Five reasons to use natural plant food on all of your plants.

http://www.organibliss.comThroughout the world, and certainly throughout the United States, there has been a huge movement over the past several years to ‘go organic.’ Due to the rising rates of cancer all over the world, many people are becoming wary of putting anything that isn’t completely natural into their bodies. They worry about processed foods, fruits and vegetables that have been grown with the use of chemicals and even products in their home that are highly toxic. In fact, many studies have examined what common household dust is made of and the results are downright terrifying. There are all sorts of strange chemicals and known carcinogens in the dust, the very dust that people are breathing into their bodies anytime they are in their home.

In response to this movement, many companies like Organibliss have started to develop all-natural plant foods. These are products that can be placed on your plants instead of using harmful chemicals or chemicals that people still know relatively little about. If you’re unfamiliar with organic or natural plant food, it’s time to familiarize yourself. Here are five reasons to use natural plant food on all of your plants.

1. Growth. Study after study has shown that the right kind of natural plant food can greatly increase the yield of any plant that is being grown. For farmers, natural plant foods can increase the yield of their crops just as well as pesticides and fertilizers, and for people growing their own gardens in the back they are just as effective as replacing the natural soil with nutrient soil. In fact, neem extract like that sold by Organibliss can increase the yield of any plant it is put on by well over 50% on average.

2. No chemicals. One of the biggest reasons why any home gardener, farmer or plant lover should use natural plant food instead of the alternatives is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. The truth of the matter is that people are still learning a great deal about the way various pesticides and herbicides interact with the human body. There simply isn’t enough information yet to determine whether or not these products can cause cancers and other ailments. In fact, most of the research is showing that they can. If there is an alternative that doesn’t contain any of these harmful ingredients, why wouldn’t you go ahead and use it just to be safe?

3. Easy to apply. Organic plant foods are incredibly easy to apply to your plants. You simply spray the leaves or the soil and then the plant do it’s thing.

4. Less water. In many cases, the only way to increase growth with some plants is to give them more water. Organic plant foods allow you to boost growth while using the same amount of water.

5. No worry. As was already stated, eating produce and vegetables that are grown with the use of chemicals may cause harm to the human body. By using natural and organic plant foods, this is something you simply won’t have to worry about.