Talk with your roofing company about solar roofs. don’t have to be a huge environmentalist to realize that there are some things that humanity could be doing better when it comes to the planet. The latest estimates show that there are well over seven billion people living on the planet, and this number is expected to continue to grow exponentially for several decades still. This means that there may come a time when there are twenty billion people living on the planet, a thought that is rather difficult to wrap your mind around. As you might know, people are already having lots of issues when it comes to the environment. Many places in the world can’t get access to clean drinking water, lakes have dried up in parts of the world leaving the people who depend on them with nothing, warming temperatures are exasperating droughts and making storms more intense, and all of this is happening while more old-growth forests are destroyed to make throw away products like paper towels.

If more people are on their way, then it’s time for the people who are here to start to do things a little bit differently. It’s time for the people here now to consume less energy, to use less water, to be more conscious about how their buying decisions are impacting the world around them. It’s time for education spending to increase so that people have the knowledge they need to care for the world around them. There are lots of things that governments and large corporations can do, but there’s also small things that individuals can do to protect the environment that’s still here.

If you’re ready to start doing more about your carbon footprint, then it’s time for you to talk to your roofing company about solar roofs. The technology surrounding solar energy has advanced greatly over the last few years. The panels that people are now able to put up on their homes are great pieces of technology that allow people to power their home on cloudy days and create surplus energy on sunny ones. When you install solar panels on your home, you protect the environment around you because you’re no longer using coal and other fossil fuels to keep your home warm or to power your lights. Instead, you’re using the endless energy of the sun to power your home. Of course, not only are you protecting the environment and doing your part to decrease the amount of fossil fuels in the world, but you’re also decreasing your utility bill. In many cases, you’re actually eliminating your utility bill altogether.

If you’re interest in installing solar panels on your home, reach out to a great roofing company like Academy Roofing Inc. In operation for years, they’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process of getting solar panels installed on your roof. The next time you’re looking into a roof replacement, consider getting solar panels installed on your roof while you’re at it. The initial investment will pay itself off quickly and you’ll be doing your part.

The roofers did an amazing job on our home!


The weatherman called it a once in a lifetime storm and it surely lived up to the hype. Power lines and trees were toppled over because of the hight wind, sewers and drainage ditches overflowed and spilled onto the streets. Eventually as the rain continued to come down that standing water in the streets became standing water in everyone’s front lawns and even into their basements. After the storm my wife and I walked through the neighborhood looking for people we could help and there were plenty of our neighbors in need. My first impression was that there would soon be many flood restoration vans pulling into town as well as a few roofing companies seeing as nearly everyone’s roof was either removed completely or visibly damaged. It almost looked like a tornado had come through our subdivision thats how much debris there was in the streets and strewn about everyone’s lawns.

Our basement was completely under water but thankfully we had a gas generator we used to help pump some of it out from the crawlspace. Before long we were able to actually see the carpeting down there so at least we knew there was progress. Now our focus was going to be on the exterior of the house and to assess the damages properly. Actually our first move was to call our insurance agent and have them come out to evaluate the damage done so they could file a claim for us. I’m always a bit nervous about filing insurance claims for natural disasters (I had to file one a few years back for tornado damage to an old house I used to live in) because it can be tense when they give you the final figure.

Just from a visual inspection from standing on the front lawn I could see that the roofing above the master bedroom was almost completely gone and the bare wood and tar had been exposed. It was then that the power of this particular storm really hit me. Those winds were upwards of sixty miles an hour! The more I looked around the neighboring houses the more I could see that people’s lawn ornaments had blown into neighboring yards, car windows were broken due to flying debris and there was even a motorcycle that had tipped over and was laying in someone’s front yard. Now that I knew something would certainly have to be done to fix the roof I decided I could just forgo the insurance agents quote and call Core Contractors, Roofing and Restoration. From my previous experience working with them I know that they can write up a detailed damage report on your home’s roof and send that off to an insurance company for a claim to be filed. This way you can cut out the middle man and get to work faster repairing the roof. On the first day of inspection the guys from Core Contractors came out and put a tarp over the damaged section of the roof. The roofers were careful not to do any further damage. I was impressed how quickly they started.