Linear air bearings make smooth, precise movements

motion control systems

Across the globe and in many sectors of our global economy air bearings, motion control systems and precision motion systems are responsible for helping to create many of the products we use every day. They’re the unsung heroes of the modern era because they have helped improve efficiency and accuracy in the products that we have come to rely on. Anything from medical equipment to smart phones to computer chips to earthmoving materials are created with the help of Nanotech precision motion systems. These systems are so highly calibrated that many of them have to be operated and what is known as a “clean room”. These rooms have been hermetically sealed and avoided of all dust and small particulates in the air. They can work in normal atmospheric conditions and in vacuum chambers as well so they’re incredibly versatile. Here’s a brief overview of how a system of motion controllers works.

Let’s say we are assembling a smart phone. The problem with the mass assembly of this type of object is that you smart phone consists of hundreds of data points on a closed loop. These points have to be hit with 100% accuracy you and every time a new phone comes down the line. They miss placement of a microchip or soldering of an element by even a millimeter will result in the loss of that unit. So the first up is for the core of the system known as the controller to tell the other mechanical objects or robots in the line what to do. Of course, here’s where human interaction is necessary because the computer cannot program itself to make an object. Once the human technician has entered in the data points though, the rest is fully automated.
Once the controller has told the other components of the linear air bearing system where to go and what function to perform the signal is an amplified and produced. The signal is more easily read by the other components and then the signal is then passed along to an actuator. Think of an actuator as something that performs an action, regardless of what is needed. Sometimes that action maybe twisting, pounding, turning or melting. Sometimes actuators use electric motors and other times compressed air or hydraulic pumps. Sensors of various kinds all along the rail will keep very accurate data points and send them back to the controller for review. Any adjustments that need to be made will be made in milliseconds to ensure that the product online is created as a perfect clone of the one before and after. Precision linear motion systems are a miracle of the technological age.
ALIO ¬†industries is a true nano precision motion systems company. They’re able to be cost-effective without compromising quality with their linear and rotary stage lines. Their company name, ALIO is Latin for “a better way” and ever since their appearance on the market in 2001 Devon known as an innovator in nanotechnology motion systems and a respected name in the industry. Without their bearings and precision linear motion systems it would be difficult to envision the world we would live in today. Whether we know it or not we all rely on and should be thankful for precision linear control systems.