Teamwork is the key to success in international business law

itar lawyers

One of the great things about having ALG as our international business lawyers is that besides being assigned one lawyer to handle and oversee our companies information, they also all work together as a team to make sure that the job gets done no matter what. It’s a teamwork spirit I have never seen before and it’s one that I find refreshing and incredibly effective.

What makes the teamwork at ALG so unique? Well, for starters the fact there is teamwork at all among attorneys working in the same firm. Usually each attorney acts like their own boss and is only there to focus on their clients and their individual cases. However at ALG, even though this is largely the case, it isn’t uncommon to have another voice of reason or expertise come in from time to time just to make sure that things are on track. Just as in any office in any field, there are some people here who have more expertise than others in certain areas. By working together and playing to each attorney’s strengths, they can collaborate and solve even the toughest of issues. It’s something they pride themselves on at ALG because they all claim to love their job and to truly enjoy the company and alliances they have made with co workers and their co workers’ clients. For a group of government contract attorneys it is very rare to say the least. There have been a number of times when one lawyer will step in for a bit to help us with international taxation, for example, and then hand the reins back over to our primary point of contact.

When you are dealing in international real estate buying and selling there are A LOT of hoops to jump through to ensure that every transaction you have is legal in the countries it applies to. It takes much more than connections and an entrepreneurial spirit to get these deals done, it takes years of experience and the knowledge that only comes from doing it, that is exactly what we have found here at ALG.

I find that their local expertise, when crossed with their inter related, cross border practices are absolutely critical in a global market. Say for instance you want to buy some land in Qatar but you don’t know what your first steps should be, you can hand those objectives over to the fine people at ALG and they can get preliminary information for you to digest.

There is a reason ALG is often called “the most enterprising law firm” and it starts with the tenacious staff they have on hand. Each member of the ALG team shares your own personal vision during your time with them. They also share your entrepreneurial spirt and know exactly what kind of representation you need to succeed. You won’t find a group of international business attorneys who place more value on openness and communication and when you are a client in need of information this is a really great thing.