I was able to get my MRI review read quickly

spinal stenosis

Time is precious when you are suffering from back pain because of that I am glad that when I contacted Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates that they were able to help me get an appointment and get my back taken care of quickly. On top of that, the procedure itself was faster and gentler than I ever thought a major surgery could be. I had never gone under the knife before (well, I technically still haven’t) so you can imagine how nervous I was when I went in for laser spine surgery.

This article will be helpful for anyone who is currently suffering from chronic mild back pain or anyone that frequently gets acute pains in their back will get valuable information, those of you with pain in your sciatica may want to pay close attention as that is what I suffered from as well.

My condition was called spinal stenosis of the lumbar, or lower back. I have since learned that it is the most common form of back ailment and the number one thing people go in for corrective surgery over. This didn’t make me feel better but in a way it was nice knowing that maybe I was destined to have back problems regardless of how I went about my life. Spinal stenosis can be very painful and in some patients it can prohibit them from doing anything they once considered normal in their every day life. Athletes who suffer from spinal stenosis often have to have multiple surgeries to help ease the pressure caused by compressed and bulging discs in their spinal column.

What happens when you have stenosis is the discs in your back become compressed and compromised or one reason or anther. In my case, the density of my bone surrounding the sciatic nerve was low and that caused the bones to get crushed on top of one another, kind of like a stack of pancakes that was being squished from the top. In the middle was the fluid sack that surrounds the nerve and there was so much pressure on that sack that it was causing the bone to rub up against the nerve, sometimes pinching it between the vertebrae. Sometimes the pain was bearable and at others it wasn’t even noticeable, depending on if I was sitting or laying and in which position. However most of the time my pain was simply unbearable and it consumed most of my thoughts and limited me from nearly everything I loved to do. I thought it was unfair for the longest time until I decided to do something about it.

My very first visit to BNSA was to get an MRI and to have an MRI review by their on staff radiologists and surgeons. I was able to sit in on that review and hear their thoughts about what treatment options were available. I could clearly see the problem in my lower back just from glancing at the scans, we knew something had to be done.