Our wait times keep going down thanks to these guest pagers

fire pager

A few months ago I put a survey in the guest bill and ask them to answer a few questions. These questions were designed to gauge our customer satisfaction in a few areas such as food quality, friendliness of staff, how much they enjoyed the atmosphere and how long they had to wait. Guests were asked to rate each category on a scale of 1 to 5 and there was a comments section on the bottom where they could include suggestions or send a note to me, the manager. It was a survey I put out and collected data for two months on and when it was all said and done I had some pretty interesting results. An overwhelming majority of people suggested that we needed some sort of guest pager system in order to reduce our wait times. To be honest this wasn’t anything I even expected to see because I had no idea our wait times were a problem for our guests. It just goes to show that communication is not only important among staff but between guests and staff as well.

When I tallied up the survey sheets it became so overwhelmingly apparent that we needed to get a staff communication system in place that I contacted the pager warehouse immediately. I had bought pagers and two-way radios from this online company before so I was familiar with their system and selection. What I remembered liking about working with the pager warehouse was that they literally had a different type of communication device for any thing you could imagine. If you have a restaurant they not only have cool and unique pagers such as the one you see above but subtle ones or bright ones depending on your restaurant style. You don’t have to worry about these pagers breaking or losing their charge as they’re highly efficient and very strong. For instance, at our pizzeria in the mall it is very common for people to check in and then to continue walking around. We tell them that the guest pagers here have a radius of 200 feet and that they’re free to browse the selection of the stores nearby. We’ve found that regardless of how long our wait is that people are generally happy when they aren’t tethered to our restaurant. If you have an hour long wait you don’t want to just sit there and stare at the walls, you could be shopping or getting some productive things done and that’s what these guest pagers allow us to do.
I didn’t just stop ordering guest pagers though because communication is important among staff as well. By implementing a brand-new staff pager system I am able to keep the same track of my staff which increases efficiency on the other end of the equation. Now, whenever I need to speak with a staff member directly I don’t have to run around looking for them but I can simply talk into my ear piece and hear them on the other line. I can solve problems and maintain my restaurant in a much more efficient way now.