Here are the top five reasons to use Invisalign

Invisalign is a new and modern way to straighten your teeth. Most people are hesitant to get braces, especially as adults, because of how they look and feel on your teeth. However, since Invisalign came into the picture, more and more people are feeling comfortable with correcting their misaligned or crooked teeth as adults. Invisalign brings a wealth of new technology to the table as it separates itself completely from traditional braces. Invisalign uses clear and plastic aligners that are fitted to fix your teeth while also providing the smooth comfort of having plastic in your mouth rather than a mouthful of wires. Invisalign

With this new technology, there are many great reasons as to why Invisalign may be best for you and your dental needs. Listed here are the top five reasons as to why you may want to consider Invisalign over traditional wire braces.

1. They are easily removable. One reason to choose Invisalign technology is that Invisalign is made to be easily removable. Through the use of clear plastic aligners, Invisalign is cutting edge and can also be removed at any time. This is especially beneficial as you can remove them for cleaning at any time. It is obviously best to keep them in as long as possible in order to for them to work but nice to know that they can be removed.

2. They are clear. Another benefit of using Invisalign over traditional wire braces is that they are clear. This gives off the impression of being nearly invisible! You no longer have to fret over your wire braces and worry about how they appear to others. Rather, you can sit back and relax with your nearly invisible Invisalign aligners!

3. They are plastic. Invisalign also offers plastic aligners. This means that you will not have a mouthful of metal for months at a time. Plastic aligners offer a smooth and comfortable alternative to traditional wire braces.

4. You can eat whatever you want. One of the biggest benefits of using Invisalign over traditional braces is that you can eat whatever you want. With traditional wire braces, you are given a list of foods that you cannot eat while you have them in your mouth. You also have to worry about certain foods getting stuck in your braces even when you are following your food guidelines strictly. With the ease of removable plastic aligners, you can relish in the fact that you are not restricted from any food items!

5. You can clean them! Another benefit of using the clear plastic aligners is that you can remove them in order to clean them! This means that you can also clean your teeth in the same manner that you did before. Having the ability to clean your aligners is huge, especially if you had wire braces as a child and know the impact that they have on your teeth cleaning methods.

As you can see, there are many different reasons as to why you should consider using Invisalign over traditional wire braces. Invisalign options can be discussed with your orthodontist. If you are in need a great dental group, then check out those at


  1. Unexplainable headaches and muscle pain may be the result of a misaligned bite. Surprisingly, headaches, one of the most common afflictions suffered by people of all ages, are often caused by problems with a person’s teeth. If you have ever had a toothache before then you know that it can be very painful, but also that the pain doesn’t stay in your mouth alone. Toothaches can cause nausea, pain in the eyes and most commonly; headaches. The jaw is related closely to many types of headaches that people commonly have. When the teeth are not hitting correctly when a person chews food, or when they sleep with their teeth pushed together improperly, a headache often occurs. Headaches are so common that there are thousands of special clinics across the world which do nothing else besides treat people for headaches. Many of these clinics patients are referred to an orthodontist once the doctors realize that the person is suffering from a soar jaw and the tension it causes is going to their heads.  Some medical investigators have even presented research stating that after stress, the most common cause for headaches comes from dental problems. A great many issues that can cause jaw pain and headaches can also be treated with some very simple orthodontics work. If you are suffering from chronic headaches, and have not been able to discover the cause of them, you should consider talking to your dentist to see if he thinks that the problem may be caused by a dental issue.
  2. Grinding your teeth at night can often be alleviated with orthodontic work. Millions of Americans grind their teeth at night as they sleep. The problem is usually attributed to stress which follows us into our sleep, and may not seem serious but in fact can be very damaging to our teeth and also a catalyst for oral discomfort. The most alarming effect chronic teeth grinding has is that it can actually destroy your teeth. Over years and years, the grinding which happens during the night can wear away the tooth’s enamel, making the teeth more susceptible cavities, breaking and even complete tooth loss. There are a number of very successful treatment options for people who grind their teeth at night, your orthodontist can talk with you and let you know if they are right for you. If you live alone it may be difficult to know if you grind your teeth at night. If your jaw regularly feels soar in the mornings, it is a pretty good indicator that you might have this problem.
  3. Chronic inflammation of the gums caused by food particles lodged in between teeth. Some teeth can come down so crooked that they create a kind of trap for food above them. This problem can cause the gums to constantly be irritated and also can increase the probability that you will develop an abscessed tooth. Luckily, simple braces can correct this issue and help protect you from painful and expensive oral health issues.

Invisalign making it possible for people to finally their teeth fixed

Invisalign is finally being able to make it possible for you to have your teeth fixed without the worrisome problem of peoples noticing you’re wearing braces. This is the great way that many people are able to fix their teeth today. By being able to have a series of trays they can be used to change the way to your teeth are in change the shape of them can make it possible for you to have them fixed over time without being able to have to go through the process of using traditional braces that use metal gear to slowly move the teeth into position where the orthodontist needs them to go.

By being able to have this great new option on being able to have a invisible way for you to take care of the problem makes it a great opportunity for many people to finally have it taken care of and not making a big deal out of it. Often time’s people are just not comfortable having to go through this type of option when they are later in years and life. With this it happens to be you know that you can do it without having to show the world that you are having your teeth fixed. You can be a very comfortable way for many people to finally get the work done without having to make a big deal out of it. It is a great way in which you have an option rather than having to go through the much feared ordeal with braces. Speak to your orthodontist about what he or she may do about getting you into this type of option.

You may find that the orthodontics that you have been putting off is a reality for you. orthodontistYou’ll find that you will have the ability to eat and enjoy the food you want through the process without having to worry about getting it all inside the braces. It’s a great new option that many people are realizing is the way for them to go. It is in a more enjoyable process without having to worry about what they eat and with the option of not having to let the world know that they are going to the process. If you think that you would like to give it a try and speak the orthodontist about what your options are and if this process is one that will work for you. Ending on the structure of your teeth and how they like your orthodontist can let you know if this is an option. Not everybody qualifies in order to shape their teeth using this style of process but the only way for you to find out is to speak to the orthodontist and they can let you know if you are a candidate to have this done. You might just find that it is the way for you and it is a way for you to enjoy your smile once more and not worry about all the other things that go along with regular braces. A longer do you have to use the traditional way you have options in speaking with the orthodontist will show you all the options that you can choose from and having work done on your teeth. With today’s modern dentistry you’ll find that you’ll have a way to get it done in a way that is convenient and comfortable for you.

Don’t Choose Between Fashion and Function With Braces

For some people, they think that braces are all about looking good. They think that the sole purpose of going to the orthodontist is so that you can correct crooked teeth. What else could braces possibly give you other than a beautiful and confident smile? To others, this sounds like pure vanity. They think that braces should not encourage such narcissism and they should only be about dental health. The sole function of braces is to straighten the teeth so that the chewing motion is as smooth as possible and the gaps between teeth are clear so that dental hygiene can be easily maintained. So who is right? Are the people that think that orthodontics are just about having a good smile correct, or are the people that think that orthodontics are just about dental health correct? Well, if you ask me, I think that it is a combination of the two. I think that they are both correct in the assertion that both of these features are important and products of braces. And I think that they are both wrong in their assertions that orthodontics are just about only one of those things. The beauty of braces is that they can combine both of these benefits in one fell swoop. The beauty is that you do not have to choose. A confident and beautiful smile is the epiphenomenon of a healthy smile. If your teeth are straight, the roots of the teeth are going to grow as they should and maintain a healthy root. This will reduce the likelihood of gingivitis and other diseases of the gums. These diseases are serious because they do not just affect the mouth but other parts of the body. The bacterial diseases can spread through the blood stream. This means that they eventually wind up in your heart. This is the dynamic at play when people say that gingivitis can lead to heart disease. Additionally, straight teeth make it easier to keep your teeth, gums, and the spaces between the teeth clean and bacteria free. But at the same time, what are we actually doing to the teeth to ensure all of these health benefits? We are making them straight and symmetrical. So we are obtaining a beautiful, confident smile by the very act of obtaining a healthy smile. Straight teeth can be a great way to increase your sense of poise and confidence. It is the first thing that people see when you meet them because it is right in front of them. Your smile is your key to making a positive impression on people. A warm, attractive smile can win people over in a moment. The great thing is that this winning smile is also a healthy smile. To repeat, you do not have to choose. So to return to the two voices at the beginning, they are both right. Both an attractive smile and a healthy one are important. And the disagreement between the two is an imagined one. There is no tension because you can, and will, have both.