1. The proper cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals. You don’t want to make the mistake of letting your pond become overrun with fungus and water born bacteria, it can be a serious project to clean up once it has gotten noticeably filthy, not to mention that it can turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes and even some water based illnesses harmful to pets or people. As always, the best thing you can do to prevent your water garden from turning into a real cleaning chore is to prevent it from every getting mess in the first place with the proper pond supplies. Garden pond cleaners come in all forms, each specific to the type and size of pond that you own. Some garden ponds that are used to house fish may require special attention, as they tend to get dirty much quicker, and different chemicals should be used that are fish friendly. The majority of water gardens however, need only a quick clean up with a standard garden pond brush and little chlorine mixture. Brushing your garden ponds walls, stones and base will help stop unwanted bacteria from building up into a film. The chlorine will also shock away smaller bacteria that you may not be able to see with the naked eye. It is also a good idea to completely empty your water garden once every four months are so and hose off all the different parts of your water garden. For proper water garden cleaning, just go to a pond supplies dealer like and pick out the products that you need, they will ship them right to your home. If you have a larger than average water garden you might want to hire a pond cleaning service to come to your home once and a while, such services can also be found online. Don’t let your pond turn into a cleaning nightmare; keep up with routine cleanings and your pond will always be a source of joy.
  2. Pond pumps are another garden pond supply that is a must have. A good pond pump is worth its weight in gold for garden pond owners since the pond pump not only keeps your water fresh, it also serves as a aerator for garden ponds that are home to fish or other animals. There are two main types of garden pond pumps to choose from. Some garden pond pumps run off an outside electrical source and can be dropped into the pond for the occasional circulation of water; these tend to work best for small garden ponds, as well as those that do not have fish. If you need more constant water circulation however, then a permanent pump installed into the garden pond is probably the best choice. A fixed pump can come in the shape of a rock, so you won’t even know that it is in your pond keeping everything fresh. The fixed garden pond pumps are also a must have if you keep certain types of fish that require more oxygen in the water than others. No matter what type of pump you use in your water garden, the pond pump is an essential piece of equipment for any kind of water garden.