2.0 just couldn’t keep up with only 41.3 megabytes as the fastest USB data transfer.

We conclude that USB 3.0 really is faster than its predecessor, the USB 2.0. However, you will not be able to see the ten times faster speed with the new interface. The fastest that we were able to get was three times than 2.0 but still it is quite an improvement.

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Why We Have Pink Shutters All Over our House

Pink shutters. That’s what my daughter wants for her room. Well, if we have pink shutters for her room, we might as well have pink shutters for all windows in our home. My husband was laughing at the idea until we had pink shutters in our home.


blinds and other window treatments

It’s ridiculous but I find it quaint and weird, to be honest. Now we don’t spoil our kids, but Sarah is in the spectrum, a highly functioning one, and I thought, this might mean the world to her. Hence, pink shutters we’ll have.

I tried to convince her to choose another color, but she would not budge. She’s twelve now and doing quite well in school, so I thought this could be our reward to her. Even my husband’s home office has pink shutters. A fact that amuses his clients, to no end. Did I mention that he is a lawyer?

Well, we got ours from www.blindsnshades.org and so far we are quite happy with our window solutions. I did get some Hunter Douglas shades for the kitchen, and they look nice especially in the dining room.

I have learned a lot as a parent to a child who has autism. It’s a struggle sometimes, but it also brings out the best in me as a mother and as a person. Our daughter is our youngest child and so much younger than her two older brothers. We had her when I was menopausal. The doctors warned me of the statistical probability of delivering a child with special needs but I thought, an abortion is out of the question. I will raise my child as I would any of my children – the best way I could as a mother.

Oh there were trying times, especially when we are out in public. But if there is one thing that technology has provided us, is that it has given us the platform to promote awareness for children with autism. Studies show that they tend to get bullied by other children and it’s not because other children are bad or were raised the wrong way. They just needed a better understanding of their peers who are not like the rest of them.

Sarah is very good in music and math. But she has difficulty with the rest of the subjects in school. She does not have the patience for reading literature that we have resorted to getting her audio books. She is functional so she can comprehend reading materials provided she hears it on audio.

We’re fortunate to have enrolled her at a school very near our home, and that she’s assigned a teacher who is patient and loving to her. Her classmates seem to have a better appreciation of her compared to her previous school. So I don’t fret as much as I used to, because I know she is in good hands.

She is such a joy to our family and whenever I see the pink shutters, I smile, and feel so glad that I did not listen to the doctors to terminate my pregnancy. It may not be a walk in the park most times, but having a child like Sarah just makes me want to be a more loving and caring mother. I have gained a lot from having her in our lives.


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Mom’s Neurotherapy Amidst Other Concerns

I stir my drink, while absentmindedly watching the news behind the bar tender. The mayor is at the Colorado Neurological Institute, something about a clinical research on neurological disorders. My mother in law is undergoing neurotherapy at the CNI and so far the results have been promising. Her speech therapy did wonders for her.

Speech Therapy

occupational therapy

Neurotherapy really does wonders.

But the news about the merger of our company came on next and I was jolted back to reality. It’s the reason why I’m having a drink at the bar and not home like I’m supposed to. We have concluded the merger and my boss is happy with the outcome. I am not. Somehow, it felt so heavy to think of how Mr. Connors, the CEO of the small chain of grocery stores in the state is losing his business to the bigger stores.

He will be compensated handsomely for it, but I could see in his eyes the pride he has over his business and how most of his people are like family to him. We promised him that everyone will be retained but I know from experience that, that’s not going to happen. Maybe not now, but a few months down the road. People who have been with him in the last twenty years will be forced to retire to be replaced by younger guys.

Now I understand that the bottom line is important. Six months from now, we’ll be automating most of the warehouse functions, so that means, over a hundred people will be losing their jobs. And by end of the year, half of the stores will be closed and the property to be used for something else. That means an additional 200 loyal employees will be out of a job. What a bleak Christmas.

I have always been proud to have become the first lawyer in the family, but it comes with a price. I am fast gaining a reputation for corporate take overs – that do not always end well. I know it is part of my job, but it does not make it easy for me. I come from a working class family, was raised and sent to school by one actually. And it was not without a lot of sacrifices.

My uncle who ran a shoe repair shop even contributed to my stipend. I was able to get a scholarship and I worked while I studied, but it was not enough as I could not work full time while in school. Another aunt provided for my books and another, my clothes. It was a collective effort to send me to university, being the first in the family to step into one.

I still remember how proud my parents were at my graduation and how the entire family, that even those living from out of town came,  to celebrate my passing the bar examinations. It was like the lifelong dream of a generation. That was over ten years ago. Now with this merger, I wonder if they would still be proud of me and of what I have become. I am not even sure of the answer.

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Five Solutions to Correcting Refractive Errors in our Eyes

Refractive errors are the most common eye complications that plague millions of people all over the globe. The three main refractive errors are hyperopia also known as farsightedness, myopia also known as nearsightedness, and astigmatism. The most common solution for people with refractive errors is to wear corrective lenses which may come in the form of glasses or contacts. The lenses help adjust the light so as to correct the focus of light onto the retina which has become unfocused due to the irregular shape of the cornea.

Lasik center

eye surgery

However, there are other solutions to help correct the vision of a person who suffers from refractive errors. Many patients will find these solutions in a Houston Eye Center which has all the available facilities and equipment as well as skilled and well-trained eye surgeons who can work these tools in order to correct vision. Today, we are going to take a look into five other solutions in correcting a person’s vision which comes in the form of refractive surgery.

1.) Conductive keratoplasty – Also known as CK treatment, conductive keratoplasty is a form of refractive surgery which is used by eye surgeons to provide temporary treatment to patients who are suffering from presbyopia and hyperopia. The process involves aiming radiofrequency waves at the peripheral area of the patient’s corneas causing them to shrink as well as making the central area of the cornea steeper. Regression occurs within a few years but CK shrink is quite safe.

2.) Lasik eye surgery – Lasik Surgery is the surgical procedure of reshaping a patient’s cornea in a process known as ablation so that the light is focused properly onto the retina. To reshape the patient’s cornea eye surgeons make use of an excimer laser which is aimed onto the corneal tissue altering its form. Lasik surgery provides a great long term solution to refractive errors.

3.) Phakic intraocular lenses – When other forms of refractive eye surgery like lasik eye surgery are no longer a viable option, this treatment is used by eye surgeons. Patients who suffer from extreme myopia or nearsightedness are the ones who undergo this treatment. In the treatment lenses are implanted onto the patient’s eyes and can treat nearsightedness up to -20 diopters.

4.) Intracorneal ring segments – Also known as intact for short, intracorneal ring segments are used in treating patients who suffer from light cases of nearsightedness as well patients who have keratoconus. The intact is a thin plastic implant which is applied to the peripheral cornea of the patient. Once applied it helps make the corneas flatter from the center going out. Intacts are only for myopia of -3 diopters.

5.) Advanced surface ablation – This treatment is similar to Lasik Surgery involving an excimer laser in order to reshape a person’s cornea. The difference is that advanced surface ablation doesn’t require the eye surgeon to create a corneal flap in order to get to the underneath corneal tissue which is why it is considered a more advanced form of the ablation processed using in lasik eye surgery.

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A Guide to Mining Uranium Ore and Extracting It

Uranium has become quite an important commodity in the world today. There are a number of countries that need uranium in order to create nuclear fuel to use in nuclear power plants to be able to generate power and electricity for the country. Despite there being other approaches to creating energy, uranium is still in demand. The only way to acquire uranium is through uranium mining. Uranium mines don’t yet produce usable uranium. Instead, what miners try to get is uranium ore which is basically a little uranium that has mixed in with other minerals in the rock.

uranium mining

uranium mine

Countries like the US, Australia, and Canada have had a certain demand for uranium. In Canada, there are quite a number of uranium deposits where uranium ore can be mined from. This is why Canada is one of the three main producers of uranium annually. Along with Australia and Kazakhstan, Canada makes up around seventy percent of the annual production of uranium.

Now as mentioned, in order for uranium mining to initiated, it has to be done on an area which is a uranium deposit. With the demand for uranium, more uranium deposits need to be found. In order to increase efficiency, several techniques have been made in order to properly survey the ground. The most common techniques used by mining companies to assess potential mining areas for uranium are aero radiometry, aerial photography, ground water hydrochemistry, and surveying using gamma rays to indentify the proper drilling site for uranium mining.

Most of the uranium in the world is mined in the three leading uranium countries, Canada, Australia, and Kazakhstan. Of these three countries, Australia has the most significant portion of uranium in the entire globe. It is on the upper crust where a lot of the uranium can be found. The uranium here naturally occurs and is chemically denoted as U4+ and U6+ and both have 2 ppm in average abundance. Of all types of uranium resources, Uraninite or UO2 is the most naturally occurring. As the Uraninite reacts with the oxygen in the atmosphere, it becomes UcO8 known as the mineral pitchblende.

Now the most common ways of mining uranium from the Earth are through open pit uranium mining and underground uranium mining. These two types of uranium mines are the most common in the US especially ever since there was the development of nuclear energy. Open pit uranium mines are basically an open pit which was created by blasting and removing the soil and rocks on the surface to get to the uranium underground with a depth of less than 400 feet. In cases where the uranium goes deeper than 400 feet, an underground uranium mine is used where miners dig shafts and tunnels into the Earth and navigate the underground to get to the uranium ore.

Once the ore has been harvested from uranium mining, it will need to undergo extraction to separate the uranium and the ore. This is done using a base or an acid which can break down the minerals and separate them.

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Tips for Pricing your Office Cleaning Services Easier

In order for a business to become successful and develop it will need to make a lot of income. Commercial cleaning businesses have a lot of potential to make a lot of income with the right employees at hand. Other companies and businesses have a need for commercial cleaning services to help maintain the cleanliness of their offices. The great thing about running your own cleaning businesses is that you get to enjoy some freedom but still be able to make some income passively.

business cleaning Nassau

commercial office cleaning

With commercial cleaning businesses being so lucrative success should be easy. However, the success of cleaning businesses lies on how they price their cleaning services to their clients. Businesses that have rates that are too low will miss out on potential revenue, but if you price your services too high, you won’t be able to attract any clients to your services. Pricing can your cleaning services can be a challenge so here are some tips that you can take note of when deciding on your business’ cleaning rates.

1.) Set a price based on the total area of the office space – One of things you can base your rates on is the total area of your client’s space. When you establish a price per square foot it will be easier to compute the total bill for your client. The usual price per square foot that many commercial cleaning businesses charge is fifty cents. Commercial cleaning businesses can easily ask the client about the total area of the office and then be able to compute the bill beforehand.

2.) Have a price rate based on time – Another approach you can take to calculating the total cost is to have an hourly rate. The price range of this rate may also depend on the complexity of the cleaning job especially with offices that have numerous chairs and desks, carpeting and wood floors that need proper cleaning, and etc. Many commercial cleaning businesses that use hourly rates charge between $20 and $25. The longer it will take to clean the space the more money can be made.

3.) Offer lower rates for clients who frequently request services – Usually commercial cleaning businesses have a once-a-week service to their clients, but there are also times when clients will request cleaning services more frequently. Since offices that are cleaned more often become less dirty, you can offer a lower price for a second cleaning in the week provided it fits the schedule. If the usual charge is $75 for once a week, you can charge them $10 to $20 off for an additional day within the week.

5.) Offer any additional services in the bid – The basic package many commercial cleaning businesses offer is already enough to keep an office looking spick and span. However, there are clients that would want additional services which can include sanitizing work and baseboard cleaning. In order to tend to the needs of your client, you should include a list of additional services you can offer outside the basic package with their listed price.

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When to Take a Direct Lease in Renting an Office Space

When looking for an office space to rent, one of the options that you have is to sign for a direct lease. By signing a direct lease contract, the business will shoulder the expenses for the entire office space and the entire responsibility is given to the business itself. Other options like having a shared office space allows for two or more businesses to handle the responsibility of the direct lease while dividing the office space and the costs equally.

Another option is subleasing wherein a business will simply rent out a portion of the office from the business that is already handling the direct lease. These different lease options have advantages and disadvantages but for now we are going to focus our attention on direct leases and determine the proper time when a business can take on a direct lease in the renting of an office space.

coworking space

wide office space

1.) The business has the capability of shouldering the cost of a direct lease – The main reason why many startup companies and new businesses shy away from a direct lease is the costs of handling a direct lease. Other options liking subleasing and a shared office space are easier on the budget. Once a business has developed and become more capable, going for a direct lease despite its higher costs may be a consideration especially with its benefits.

2.) The business needs to have more space – Compared to a sublease or a shared office space, a direct lease provides the business with more useable space. This is because when a business takes on a direct lease, the business is able to make use of the entire space available in the property. To help your business grow and develop, more space would be essential. So when you are looking for an office space and space is something that is needed, going for a direct lease in a large office space would be preferable.

3.) The business is building its name and reputation in the market – Having the office space all to the business is a way of showing how capable the company is. The business is essentially branding itself as one that is capable and well developed. In addition to that, the flexibility and control that a direct lease provides the business allows for it to make changes in the space that will best reflect and brand the company. The company will also be able to renovate the area to its desire so as to provide the optimum environment for its employees and build a name in the market.

4.) The business wants to take on bigger challenges and work on more projects – In order for a company to grow even further it will have to take on harder and more challenges than before. For that to be possible, the business will need to have access to more equipment and area in the office space which can be provided through a direct lease. This helps the company work on tasks easier allowing it to grow further.

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Tips in Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

Getting Dental Implants is a great way to replace any missing or lost teeth. The process of getting a dental implant can be a long ordeal. Although the surgical procedure of attaching the implant into the patient’s jawbone can take just an hour or so, the healing process can take months so that the implant and the bone can fuse together before the artificial tooth is attached on top. It can also be a little expensive getting a dental implant compared to other treatments but this treatment has proved to be one of the best in replacing teeth.

Dental Implant

implant parts

Although the tooth attachment on dental implants is fake you still have to take care of them just like you would take care of your real teeth. By properly maintaining and caring for your dental implants, you can assure that it will last long. To help guide you in caring for your dental implants, we are going to share some tips which you can follow to take care of your implants.

1.) Take note of your dentists’ instructions – After the procedure, your dentist will give some instructions to serve as some guidelines on how you should care for your implant. They may even tell you to avoid brushing the wounded area or avoid doing certain things. The dentist may also prescribe you with certain medications to help ease the pain and combat infection so make sure to take those regularly.

2.) Consult your dentist regarding brushing – Before you start brushing your tooth regularly, you may first want to consult your dentist. Since the area where the Dental Implant was attached is technically a wound, you will have to be gentle in brushing to avoid disrupting it and causing more pain. You should also purchase a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the implant area.

3.) Have cleaning appointments – It is important that you set regular cleaning schedules with your dentist so that he can properly clean your teeth along with the dental implant using his tools in the clinic. It is recommended that you schedule your cleaning appointments at least four times a year.

4.) Practice good oral hygiene – As mentioned, caring for your dental implants is just like caring for your real teeth. Because of that, it is important to remember to brush regularly and floss your teeth including the dental implant itself and the visible part like the abutments.

5.) Have routine maintenance for the artificial tooth – The artificial tooth attachment that comes on Dental Implants can also go through some wear and tear like any normal tooth which is why it is important to schedule appointments with your dentist to take a look into the artificial tooth from time to time to see if there are any damages that need care. There are even times when the dentist will use an x-ray to see if there are any inside damages.

So those are just a few tips that you can follow to help care for your dental implants. Remember, whether a tooth is real or artificial it will still need some care.

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A Closer Look into Dental Implants

Basically, a Dental Implant is a post of frame made from titanium or other strong metals that is attached to the patient’s jawbone through means of surgery. The implant itself then acts as an artificial to which where a bridge or a new artificial replacement tooth may be attached to. People who get dental implants are those who have lost a single tooth are a number of teeth (through getting injured, gum or tooth disease, etc.) and the person wants to get the space filled in with replacement teeth.

Right now the American Dental Association or ADA for short recognizes two types of dental implants which they deem safe to be used on people when replacing missing teeth. These two different types are the following:

Dental Implant

metal post implants

1.) Endosteal implants – This type of implant is the more common option. The term Endosteal refers to the implant being attached in the bone itself with the use of cylinders, screws, and other things to hold it in place. Endosteal implants are capable of holding one or more artificial teeth.

2.) Subperiosteal implants – This type of implant is attached on the bone instead on in it. The implant uses metal frames that hard held secure by the gums as they heal after surgery. It is on the frames that the metal post is attached to.

So if you are looking to get some Dental Implants yourself, how will you know if you are a good candidate to get one? Well people who want to get dental implants should have good oral health in general. This includes having healthy gums that don’t have any gum disease as well as enough bone in the area where you intend to get implants so that it can properly give support to the implant once it is surgically placed in your mouth.

When a person gets dental implants, they will be connected to both the gums and the bone underneath of the patient. Because of this, most of the professionals who perform the surgery in putting on dental implants are periodontists since they are the people who have the extra set of skills and knowledge when working on these areas in the patient’s mouth. Most often your dentist and periodontist will be working hand in hand to make sure that you are satisfied with your new dental implants.

The benefit with periodontists is that they are more specialized in working with issues especially considering that dental implants connect to the gums which is what periodontists are more knowledgeable about. They also have the right tools to be able to surgically attach the dental implants properly.

If you want to get Dental Implants, you must understand that you must be committed to the maintenance of not only your implants but your entire mouth as a whole. Just as recommended by dentists, you will need to be keen on your oral hygiene making sure to brush regularly and floss after especially on your new replacement tooth on the dental implant itself. With all that in mind, you will have an easier time deciding whether dental implants are for you.

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Opening your Own Marijuana Delivery Service

The marijuana industry is a great place to do business these days. The legalization of marijuana and cannabis has led to the soar in the demand for marijuana and marijuana products in what has come to be known as the “Green Rush”. This has prompted people to start opening their own marijuana dispensaries to sell products to consumers while the demand is still high. However going into the marijuana business isn’t easy as the government imposes many rules and regulations (which differ between states) on the producing and selling of marijuana.

Weed Delivery

delivering weed

One of the businesses engaging in the distribution and selling of marijuana is the Marijuana Delivery Service. This type of business has proven to be quite effective in its trade and is even favorable to many people compared to going out to buy from a marijuana dispensary. Some marijuana delivery services have outperformed some dispensaries due to it being a mobile business allowing it to bring its products to customers in further areas who do not have the time to go to a dispensary.

The industry is still steadily growing, and many people have started to get into the business of selling marijuana. There are those who open up a marijuana dispensary which is ideal if the area chosen is a place of high traffic attracting more potential customers. But for those who don’t have an area to set up shop, a delivery service would be preferable. Today, we are going to talk about what you need to be able to open your own Marijuana Delivery Service.

1.) Understanding of the law – Now with a product such as marijuana, you can expect there to be strict rules and regulations when it comes to running a business that produces and sells it. It is important to take note of any guidelines that the government in your area has set so that you will not encounter any legal problems along the way. You can even get the help of a lawyer to analyze the marijuana laws and help you out in any legal means.

2.) High budget or capital – You should know that running your own marijuana business be it a dispensary or a delivery service is no cheap venture. Those who want to open a marijuana dispensary require around two hundred thousand dollars as this is needed for the production of the marijuana as well. Although delivery services don’t need such a high capital, you will still need to properly budget the money based on what is needed.

3.) Proper staff and plan – Running a Marijuana Delivery Service means that you will have to be particular about the security of your business. You cannot just make use of vehicles that outwardly reveal your business or what it is transporting. Things have to be kept secure as the customer also relies on you to make sure things are safe therefore you will need staff that are reliable and will be able to deliver the product in time making sure that the transaction is quick and secure.

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Taking Control of your Home through Home Automation

With the development of technology, our homes are sure to get a taste of it. Many tech companies and manufacturers keep producing “smart” devices. These things are designed to help make our lives at home easier by being able to perform its tasks automatically. With that in mind, I would say that it is a great investment. In addition to that, these smart devices can be incorporated into a single network known as a home automation system allowing the homeowner to have control over everything remotely.

AV Connect

household system

We already made use of remote control technology before, but it was limited to one-way remotes wherein a single remote is designed to control only one object. Only recently has technology progressed that we are capable to have control over our household devices using only a tablet or smart phone. It is also through our smart phones and tablets that we can monitor and access these different devices even when we go out of our home provided one is connected to the internet. So it is with the right home automation system that you can integrate your “smart” gadgets and devices into one or network system and control it and through the internet you can access and monitor such devices outside your own home.

To properly connect your smart phone to your home automation system and use it as a control and monitoring device, one would have to make use of an app interface which is provided by the manufacturers of home automation systems and devices for you to download. By using this app interface you can access a lot of essential information in your home through the home automation system.

In addition to the information about your home’s current state, you can also check on the status of the different gadgets and devices you have integrated into your home automation system and see how long it has been used. Another great feature that one can make use of with the home automation system and smart phone app is the improved security of one’s home. The electronic locks, security cams and sensors you have at home can be integrated into your home automation system and you can receive notifications from these through your smart phone of any activity inside your home while you are out.

Other than security notifications, there are also other great features that some manufacturers and tech companies program into their systems. This includes sensors for your lights allowing them to turn on with movement or adjusting the temperature in your home for you making sure that you always feel comfortable. Other great things include notifications from your smoke alarms when they sense smoke allowing you to rush home in time or sending you a notification when a family member comes home provided their smart phone is also connected.

There are a lot of things that home automation has to offer us. The added control over our homes just makes us feel better about our household and gives one a feeling of relief knowing that you can easily monitor things in your home through your phone.

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Office Space Strategies to Improve Performance

The office is more than just a simple place where you hold the operations of your business. Look at your office, what do you see. If all you see are a collection of desks and chairs along with computers then you don’t get the bigger picture. Think of the office space like the inside of your house. The atmosphere and setting inside can be quite influential. Believe it or not, a well set up office area can improve the performance of your employees and even help the workday go by more smoothly. So how does one improve the setting of the office in such a way that these benefits can be experienced? Let’s take a look on hoe.

shared office space

small office space

First, think about the temperature inside your office. One of the important factors inside the office is the thermal comfort which is a combination of the right temperature, adequate airflow, and controlled humidity. Think of it like feeling warm and cozy on a cold day or feeling cool and fresh on a hot one. The reason employees complain about the thermal comfort in the office space is most likely due to poor airflow and high humidity.

A strategy that you can use to help your employees feel comfortable with the temperature is to make use of under floor air which improves air floor. You can also have enclosed areas like the conference room to have its own zoned temperature which can be manually adjusted. If you think there are places in the office that have poor airflow, consider putting up operable windows.

Let’s move on to the entering of daylight into the office and having views of nature in the outside. Most humans love having an office with a view and also having the right amount of sunlight coming in. You see, the sight of nature can help calm a person which in turn, helps distress your employees and help them become more productive.

To help with this, I have seen office spaces that make use of indoor plants so as to replicate outside nature. It has also been said that people who have small plants by their desk or on top are more productive than those who don’t. In places in the office where privacy isn’t an issue, consider making use of glass windows with controllable window treatments. Allow your employees to adjust the window blinds to their preference so as to let the right amount of sunlight in and also help provide a view of the outside. I have also seen offices that have an outdoor area for employees to get some fresh air.

Finally, let’s talk about color in the office. Try to imagine working in an office that has little or no color at all, kind of boring right? It is said that different colors can influence the person. Try using bright colors like red as this can help your employees focus on their tasks. The color blue can help calm down a person so consider painting your break room as so. Yellow can help with being alert and also make the person think clearer.

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Improving Your Store Bought Window Treatments

The window treatments that you buy that are ready-made in the store aren’t always aesthetically attractive especially if you compared it to window treatments that have been custom made to the right dimensions with beautiful bright colors and designs. Some of us don’t have the budget to have window treatments custom made and have to settle for store bought window treatments that can look boring but there is a way for you to work with store bought window treatments be it shades, shutters, blinds or drapes to make it look great and add your own creative style to it in such a way that you can create something unique.

Now the most common problem that people have with store bought window treatments is not really their design and color, but their measurement and size. You might be able to find something that you find attractive and can look good in your interior but when you install it, the size is off which affects the entire look making it look bad. So what you can do to remedy this is to alter the size of the window treatments you bought or even make some changes in the installation.


grey drapes

Altering the size would work best with drapes since it is one big piece of cloth that you can just cut off. Now people have different styles, there are some who like drapes to pool at the floor while there are those who like it to break just before the floor. If you are the latter and your drapes are too long, then you may consider doing some size adjustments. You might want to have a sewing machine available so that you can sew up any cuts and make it look clean.

If you don’t want to do any cutting work with your window treatments, I suggest you install it differently. Now people usually install the window treatments but setting the bar just above the frame of the window. If your window treatments are too long, I would suggest installing the window bar a little higher above the frame of your window. This will bring up the window treatments so that they won’t be touching the floor or covering more than the just the window below without you having to cut any part of or alter its size.

Now let’s take a look at the design of the window treatments. Many people aren’t really impressed with the designs that store bought window treatments are sold in although some find colors that can work with their interior. If you are willing to exert some effort, you can put in your creative style into your window treatments. Just look for some white window treatments preferably drapes since they are easy to work with in designing or any color window treatments that you want to work with as a base.

You can even install it beforehand so that it can be presented to you upright. All that you need to do know is let your creativity come forth using some paint that works with your chosen window treatment and come up with designs that you would like on it.

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Office Space Tips to Improve Employee Performance

What is an office? Is it a place where employees come to everyday? Is it a collection of chairs and desks? What do you think an office is? It is more than just a set of desks and chairs, more than just a simple workplace. You should treat your office space like how you treat your home. How everything is set, how everything is laid out, can be quite influential to what goes on inside the office space. What do you think the atmosphere of an office should be like?

Did you know how an office is set up can affect how the workday hoes and how employees work? A number of companies have made use of this and invested well into the office. So what can you do to make your office more work appropriate? Here are some tips that you should take note of.

office space

office space for rent

The first thing you should work on is the temperature inside your office space. This corresponds to the thermal comfort your employees feel which takes into account the airflow, the humidity, and the temperature of the area. To improve the thermal comfort inside your office space, you will want to make use of under floor air which can help improve the flow of air at the foot level. Adjust the thermostat to the comfortable temperature that isn’t too warm or too cold.

The second thing is the natural lighting within the office. I’m sure everyone likes having some sunlight enter and even have a nice view outside the office. Exposure to natural lighting can even help de-stress a person. To allow more natural lighting into your office, it is recommended that you have an office space with more windows. You may also consider getting operable window treatments that can help some light come in as well. Another thing you can do is make use of more office plants inside the office. It has been found that having office plants can increase the productivity of a person.

Next, you should make use of color. Office spaces that are absent of color are boring and even make employees feel more tired and you don’t want that. I recommend that you make use of colors like red, and other bright colors. These colors will help your employees focus better on their tasks and have more accuracy in doing it. To help your employees calm down and relax, use blue in your break room.

Finally, you should also consider how the office area is arranged. Is it efficient? A badly set up office space can really affect day to day operations. You will want your employees to be able to move around more smoothly inside the office and have ready access to the equipment they need. This can cut the time and effort moving around the office and reduce chances of anyone bumping into each other.

So take note the next time you are doing some renovations in the office, temperature, lighting, color, and arrangement. Taking note of those can really help you improve the space to make it more efficient.

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My Sister’s Load in a Baby Wrap

I look at my sister and feel sorry for her. She tries to comfort her baby which she carries in a baby wrap. Going through a divorce is a painful process, especially with three small children. I know she will be alright, and it is just a phase that she will have to go through.

My kids are grown and off to university, so I offered to let her stay in my basement, which has plenty of room and it also affords her some privacy as she rebuilds her life. It’s a good thing she works from home, so at least income is not so much of an issue. I mentally ticked off the guest room that I have near the kitchen. It should be a good place for her baby during the daytime. The basement is nice as a sleeping area but not for play time.

solly baby

carrying baby

I sigh as I think I am too old to have little kids running around. Ed is very supportive, as we also had his sister stay with us when they first arrived in the US, from Italy. It was a riot but we survived and I learned to cook authentic Italian food. Starting out in America is not a walk in the park. You need to have American work experience for you to land a good job. But then you have to start somewhere!

My sister is just from another state. But she might as well be from another planet because Washington is the farthest thing from anything Texan. I have tried not to pry, as I figured there’s plenty of time to get to the story.

She comes in from the patio, baby sleeping in baby carrier, and declared we’re going to have a barbecue! Well, Texas remember? I laughed as I came prepared when she asked if she could stay with us until she sorted things out in her life – I bought a lot of meat.

I was expecting that she would want to grill some meat once she gets here. It would be something that the kids would love. Heck, I would love it too. I can add barbecue to my repertoire in the kitchen. But she would have to show me how because there is no barbecue like Texas barbecue.

As a DIY enthusiast, and Italian, Ed built a stone oven and outdoor grill in our backyard when we moved here fifteen years ago. It was the first thing he did. Well, who doesn’t want pizza cooked in an honest to goodness stone oven?!

I helped her take her baby off her solly baby wrap, a thing I bought for her when she came here with just a few of her belongings. We put her in the pram in the dayroom, as we fired the outdoor grill. My sister had already prepared the meat with her signature rub, and my mouth waters just at the smell wafting from the grill. Ah life, we have come full circle, but we still take care of our little sister. It just never ends.

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Choosing Proper Lighting for a Food Facility

Choosing the right lighting for a food facility is a very important task. Just imagine if there was no light at all, then the facility would probably have to be shut down, and what if the lights are too bright, then nobody would probably even bother working in a place where their eyes are being barbecued. Not all light sources are made to be equal, and right now, there are two popular options to choose from when using a light source. This would be LED bulbs and fluorescent lights. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages and both can have their use maximized in certain areas. This means that parts of the facility can have LEDs and parts can have fluorescent lights. Let’s take a more detailed look at it



First let us talk about LED lights. Now LED efficient lighting are said to be more ideal for warehouses and processing areas. Before when LEDs were first introduced, no one really like them because they were pricey compared to fluorescent lights. But right now, companies are starting to see the energy efficiency of LED lights and used that to their advantage.

LEDs are considered great for uses in warehouses because they can be dimmed through manual controls or automatically. If installed with motion sensors, the LED can adjust its brightness if there is heavy machinery currently passing by to avoid glare on the driver which can be very dangerous in the warehouse. Depending on what is required, the LED lights can either brighten up or become dimmer.

Along with being very energy efficient, LEDs also have other advantages. LEDs have a longer lifespan compared to other lights. A single bulb can last around 10 years before you would need to change it whereas fluorescent bulbs needed changing annually. Because of this, you can install LEDs in places hard to reach without having to worry about changing it often. Because it has a longer lifespan, LEDs don’t need much maintenance as well which means the place can continue to go on without needing maintenance for the industrial lighting. LEDs can also perform well in cool places unlike its fluorescent counterpart which can malfunction in cooler places.

Now let us go to fluorescent lights. It is considered best to use fluorescent lighting in area where employees usually stay and in packaging areas as well. This type of lighting would be preferable in areas of the facility that are less profitable where there is no processing or production involved. It is also good to use this lighting in areas of the facility where the product produced is not that exposed like the packaging area as mentioned before. But one must also consider that since fluorescent lights don’t last that long, maintenance will be more frequent compared to LEDs and sometimes this may even interfere with work in the area.

Both lighting options are great provided that they are used in the proper areas, LEDs which last longer and don’t consume much energy will be preferable for areas that use lighting often.

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Taking Care of Your Mouth and Braces

When you have braces on, it is important that you take care of it as well as keep your mouth healthy. If you don’t follow proper practices, you might end up suffering from other oral problems like tooth decay or gum disease. For you to really maintain your oral health while wearing braces, here is what you can do to keep a healthy smile and preventing those braces from getting damaged.

Once you get braces fitted on, it is important you regularly visit the dentist to maintain your braces and check up how your teeth are doing. When you meet up for a dental appointment, your dentist will tighten the braces and make sure the braces are working properly. You should go see your dentist every six to eight weeks so that it will be easier dealing with the treatment.



If your habits include biting your nails, chewing pencils and pens, then you should make it a point to stop doing these. You might one day unconsciously damaged your brace or cut the wire. If the wire gets cut it could poke your mouth which really hurts.

One of the most important practices to keep and enforced once having braces is the cleanliness of the mouth. When you eat, food can get stuck to one of the brackets so you must make use of the cleaning tools to pick these out. Take note that you shouldn’t immediately brush after a meal, this can be bad for your teeth. If you don’t follow good oral hygiene while wearing braces, you might suffer from other dental problems like gum problems, decaying tooth, and the decalcification of your teeth. If your teeth decalcify (lose calcium), there will be visible spots once the brackets are removed. If you have concerns about your oral health, don’t be afraid to go visit a dentist or orthodontist to discuss the matter. Just don’t forget to clean your braces as well as brush and floss to keep the teeth healthy.

When cleaning, don’t miss any spots especially around the teeth and the gums holding it in place. The cleaning must be thorough to remove all food particles and prevent further dental problems.

If you happen to lose or damage one of the brackets, you should immediately go to your orthodontist. You should not wait until the next scheduled appointment. Because if one of the components of the braces is compromised, it’s whole functionality is affected. If this happens, your teeth might go back to their original alignment which can be a problem. Just expect to be charged if you are coming in to have a bracket replaced or repaired.

Your orthodontist will provide you with the proper tools to care and clean your braces with. You can get an interdental brush which is really effective in getting your teeth clean with braces. These can also clean the brackets and wires of the brace. You can find some tablets which stain any plaque in the mouth so that you can see them better and properly clean them out.

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Consider the Water Heater When House Hunting

House hunting is such a challenge these days. The internet made the process of searching easier instead of pounding the pavement to see so many places. Yet, even when we get to sort through options of places for rent or for sale that are posted in sites like Craigslist, we still miss the fine print sometimes.

I personally like to challenge myself when it comes to the place where we are going to live. I love old places because I think there is an old charm in these places that is rare and hard to match. I love the details and the lived in feeling, and the charm of another time gone by. Old places however have ancient plumbing systems most of the time and it can be a recurring problem.  Old neighborhoods would likely have old irrigation systems as well. So a discerning eye is essential if we’re going to find the perfect place for us. I can deal with old cupboards, windows that won’t shut, even floors that creak, but I draw the line at a problematic plumbing because there are just comforts that are non-negotiable.

DRF Trusted Property Solutions

irrigation systems

We’re moving to a bigger city where a good job opportunity brought us. The husband is excited over the job, I’m in between excitement and dread when it comes to the place that is to be our home in the next three to five years. But find we did the perfect place. It is old but not run down, and it has a sturdy tankless water heater that is in mint condition. The owners made sure that the water heating system is good and relatively new even if the rest of the house has seen better days. It turns out that the previous occupants were the owners themselves but since the children have their own families now, and the parents retired to an assisted home only a couple of months ago, which makes us the first tenants to rent the place.

The place has 4 bedrooms plus a storage room, which is perfect when we have friends visiting. The walls are old, and some boards need repainting, but other than those, there’s nothing that a few touches of accessories and furniture pieces cannot solve. The walls outside are brick red, real bricks, not the tiled type used in new structures now and there is a pocket garden at the back, with a small wooden deck that’s big enough for lounging chairs and a small breakfast table. It’s like we’ll have a taste of the countryside in that tiny garden at the back. The weeds have overtaken the grass a bit, but the flower beds are filled with flowering plants that just need pruning.

I can’t believe that we got the place, which is not cheap by the way, but still we’re lucky to get it. Many have looked at the place but the owners wanted to find tenants who will truly love and take care of their old family home. The only problem I can think of is how to let go of this place when it’s time to move to another place. This place is a keeper.

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