Cannabis farmers agree that drip irrigation is the best

Taking on a large project like cannabis growing and irrigation requires a lot of planning.  Right now the industry is growing and all kinds of people with no prior experience in gardening of any kind are beginning marijuana growing businesses.  The price to sell right now is high, but the stakes are also high because it takes a lot of money to get started.  That money can be wasted easily if the right steps are not taken to grow and cultivate efficiently.  When it comes to a growing operation, money and time saving techniques are best.  So, what are your options for cannabis irrigation that will save you in the long run? Keep reading.

Almost all farmers agree that drip irrigation is the best way to water and this is for several reasons.  First, drip irrigation tubing is very easy to install and can be done without any professional help.  You can often buy whole irrigation starter kits at gardening stores with instructions.  With these kits you determine where the tubing runs and how it all residential marijuana irrigationconnects so you have final say in the design.  You can make sure all important plants are covered and you also have a say in how much water each gets by choosing the tubing thickness.  Another reason that drip irrigation is so popular is because it delivers water straight to the root of the plant.  The long tubing runs along your rows or garden and the water drips out of small holes that are poked through.  This causes small drips to be released right onto the soil at a slow pace.  This means that a slow steady drip soaks into the soil, allowing enough time for each drip to soak in before the next one comes.  No excess water running off and no soaking leaves from a large sprayer.  Of course, if you do need to have the leaves of your plants misted, this system is not ideal.

As the water drips and soaks straight into the soil, it means that excess water isn’t sprayed elsewhere or collected in pools where water should not be.  This often happens with sprinkler system because it sprays over a large area.  Where there are dips in the landscape, water will pool and sit.   Sitting water oversoaks soil and leaves and attracts mosquitoes.  Sprinklers can also tend to spray things that don’t need watering, like the side of your house or your child’s swing set.  Drip irrigation, especially for cannabis, is precise and water efficient.  And lastly, drip irrigation saves time.  Once you compete the initial set up you simple turn it on when you want it to start and then turn if off later.  You can even set your hose to a timer for when you are not at home.  The slow steady stream of water that all gets used for the plan means it is water efficient.  And the reserved ability to turn it on and walk away to do other things means you save your time and energy.

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