There have been a great many changes in the area of dental marketing over the last two decades, some spurred by technology, other by the changing tastes of the public. No matter what the final reasons may be, there is no denying the fact that people in the dental industry can no longer carry out the same kinds of marketing as they once could. New times call for new strategies in the marketing world. Below we will look at some of the main differences between the past and present dental marketing methods.


To start with, it used to be that the dental clinic would create its own marketing, not an outside marketing firm. Long before sites like were around, the dental industry had to make its own marketing campaigns for itself. Dental clinics would print out signs to be pasted on the city walls, and flyers to be handed out on street corners and subway entrances. The old method of the dental teams taking charge of the ads came from even earlier times in the dental world when dentist would receive the bulk of their clients from people who just lived in the areas where they had set up their offices. There was very little need or notion of outside ads. As more and more dental offices opened up across the country, the competition began to really come into full force and the need to expand to other areas and try to bring clients in began to be felt. Dentist marketing their offices began to ask ad agencies for help designing their ad campaigns, and it was no long until agencies dedicated completely to dental advertising started to emerge. Today, even midsized dental operations have the majority of their advertising done by agencies that specialize in the area.

Dentist web design was the next big thing to change the way in which the dental world advertised their clinics. As soon as the Internet became the number one way by which people searched for products and services, people already working in the dental ad agencies began to focus a lot of their resources and attention towards the design of dental web pages. In fact, the dental industry was one of the first to realize just how important the Internet was becoming for modern advertising. Other industries had to look to the dental ad people as an example of where they should be taking their own clients.

Finally, the radio has gone out of style as a strong commercial platform for dentist today. It used to be that the radio was the best and most efficient way to get the message out there about your clinic, but as the popularity of radio made a steady decline, less and less dentist paid for radio advertisement. It was not too long before the radio became a base through which the clinics with fewer resources placed their commercials, and then it stopped being desirable all together. Today, even TV commercials are losing popularity in a world dominated by online media; the internet is the most important of all the ad channels today.