1. Tile is one of the surfaces in our home that can most benefit from a professional cleaning. Tile may seem like it is easily and effectively cleaned, yet tile is surprisingly susceptible to many problems which other types of floor surface materials are not. For instance, tile floors that are not cleaned properly can start to rot from the bottom up. Special glues are used to make tile stick to the concrete surfaces where they are used, this glue is made to stand the test of time, but if improperly cleaned tile floors start to allow water and humidity to get under the floor’s surface, then the tiles can start to pop up. Once a tile floor has started to come undone due to rotted glue, the tile usually has to be taken out complexly, the old surface has to be scrapped away and new tile must be set. The process of replacing a damaged floor can cost thousands of dollars and can take weeks to accomplish. Homeowners can avoid their tile floors falling into serious disrepair by having them cleaned regularly by a team of pro floor cleaners like those that can be found at chemdryofbaltimore.com. Daily tile cleanings are still important to the overall clean feel and appearance of your home, and if they are paired with a more serious cleaning that professional floors cleaners can offer, your tile floors can last a very long time.
  2. Pet stain cleaners are right behind tile cleaners on the list of most used cleaning services. It might seem hard to believe, yet pet stains are such a common occurrence, and one that is so difficult to deal with, that there is a huge cleaning industry that is dedicated solely to the task of removing pet stains. New dogs and cats are always going to cause a lot of messes in homes, and after the first few months of getting a new pet potty trained, homes carpets and floors can be left looking like a warzone. Pet stain cleaners are in such high demand not only because they get rid of organic pet stains, but also because they are able to get out the worst odors. People spend huge amounts of cash on home, pet stain removal products each year, yet the stuff you can buy at stores is only good for getting up the stain, the odor is either left behind or masked over. Pet stain cleaners remove the stain and then destroy the odor with chemical cleaning processes and deep steam cleanings. If you want to get a serious pet stain removed for good, don’t waste time and money on store bought products, go straight to the yellow pages and find a professional pet stain removal service.
  3. Wood floor cleaning are number three on our list of the most requested home cleaning services. Wood floors are unlike other types of surfaces in that they have to be cleaned sing special chemicals which will not damage wood. Wood floors are almost always cleaned by professionals because the risk of damaging them is too great for most homeowners to accept.