General Steel was there at every step along the way


Part of the reason our church decided to purchase materials from General Steel for the new facility was our naivety regarding all things construction. No one in our congregation had any experience hiring a contractor, pricing out materials, drawing up floor plans or anything else related to erecting a new building. With General Steel though, they promised to help assist our decision making process from the inception of the new church all the way through it’s completion. This was a huge incentive for us to select them over other steel suppliers but as we learned the incentives didn’t stop there. General Steel provided us with a number of other services that we would have had to source out had we not decided to work with them.

The advantages of working with General Steel are numerous but in general the level of attention and service we received could not have been any better. At no time did we feel like we were in the dark about specifics about the project detail or timelines. Our project coordinator, Tom was always available whenever we needed to get a hold of him and he was generally very pleasant and informative. Without Tom there to guide us through the process it would have been one headache after another. I think we were all taken aback by their total commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s the reason why General Steel has earned an A+ through the Better Business Bureau and why they boast one of the most impressive employee satisfaction streaks of any business I’ve seen: They have had absolutely zero unresolved customer complaints for the last two decades. Add to that the fact that General Steel has won the “Best in Industry” award every year since 2007 and you have all the makings of a great company.

To help aid in our fundraising efforts, General Steel provided us with the files from the 3D generated image they produced. This allowed us to take those files into a large print shop to make some enticing visuals. Our thinking was that if we could get our core group of the congregation excited about the future of the church than maybe that enthusiasm could spread. According to our original calculations we had planned to meet our fundraising goals in just over a year but thanks to the amazing visual we were able to not only meet but exceed our fundraising goals in half of that time.

All that being said, it was probably the low cost of their steel that enabled us to work with General Steel. Because they are one of most widely recognized brand of pre-engineered steel in the United States and one of the largest purchasers of steel in the world, General Steel has purchasing power that other steel suppliers do not. This translates into a savings for their clients as the material cost usually makes up a large portion of the bill. Customers also have the option of reserving steel supplies for up to 90 days if they wish to lock in the market price.


General Steel Supplies Buildings For New Bar and Restaurant

I live in a small town, with less than three thousand people in it. There are two grocery stores, one movie theater, a couple of small dive bars, and almost nothing to do. Most people here are farmers, with the exception of a few who drive in to the next town over for jobs as receptionists or bank tellers. Recently one of the locals got the idea to open up another bar, and he had a few different ideas about how to do it on the affordable side.

One of the first things he did was buy a steel building from General Steel, and had it assembled on a vacant lot in the main part of town. He turned one of the rooms into a pool hall, which this town has not previously had, and the other room into a dance hall, of which this town already had a couple. He was a well known and well liked guy, and for the grand opening of the bar itself, he had a decent turn out. But the folks in this town are used to their routines and to not having many options, and they quickly reverted back to their usual hangouts for any given night.

Tom is still working hard to try and get the business off the ground. He knows he has something to offer the other venues do not – a pool hall – but needs to entice people even more. Rumor has it that people did not like the General Steel building he had purchased, so he made some upgrades and painted it a new color. He worked hard at researching how to brand his bar, and how to make a name for himself from a marketing perspective. He realized quickly that he needed to change the image of what people seemed to be having trouble getting used to, the steel building supplied by General Steel.

He realized people just were not used to something new, and some people were having a hard time adapting to something new. He called up the building supplier and ordered another addition he attached to the bar, and this time he opened up a restaurant on that side. He knew how to make some of the best BBQ in town, and he figured that would attract people.

Tom was right. After the restaurant opened, people came frequently to dine, and then would often stay or move on over to the bar for a drink or a game of pool. He had realized how to get through to them with something they knew and loved while at the same time convincing them to try something new and play some pool. Tom’s has become a local legend, and he does very good business at his bar and restaurant. He plans on passing it along to his kids when they are old enough, but is thoroughly enjoying working there and managing it in the meantime. He likes that he will be leaving his mark on the town, and that he was able to successfully open a new business and get it off the ground right there in his hometown.