Trusting Your Orthodontist

An orthodontist knows which route is the best route to take for each patient and which route is the best to fit each patients lifestyle. There are several different options to choose from. There are braces, invisalign, and several more options to choose from as well. Braces are the most common when it comes to straightening your teeth and adjusting your bite to get that perfect smile. But invisalign has taken the world by storm and has become more and more common for people to choose invisalign over braces. There are only a handful of orthodontists that have decided to bring invisalign into their offices though. Dr. Garai is the orthodontist who opened up iBraces VIP over thirty years ago. Dr. Garai wanted to open up an orthodontist office that gives his patients as many options to straighten their teeth and fix their smiles as possible. Dr. Garai has been to the most knowledgeable schools for dentistry. He has studied and interned under the best orthodontists around the country as well.braces Dr. Garai has opened several offices in order to help his hundreds of patients to be able to be closer to an office. Having several offices all around the state allows Dr. Garai to see as many patients as possible. Dr. Garai has hired to most knowledgeable orthodontists in the country in order to help with patients.

The orthodontists at iBraces VIP specialize in braces, invisalign, invisible lingual braces, and pediatric orthodontics. Braces are the most common but more and more people are looking to other options to straighten their teeth. Braces can tend to interrupt people and their daily routines. There are several different foods that can not be eaten while wearing braces. But while wearing invisalign or invisible lingual braces the foods that are restricted are way less. The invisalign and invisible lingual braces are also almost impossible to see. A lot of people like this option because they do not like the look of metal brackets on their teeth when they smile. So having the option to have almost invisible braces while straightening your teeth is a good choice for people who want to be able to smile without the metal.

Another huge benefit of going to iBraces VIP is that they specialize in pediatric orthodontics. Working with children in the dental industry can be a difficult task. Children can also become nervous to have dental work done. For this reason you need orthodontists who have experience working with children. In most cases you should see an orthodontist that specializes in working with children. The best pediatric orthodontists work at iBraces VIP. All of the orthodontists make sure that they always keep the children calm and relaxed and they do the best job they possibly can. You will know that your child is being taken care of when you taken them to iBraces VIP for all of their orthodontic needs. Dr. Garai only hires the best of the best. This means that all of the orthodontists at iBraces VIP are extremely qualified and will do the best job for you and your teeth and your smile.

Don’t Choose Between Fashion and Function With Braces

For some people, they think that braces are all about looking good. They think that the sole purpose of going to the orthodontist is so that you can correct crooked teeth. What else could braces possibly give you other than a beautiful and confident smile? To others, this sounds like pure vanity. They think that braces should not encourage such narcissism and they should only be about dental health. The sole function of braces is to straighten the teeth so that the chewing motion is as smooth as possible and the gaps between teeth are clear so that dental hygiene can be easily maintained. So who is right? Are the people that think that orthodontics are just about having a good smile correct, or are the people that think that orthodontics are just about dental health correct? Well, if you ask me, I think that it is a combination of the two. I think that they are both correct in the assertion that both of these features are important and products of braces. And I think that they are both wrong in their assertions that orthodontics are just about only one of those things. The beauty of braces is that they can combine both of these benefits in one fell swoop. The beauty is that you do not have to choose. A confident and beautiful smile is the epiphenomenon of a healthy smile. If your teeth are straight, the roots of the teeth are going to grow as they should and maintain a healthy root. This will reduce the likelihood of gingivitis and other diseases of the gums. These diseases are serious because they do not just affect the mouth but other parts of the body. The bacterial diseases can spread through the blood stream. This means that they eventually wind up in your heart. This is the dynamic at play when people say that gingivitis can lead to heart disease. Additionally, straight teeth make it easier to keep your teeth, gums, and the spaces between the teeth clean and bacteria free. But at the same time, what are we actually doing to the teeth to ensure all of these health benefits? We are making them straight and symmetrical. So we are obtaining a beautiful, confident smile by the very act of obtaining a healthy smile. Straight teeth can be a great way to increase your sense of poise and confidence. It is the first thing that people see when you meet them because it is right in front of them. Your smile is your key to making a positive impression on people. A warm, attractive smile can win people over in a moment. The great thing is that this winning smile is also a healthy smile. To repeat, you do not have to choose. So to return to the two voices at the beginning, they are both right. Both an attractive smile and a healthy one are important. And the disagreement between the two is an imagined one. There is no tension because you can, and will, have both.


It’s okay to be a brace face

Wearing braces is not easy for everybody. Sometimes it can be really uncomfortable and embarrassing for people to wear around. But it is okay to be a brace face. The facts are that many people have worn them. And the popularity of them and wearing them is something that is very common today. Being able to get them fixed but you want to path to making a great smile and feeling much better and more confident about yourself. Day there also options that allow you to take care of your teeth without having to have anybody even know about it. On the market today is a product called Invisalign.  Invisalign is used by using a set of different trays that slowly move your teeth into the right place. You change out the trays overtime until eventually your teeth are all the way in place.  Invisalign allows you to have something that can be removed from your mouth if needed. I’ve heard of cases where people nearly panic not being able to move their braces or they get something stuck in them they can be very painful and have to have an emergency in order to fix it.  This can be very scary for some people. And because of it they will avoid wearing braces altogether. For people with these types of circumstances they can use Invisalign. For some it may be personal preference but for others it may actually be better. Just depending on what your teeth situation is an orthodontist can explain to you which might be better, traditional braces or Invisalign.  Orthodontics is set up to get you the best results with the right equipment. Because no two mouths seem to be alike you can talk to your orthodontist about which one would be best for you. Getting the right solutions for your teeth is what you need. If you are more comfortable with one of the other then you can be fitted for that particular item.  Whether it is braces or retainers an orthodontist can walk you through step-by-step all that you need to get your teeth aligned the way you need. From everything from an under bite overbite crowding and a cross bite your orthodontist can help you fix it. Some of these can be done through the use of different types of retainers and other types of the appliances.  And these appliances are easy to hide in the mouth or others are not. Some can be put in and may need to be shown quite a bit depending on the situation. For instance some need to wear headgear in order to prevent certain types of problems from existing. Today there are many options better what the problem seems to be. From braces two appliances the right orthodontic procedure can be done to help your situation. The sooner you take the first step the better off you are. Putting it off for years may cause additional problems, the type of problems that may even cause loss of teeth. If you are having problems with your mouth and not biting correctly make sure you speak with your orthodontist orthodontistto see what can be done.  Today there also many special programs that allow people who may not be able to afford all the cost to be able to get into the orthodontist to get their needs met. Look in your local area to see what can be done to help you out. Then speak to your orthodontist to get what you need done. For some it can be a matter of health for others a matter of cosmetics. Using one will make you smile much bigger than before. Just remember its okay to be a brace face because it means you are taking the right steps to take care of you and when you finish you will really enjoy the smile on your face.

Invisalign: When you finally get over your braces.

The Best OrthodontistAs a senior in high-school, realizing just how badly I needed braces was a double edged sword of a dilemma. I was just about to start college at a university and the last thing I wanted was to enter college with braces, let alone finnish high-school with metal in my mouth. At the same time though I did not want to be thirty in need of braces either and watch my teeth become more out of alignment through my college career. What was I to do?

Thank the goddess for modern technology! After attending a show at a local venue, dancing all night to some bass and beat filled music, I was watching the sunrise with a girlfriend explaining to her my predicament. She turned to me with a sly yet pleased look on her face, the first bits of pink sunlight sprinkling onto her face. “Have you heard of invisalign braces?”

“Nooo”… I answered in reply, curiously awaiting the answer she seemed to be keeping in an internal little secret pouch all her own. Did she have the magical answer I had been seeking?

She smiled satisfied she had a piece of knowledge I did not. Thankfully, she took much pleasure in sharing with me this little trinket of knowledge. Treasure really.

“Invisalign braces are exactly what you need honey! They can practically fix any problem that regular metal braces can fix without weaving a wiry web of doom all over the front of your teeth!”

My face lit up in hope. My eyes glowed hungry with a thirst for me information. “Sooo… how do they work?” I inquired.

“Well you see you go to your local orthodontist, Denver, in our case and they will look over your teeth and decide if invisalign braces are right for you. In most cases invisalign braces can be used to fix anything regular metal braces can fix. Except these are invisible!” She waved her fingers at me to highlight the wonder of the moment.

“Seriously though..?” I gestured impatiently with my facial expression for her to be more serious.

“Seriously, I know an orthodontist who can provide this service for you! Denver orthodontics have specialty offices just for this sort of thing! the invisalign braces are clear and fit over your teeth so no one can see them! You have to have them changed out every so often, weeks to months apart depending your personal recommended regiment by the orthodontist. What is really great is that you can take them out while you eat and drink! That way you do not have to worry about anything getting stuck in your teeth! I really think this is exactly what you are looking for!”

Ah, my prayers had been answered! The  golden answer rendering the double sided sword unarmed! Although we had been up all night and the sun was just over the trees, I could not wait to get home and tell my mom about this alternative solution to my problem! I looked forward to starting college with more confidence than I had originally deemed possible! All thanks to the wonderful technology of invisalign braces!


Which Orthodontist Should I Trust Today?



If you are looking for someone who can do the best work on your teeth, you have come to right webpage. Here, we are going to discuss with you one orthodontics office that has been in business for several years, providing people with beautiful smiles.

Garrett Smiles Orthodontics prides themselves on being able to provide their customers with the brightest smile in the Charleston area. Despite the economy being a shaky place for many homes, people who want braces are still able to get them because of the affordable payment plans offered by the Garrett Smiles Orthodontics office. You know when you go to this company; they will cater to you and help you get the smile you ever wanted.

What Makes Garrett Smiles Orthodontics Better Than the Rest?

When you are looking through your orthodontics office, you will notice many different things. One of which you should notice is a noticeable plaque on the wall, which should contain an award for being a top-rated orthodontist within the area. Even more, you should also see the orthodontists’ certifications, which should contain all of their credentials. You need to know where the orthodontist of your choosing went to school and was certified to be able to work on teeth.

At Garrett Smiles Orthodontics, you will be promised this because both of the orthodontists have been in business together for years. They have all of their credentials and have won several plagues and awards, which note their exceptional experience and ability to provide their customers with the smile they desire. No matter what you expect from an orthodontist, you can expect this company to do right by you because they care.

Beyond having all of their credentials, this company also has an affordability that is unmatched by many in their area. When people visit an orthodontist, they expect to get charged a tremendous amount of money all at once. In addition, unless you have great dental insurance, you may not even be covered to get braces or invisalign through your insurance. Which leaves you back to getting your braces through an out of pocket cost. You need to know that the company you intend to hire will be able to accommodate your needs. Garrett Smiles Orthodontics understands what it is like to be going through a struggle of not being able to pay for your braces.

In order to compensate the struggle of being unable to pay the entire balance of braces or invisalign, the company offers the ability to make installments over the years for your braces. The payment plans go according to your income and ability to pay them back. They will sit down with you during a consultation and detail finance options specific for you and you can determine which one will work best for you. Get the smile you deserve, at the price that you know you can get it. You can get the best standards with the best orthodontics in the Charleston area with the right procedures and time investment in the long term.

My raging teenager with braces

Oh my goodness, nothing is worse than a raging teenage daughter. Well, I guess there‘s one thing that is worse and that is a raging teenage daughter with braces. Ugh, she acts as if her life is going to end because she has metal on her teeth and it makes her look “really, really stupid Mom” (insert her rolling her eyes at me). It is just ridiculous that she is so upset about having to get braces or invisalign, but I keep telling her that in the end, she’ll have beautiful straight teeth. Apparently, my advice goes through one ear and out the other. Psh. Kids these days. My husband and I work really hard to support our family and make financial decisions so our kids have the ability to have great teeth.


Sure, I know that Sarah really wanted to get invisalign as opposed to braces, but that would have taken a longer time for her teeth. It isn’t as if my husband and I are just throwing our money away for the orthodontist just to “ruin her social life.” Man, teenage girls these days are so dramatic! I just hope that when our son Matthew needs braces that he will be a bit more reasonable. Hopefully, the pain and agony of my daughter’s social life will end soon and we can go back to having other conversations about other topics besides her braces and how it makes her a ‘brace-face.” All my husband and I can do now is wait for Sarah to calm down and accept the fact that she has braces.