Why Do People Get Paid For Having Solar Panels?

Solar panels are an amazing investment that people can make for their homes. People have started hearing more and more what a great investment residential solar panels are financially speaking, but when it hasn’t been explained to them, it just sounds like a broken record that keeps repeating that one statement over and over again. Let’s clear up what people mean when they say solar panels are a great investment.

Solar panels are a sound investment.

There are actually several different ways that solar panels are a great investment for any home, but let’s start with how you can get paid for having solar panels. Solar panels ┬ásystems are designed to produce enough electricity to power the entire home, and then some. When the panels produce more energy than the home is using, the excess energy is sent to the power grid. The power company then gives you credit for the energy that you gave them that is now being used to power other homes. This credit can be applied to your account for those times that your solar panels are not producing the energy your home is demanding. This is great for those days or weeks where the sun refuses to come out from behind rain or snow clouds. Sometimes, the amount of energy you put into the power grid is less than you take out. When this happens, the power company can literally pay you for the energy that your solar panels provided to the power grid, so you are literally being paid for having solar panels that produce excess energy.

Because solar panels are such a great investment for a home by reducing the energy needed from the power company and for giving you credit to your electric bill, solar panels are seen as a great addition to your home. This means that adding solar panels to your house raises the value of your home. This is another great illustration of how solar panels are a great investment.

There are many other incentives for purchasing solar panels. One big incentive is that having solar panels provides you with a federal tax credit, a significant one at that. There are also tax rebates and other incentives that can be discussed with and explained by a solar company.

Another thing to keep in mind is the the rate of return on solar panels is great. When you purchase expensive jewelry or purchase a vehicle, the worth of that item goes down instantly. This would be a poor rate of return. Solar panels actually continue to have their rate of return go up over time. This truly makes solar panels a sound investment.

If you would like to learn more about solar panels and would like to run numbers with a company that is knowledgeable and trustworthy, talk to Lifetime Solar Solutions. They can give you a quote, help talk you through financing or payment plans, and explain all the different incentives that come as a result of having solar panels. You cannot go wrong with an investment like this.