Precision machining is a great start for your students.

Unfortunately, Colorado is among one of the lowest spenders when it comes to high school students.  This is largely due to a series of tax bills that passed through the state legislatures and by tax payers at times when there were high surpluses.  Now the state can really use the money and people are looking for ways to help students get the best education available. One of the best ways for this to happen is through the use of internships.

Internships offer a way for students to get hands on experience.  This is something that many of today’s students need so that they can understand the demands of the working space right now and what skills that they might need to acquire while they are still in school.  It is a great way for the students to understand the best way for them to move forward and understand how they are going to impact the community around them.

machine shopIt is a great way for the community to understand how young people view the world as well.  Looking ahead, it is a huge help if your company can take an intern to help him or her learn the ropes as they start to think about their future careers.  A good way for them to do this is through the use of a position that helps the organization but is mostly situated so that people will be able to learn about the roles that people play in the workforce.  Take some of the work that is being done at some of the top precision machining shops in Denver.

One of them, Cutter Innovations, is a leader and can help students understand what it means to be at one of the best organizations in the country.  They are an ISO certified organization and do a lot of work in prototyping new instruments.  According to the Cutter Innovations website, “Cutter Innovations can assist you with quick-turn machining services to evaluate product viability and to meet aggressive delivery requirements. All of our machinists are cross-trained and can add considerable value to our customers with feedback related to manufacturability and cycle time improvements.  We deliver tight-tolerance prototypes in exotic materials and work a great deal in high nickel-based alloys.”

The ability to evaluate a product is something that will help to teach interns many different skills that they can grow on and learn about. It is a great way to people to also get a better understanding of the school system and what gaps need to be filled.  It is a great way to support the community and the needs of students.  So if your machine shop can use some extra help, consider contacting a school and offering the opportunity to a student or two the chance to come in and learn. Do it and know that you are really helping your community achieve some of its goals.  We also know that it will improve high school graduation rates for the students that you take into your shop.