1. Energy saving is an easy task when you are working with a smart home automation system. In recent years there has been an incredible amount of focus placed on the importance of saving energy. The cost of energy alone is enough to motivate most people into doing everything within their power to cut down on their electrical and gas bills, yet the real driving force for most of us is the realization that our planet is suffering from the impact man has had on her, and that without a reduced affect on the earth, man will continue to destroy more areas of the planet. Home automation has been amazing in all the ways that it has helped modern man to live a more comfortable and easy existence, and now it is helping him do it with less negative impact on the environment. Light saving censors, smart heating and cooling systems, water conservation setting for the shower and bath, the list goes on and on. There is virtually no area of the home today where home automation is not able to make an energy saving impact. People by nature tend to forget to do all the little things in daily life that can save a ton of energy when you add it all up over the course of a month, but thanks to energy saving setting with home automation system, the house will remember to be energy smart for you. One of the coolest new energy saving features that home automation systems offer is the ability to go into power saving mode during the day. Power saving mode is a way in which the home governs the amount of electricity given to power the home’s appliances and lights. During the day the TV and the light bulbs don’t need to be working at 100% due to the natural light of the sun, so the power saving mode reduces the amount of electricity used before dark. Most home automation centers will give you free information about home automation system is you stop by one of their centers. There are also online sites like, where you can read about home automation from your home computer. If, like millions of other Americans, you are itching for new ways to save energy at home, you should really consider a home automation system today.
  2. Home automation makes life easier on people with disabilities and the elderly. Something as simple as turning down the bedding can be a real challenge for people that have mobility problems due to an injury or old age, and the fact that home automation system can do everything from open the shutters, to heat the water, to open the door, all from a computer command post, makes it a favorite among people that might struggle with living alone because of different disability problems. The more the home automation systems advance, the easier it is for people with disabilities to do their daily tasks without help from another person. Home automation systems are getting so good these days; they are even making it possible for older adults to move back into their homes and out of nursing care centers.