Harley-Davidson and the Sturgis rally

Anyone who knows anything about Harley-Davidson motorcycles has at least a tiny bit of knowledge about the Harley-Davidson motorcycle rally that occurs every year in Sturgis, South Dakota. The Sturgis rally is usually held around the first week of August and has grown to be one of the largest gatherings of motorcycle riders in the world.

The Sturgis motorcycle rally started in 1938 as a get together for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts to see races and stunts done on motorcycles. There was no particular reason that Sturgis, South Dakota became the hotspot of everything Harley-Davidson except that a small group called the Jackpine Gypsies owned the track in Sturgis and wanted to use the track for something exciting.

Now the city of Sturgis makes more than $800 million every year from the motorcycle rally. The money comes from all sorts of directions including but no where near limited to advertising rights, hotel and restaurant patronage and beer sales. The amount of alcohol sold at the Sturgis motorcycle rally is one point that is in contention because of how close the rally is to sacred Indian land. There is also issues of hundreds of people being jailed every year during the rally and of course, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of motorcycles being stolen or damaged. Sadly, this is something that is a bit expected from a rally of that many people.

harley davidsonThere is a lot of good sides to the Harley-Davidson Sturgis rally though. The gathering has become in some ways a second home for both Harley-Davidson novices and aficionados alike. It is a place where people can go around and party a bit but then also have a look at a number of different Harley-Davidson motorcycles and parts including some of the newest and most over the top new innovations and modifications that Harley-Davidson bikes have to offer. A number of people come to the Sturgis Harley-Davidson rallies to both show off some of the biggest, badest and crazies things that they have been able to do to aHarley-Davidson motorcycle. It is a place for people to get inspiration for their next possible bike or maybe even just the next possible modification. People also like the Sturgis Harley-Davidson rally because it gives them an incredibly strong community to be inside of. Harley-Davidson owners make up this very closed and yet very open group where anyone can join, as long as they ride a Harley. It is not difficult exactly to get into the club when once you are in somehow you are all of the sudden in a brotherhood. Lastly, if anything the Sturgis Harley-Davidson is also a primary excuse for people of all ages, of all sizes, of all nationalities and backgrounds, people from every side of the wealth spectrum, to wear every single piece of Harley-Davidson clothes, jewelry, hats, bags and shoes that they have in their homes, which really is a shocking amount. No matter what product you can possibly imagine, there is one with the Harley-Davidson logo on it out there somewhere and it probably is not even that difficult to find.


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In the World of Motorcycles, the Brand that Sticks Out Above the Rest is Definitely Harley-Davidson.

Harley-DavidsonA lot of people love motorcycle, and it is not hard to see why.  They are a much more exciting way to travel than ordinary cars.  Plus, once you get hooked on motorcycles, you are going to be a fan for life.  In the world of motorcycles, though, the brand that sticks out above the rest is definitely Harley-Davidson.  Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been around for years, and, by now, everyone knows they are the best of the best.  Because of this reputation, more and more people are buying Harley-Davidson bike and other products.

As you may or may not be aware, there are two main types of motorcycles.  The two types are the motorcycles that are meant to be ridden on the highway and those meant to be ridden off-road.  Not surprisingly, the type of motorcycles that are meant to be ridden off-road are called off-road motorcycles, and they are designed to be quite different from the other kind of bike, which are known as street motorcycles.  Off-road motorcycles are tiny and light.  They are not designed for speed and are, instead, designed to be maneuverable, even on rocky terrain.  That being said, they cannot be used on the highway because they are too slow.  Plus, their tires are meant for dirt and gravel, not pavement, for the most part.  If you want a truly fast and powerful bike to ride on the highway, though, you need a street motorcycle, and, when it comes to street motorcycles, Harley-Davidson bikes are the clear choice.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are favorites among motorcycle enthusiasts because they have both the reputation and the quality to back up the reputation.  There are many different reasons why this is the case.  One of the biggest ones is the fact that Harley-Davidsion is a fairly old and well-established company, in the United States and around the world.  Harley-Davidson has been around since the early part of the nineteen hundreds.  Today, it is far and away the most popular American motorcycle company.  Not only that, it is the most recognizable heavyweight motorcycle company in the world.  In addition to the motorcycles themselves, an entire culture has developed around the company and the bikes.  As a matter of fact, the Harley-Davidson logo has become a universally recognized symbol for motorcycles and the “biker” culture that goes along with it.  For that reason, there are countless other products available that bear the Harley-Davidson logo.  There are hats, jackets, shirts, and just about every other type of clothing item you could think of.  Of all the types of Harley-Davidson accessories, none are more recognizable than the famous Harley-Davidson jackets.  Even people who do not have a motorcycle, themselves, may find themselves wanting a stylish Harley-Davidson jacket.  For the most part, these and other Harley-Davidson accessories can be purchased from an official Harley-Davidson supplier.  There is at least one in most major cities in the United States.  Whether you want a motorcycle, a motorcycle part, or a Harley-Davidson jacket, they are the place to go.