Get your house and your carpet cleaned with Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners.

What could be better than having some help getting your house cleaned? We have all been there when it’s such a mess you don’t even know where to begin. There is a thick layer of clutter across the surface of all of your furniture and there are receipts here and carpet cleanersthere that floated from table and counter tops onto the floor. You also probably have a considerable amount of doggie pebbles on the floor. For those of you who don’t know, “doggie pebbles” is the technical term for the dirt that a dog brings in from the outside and leaves throughout the house and possibly in your bed. Then of course there is the kitchen that is caked with partial food particles that have come off of cups, plates and bowls as well as the stove that is flaked with grease and tiny or not so tiny pieces of food that have jumped out of the skillet onto your stove top. Let’s not even begin on the bedroom! Even remembering that your hanging plant fell from the ceiling onto the floor the other night is overwhelming, especially since you haven’t yet vacuumed.

There is a reason there are coffee shops on every corner of every block. We are busy busy people and we don’t always have time to clean our own homes. We can wax philosophically and theoretically about why we are all so busy but that is not the point of this article. The point is to tell you not to feel badly about not having the time to get it all done. We have all been there. It is hard to stay on top of everything that needs to be clean and for some people it is there job to help and they are happy to help. But where can you find reliable maid services? Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners out of Virginia is a company that is proud to offer you a whole lot more than just carpet cleaning services, they will also offer you excellence in house cleaning!

With Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, they will offer you deals with their upholstery cleaning and their carpet cleaning to get your house cleaned as well. When spring comes around or really any old season, it feels so refreshing to get your house completely clean in one fell swoop. With the help of Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners you can get your car, house and carpet looking amazing with just one phone call. They are a Veteran run company that is committed to integrity, reliability and affordability. With their flat rate services you can be sure that you will never be surprised by hidden fees. They are here to help you get the services that you need and deserve. Plus all of their staff have gone through intensive background and criminal checks and have been given the NCC stamp of approval. So don’t stress about having to get on top of your house being clean. Let NCC do the hard work for you so you can get back to work and enjoy being in your clean special place.

Types of Water Damage Sources

Water damage on your furniture and household fixtures can be quite a challenging problem to deal.  Water damage can include any of these effects to water intrusion:

  • rusted steel;
  • mold growth;
  • wood rotting;
  • de-lamination of plywood and other materials; etc.
carpet cleaning

Water damage

Water damage is one of the major causes of property loss. The water intrusion that caused the water damage may not even be as catastrophic and instantaneous as flooding. It can be as simple, minor, and even imperceptibly slow as a drip from a leaking pipe.

Other causes of water damage are water coming out from:

  • a washing machine overflow;
  • broken hose on the dishwasher machine;
  • clogged toilet;
  • leakage from the dishwasher;
  • leaking roof;
  • leaks from pipes;
  • cracks in the foundation;
  •  moisture from behind the house walls; and
  • rain and snow.

When floods hit and bring along some mud and grime, no amount of carpet cleaning can restore your carpet to its pristine look. Sometimes, it is best to just simply throw out the whole carpet altogether. Same situation with backed up sewage flood up your carpet with stinky sewage water. More for health reasons, rather than aesthetics, your water-damaged carpet should be junked altogether.

Insurance Coverage and Grants

Unfortunately, most home insurance does not cover property loss due to water damage brought about by bad weather and flooding. A separate policy cover or flood insurance is necessary so water damage property loss and the cost for the restoration of property damaged by water can be covered.

Sewage related water intrusion can be covered by home insurance if there is an addendum to the home insurance policy for “drain and sewer coverage.”

But, if the cause of the water damage is wide-scale flooding, Americans can apply for grants from the United States government especially with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through its individual assistance program. Communities, cities, or even businesses can apply for FEMA grants through the agency’s public assistance program especially after destructive catastrophes. Public assistance grants from the agency are meant to help cities and communities restore important public utilities or properties after a flood.

Types of Water Damage 

It is important to note the types of water that causes the damage in order to be guided on how to handle the damaged property.

Category 1 – clean water source. This refers to the source of the type of water that does not pose any substantial threat to people. Examples include: malfunction of appliances connected to the water lines; sink or tub overflows; broken water pipes.

Category 2 – grey water. This refers to the source of the type of water has biological, chemical, or physical contaminants that can most likely cause sickness or discomfort to people upon exposure. This type of water contains either microorganisms or nutrients that microorganisms feed on. Examples of these sources include: failures from sump pump; washing machine and dishwasher water discharge; seepage brought about by hydrostatic failure; and toilet bowls containing urine.

Category 3 – black Water. This refers to the source of the type of water that is grossly unsanitary. Black water contains harmful fungi and bacteria or unsanitary agents that can cause severe sickness or discomfort. Examples of these sources include: ground water; seawater; rising water from streams or rivers; and sewage.

Keep Your Home Safe for Your Child: Safekeep Carpet Cleaning Materials

All parents, from the moment when their baby is born or even before that, worry about the health and safety of their child. We do not want anything to happen to our child. That is why it is important to child proof your home to reduce the risks of accidents.

Childproofing your house should start prior to your baby learning to crawl. The moment that your child is mobile, you will be faced with an extremely curious, ever-increasing surge of activity. Childproofing your house entails securing, locking, removing, or relocating any material that may pose a potential danger to your baby.

water damage

childproofing your home

One of the best ways to child proof your house is to go down on all fours and see your house and home as your baby would or to squat and see it as how your toddler or little child would. Go on that crawling or squatting tour all over your house. Look at what might interest a curious child or baby. Take note of those potential hazards and address them.

Childproofing Tips

Make sure that your child’s play area is well-drained. Check your entire home for utility and water damage.

Consult your local building code agency and ask for safety specifications when constructing a play structure.

Make sure that all water containers are closed tightly; your baby may fall into the water container. Take note that a baby can drown with just a few inches of water. Never ever leave your baby alone in the bathtub for even “just a second.”

Do not use long tablecloths. Your baby can grab the tip of the tablecloth and the items on top of it might topple on your child. On the same vein, make sure that all blind and drapery cords are also out of the reach of children.

Invest on a first aid kit. Make sure that you know how to use its contents.

Keep all of your medications, including topical ointments like insect repellents, inside a medicine cabinet. Lock it with a key. Make sure to keep the key where the child cannot reach it. Always remember that even those household fluids or items that are generally considered non-poisonous, if taken in large quantity, may kill a child. Some of these things include mouthwash, cosmetics, meat tenderizers and spices.

Remove all tile and upholstery cleaning chemicals and other fluids from lower storage areas.

Install “child-resistant” locks on all the cabinets that are within the child’s reach. Remove toxic houseplants.

Keep your garage off limits. But even when they are properly locked, make sure that any potentially dangerous items are stored out of reach or locked up as you might forget to close and lock your garage doors properly.

Place covers over all electrical outlets. Make sure that all phone and electrical cords bundled properly and are out of reach of your child. Keep electrical appliances (e.g. carpet cleaning tools, lawn mowers, etc.) in a storage room that is properly locked.

Install smoke alarms on all levels of your house and make sure that they are working.

Use toilet lid locks.

Pet Owners Know: Carpet Cleaning is Crucial

carpet cleaning As the owner of two dogs and three cats, I can tell you that having pets makes your house become dirtier at a quicker rate. Unless you bathe your pets as often as you bathe yourself, they are probably going to smell a bit and leave that stink everywhere they sit. I need to get my sofa’s upholstery cleaned just about every two months because of dog smells alone. And if the cats decide to “mark their territory” in the corner of a room, I have to spend the next half hour blotting up a mess and eradicating odor as best as I can. Add this on top of the fact that I vacuum and sweep twice a week and I can tell you, pet ownership is a constant cleaning challenge. So it should not be surprising to other pet owners when I say that I have a carpet cleaning service on speed dial.

To me, the best measure to determine if it’s time to call in the carpet cleaner is to lay down on the carpet, face down, and if you become disgusted or nauseated by the smell, it’s time to call them. I have had this done for years and it’s very interesting to watch how innovations in carpet cleaning has changed over the years. Some carpet cleaners today are very environmentally conscious and aware of the fact that their clients are too. With all the “natural” cleaning products available on the market today, it should be clear to anybody providing a cleaning service that today’s consumers are very concerned with what chemicals are being used in their houses, so I am always delighted by new, green measures taken by these professionals. The cleaner I choose (who also does upholstery and furniture cleaning in Riverside, I should add) is very conservation minded. They use minimal water to clean my carpets, and in place of cleaning chemicals they use carbonation that brings dirt to the surface of the carpet, making it easier to clean and remove.

On top of all the green, environmental measures taken, the convenience of the service has been dramatically improved. It used to be that I would have to schedule an entire two days around carpet cleaning. I would have to find a way to keep the pets outdoors or boarded all day while they worked, and then when they were done I would have to keep all animals and people away from the floor while it dried. This drying could take all day! Sometimes I would wake up the day after the appointment with the floor still quite damp! Not a problem today. The carbonation cleaning service I mentioned typically only takes a few hours to dry. This has been an incredible improvement over the old process, making me feel a whole lot better about owning pets. If I am going to need a service like carpet cleaning as often as I do with these animals, I am a lot happier if the process is quick and easy.