You Need To Just Get A Bunch Of Loose Diamonds, Know What I’m Saying?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so is everything else that usually comes with them. Pearl necklaces are played out and a thing of the past, who do you think you are anyway, Jackie Onassis? Please! If you were Jackie O., then you might never take that pearl necklace off after the traumatic stress she endured and that would be just fine. However, if you’re not Jackie O. herself, which you couldn’t be because she’s dead, then it doesn’t matter how big the sunglasses you wear are, you’re just not the real stuff and you don’t have what it takes. You’d be like someone trying to pull off white pants after labor day, the point is that jewelry these days is al about the bling and diamonds are king. Sure, there are many beautiful rubies, jewels and sapphires and those are all fine and dandy, but a diamond-encrusted custom chain made of nothing but gold and diamonds, that’s what’s up. Earrings that try to play like diamonds, we all know they’re not and you’re just a broke wannabe. So, if you’re gonna get in the game girl, you better come correct because when you step up to the plate, you wanna hit it out of the park. Some high-quality GIA or HRD certified diamondsHRD certified diamonds could make a pretty sweet pendant with your name on it, you could have it made of gold and spell your name out of little diamonds.

You could even have a sick, custom grill made so you can walk around and scowl at people, looking all hard and stuff like Missy Elliott. Diamonds are beautiful and they’re incredibly unique and special in terms of the geological conditions that need to exist in order for their formation (over billions of years) to even be possible at all. So, pull out some stacks because it’s time to get real with a custom jeweler, then everyone is gonna recognize the skills, word. I’m sure you can holler at your boy and get a hookup, but what you want is a large selection of loose diamonds to choose from. Now, if you go to some hack that doesn’t know squat from jack, then the diamonds they’re gonna have are gonna be wack most likely. You know what? I just thought of a great idea, it’s gonna be epic. If you’re in the market to have get a blingin’ piece and you know that you’re probably not gonna stop after just one, it might be a good idea to go get a safety deposit box or at least a home safe. Because, you’re going to the JCK Las Vegas jewelry show where you can cut out a middle man or two. There are GIA, EGL, HRD, EGLI and a bunch of other certified diamonds and if you buy in bulk, you can get a great deal. Just pick up a couple hundred little stones that are graded reasonably well, and then take them to your jeweler and let them do their work. You’ll save in the long run baby girl, I’m telling’ you and then you’ll be the hottest chick on the streets, just wait and see.