Find The Best Relationship Counselor in Denver

Hilary Silver’s Relationship counseling can be extremely beneficial to a wide variety of couples and families; however, it seems that there are many people seem to think about relationship counseling as something that other people take advantage of. Alternately, there are some people who, when they do start to think about relationship counseling, believe that it’s something that should be saved for the worst case scenario; they turn to relationship counseling as a last ditch effort to save them from themselves.

The reality, however, is that relationship counseling Denver is something that can be at its most beneficial when couples are willing to seek it out before it seems to be the only thing that will help them. When couples seek out relationship counseling before the relationship has completely started to break down, they will find that it relationship counseling is much more effective.

After all, relationship counseling is about coming back together. Relationship counseling is about communication and about identifying those emotions and situations that are causing tension in the couple or the family. It is also about focusing on reactions and on coming to understand the reason why each party reacts the way that they do to a given situation or circumstance.

Because relationship counseling is done with the guidance of someone who is trained to facilitate both communication and introspection, when couples do look into it .They should be prepared to let go of the impulse to blame the other person. Rather than saying “it’s all your fault,” relationship counseling is designed to help couples to recognize their role in the relationship and to identify what is and isn’t working so that it is possible to move forward.

While a great deal of relationship counseling is something that will lead the couple to focus on communicating and changing behaviors, it’s also about providing some degree of reassurance. No one wants to believe that they are the only cause of the problem; no one wants to feel responsible for all of the challenges, and the reality is that no conflict is completely one sided.

Hilary Silver relationship counseling makes it possible for both parties to recognize that they do play a role in the challenges that they are facing and to see that there are things that they can do differently. With relationship counseling, those couples who are just beginning to experience conflict will be able to identify the core of their problem and to work through it before the conflict divides them.

In other words, when couples can turn to this relationship counseling before that point in time when they think they need it, they will find that they can get a jump start on working through what is going on. While it may seem to others that they are looking into relationship counseling before they need it, the reality is that when there is tension, it is extremely important to work to resolve it. Relationship counseling can provide the tools and inspiration to bring a couple back together even before they start to drift apart.

You can always go to counseling by yourself if your spouse in unwilling to go with you. Although counseling is best if you both go, you can still work on improving yourself. As time progresses and you stick with your counseling, the chances are that your spouse will want to join you.

You Should Seriously Consider Hiring an Online Marketing Company.

online marketingEveryone knows that the internet is one of the best places to advertise, but a lot of people do not know the best ways to market their products and services on the internet.  If you have a business and are unsure if your company is being marketed well, you should seriously consider hiring an online marketing company.  Online marketing may be the best kind of marketing to invest in.  Not everyone has cable television anymore, but nearly everyone has access to the internet.  If you want to access the largest number of current and potential customers, you need to invest in online marketing.  Online marketing has to do with how your business is portrayed online.  If you are not an expert at online marketing, you may be making a mistake as to how you portray your business.  Having an online marketing company can help you improve your business’s image can be extremely helpful.  Another thing to consider is your company’s website or websites.  Having an easily accessible and helpful website is vital to the success of a company.  If you have a website that is confusing or simply not informative, people will develop a negative opinion of your company.  One easy way to improve your website is to make sure that it contains all the information that your customers commonly have questions about.  This will save a lot of time for you and your customers.  You should also provide a way for your customers to contact your business if they need further assistance.  A web design company can help with all of these things.

Saving money with urgent care Peoria Facility

By being able to save money can be an important thing for all of us. It is always on our minds and our medical needs are no different. When you have to pay thousands of dollars to medical bills it can be devastating to anybody.  Many people who go to the emergency room and up with large bills for receiving urgent care. Because this can quickly add up in the emergency room having another place to go can be very important.  Very rarely do people visit the emergency room and have a blessed than $1000 worth of bills to follow behind them. Today there are many urgent care facilities that help to bridge the gap between the physician and the emergency room. Urgent care Peoria facilities allow you to save time and money with great convenience in mind. urgent care peoriaThey allow you to go in get your needs taken care of no whatever your medical situation may be as long as it is a non-life-threatening injury.  From even the co-pays that go along with seeking medical attention the emergency room is always going to be more expensive. Being able to have an urgent care facility conveniently located in Peoria helps to balance the needs. It also helps to free up emergency rooms from non-life-threatening situations. This helps those with true injuries that need quick medical attention to receive the attention that they need. When you need an additional choice beyond the emergency room, look for the urgent care Peoria facility to take care of all your non-life-threatening medical needs.

Making Startups Easy for Urgent Cares

urgent care san tanAre you planning urgent cares in Gilbert? Here’s what you need to know:

The Association of Urgent Care has a detailed website that gives members all the information they need to know about startups in this arena. One of the latest courses featured at their Annual Conference include the comprehensive clinic startup. If you’ve already missed this, or are unable to attend, don’t worry. You can also buy the podcasts or ebooks that covers the material from start to finish. You can even purchase as a reference for the future.

Other avenues to look at in order to think outside the box include sites like the Small Business Association, and

Other tips include creating a business plan that covers:

Equipment – what equipment will be needed?

Operational costs – which may include the cost of medicines to treat, safety gloves and others, utilities such as electricity and water, and much more. One idea that could potentially set your urgent care in Gilbert apart would be to operate with eco-friendly initiatives that patients value. This includes storing files electronically, using solar energy and also providing a guarantee with a backup generator and more ideas. These are out of the mainstream, but you can also brainstorm to think of making your urgent care the go-to place for treating medical emergencies that are minor.

The process should be super simple when you have a goal, set it and take action to the same goal – which in this case would be to conduct a startup urgent care, and make it successful.

Getting the Ideal Mountain Climbing Experience

Mountain Guides

Climbing Expeditions

When I first decided I was going to climb Kilimanjaro my friends all thought I was crazy. First off, I had never climbed any mountain, hill or anything for as long as I had lived so why would I start with the biggest mountain on a continent? Well, I guess my answer to that would be that sometimes you need to change things in order to truly change things. If that doesn’t make sense (and it shouldn’t), what I mean is that you can’t dramatically change your perspective on the world if you aren’t dramatically changing your perspective OF the world. You have to get out of your bubble in order to see the bigger picture and what can make you happy. I knew that challenging myself to climb a huge mountain would force me to have a new perspective on life. Of course it isn’t exactly an easy task at hand so I wanted to make sure I was in the right hands the entire time.

There are many adventure groups around the country and indeed the world that offer services like climbing Kilimanjaro or Everest, but you have to be diligent in doing your homework on these. Many times it’s simply an ex employee of what is now a rival company and their only goal is to live out extreme fantasies as the expense of his/her guests. I went with a company that had trusted and experienced mountain guides that were able to make the climb a learning experience as much as anything else.

To Avoid Putting Your House at Risk for Water Damage, You Should have Denver Roofers Inspect Your Roof Before Winter.

Denver roofersIf you want your home to stay in good condition, you have to be vigilant about repairing everything.  The more things you allow to slip into disrepair, the less your home is worth.  The roof is one of the most important things to remember to maintain.  This is because your roof is protecting the rest of your home, so if it is not sound, the rest of your house is at risk.  To avoid putting your house at risk for water damage, you should have  roofers inspect your roof before winter.  If the roofers do not discover anything wrong with your roof, then you should be happy.  If, on the other hand, they do find something, you should still be glad you got the inspection.  If you get the inspection, at least you will know what to expect.  The reason winter is so bad for your roof is the fact that snow and ice collect on your roof.  This is not necessarily bad if every inch of your roof is watertight.  If you have even a little crack or tear in your roof, though, a leak will probably develop.  Leaks are extremely damaging to your home.  Water damage is typically irreversible.  Water can ruin, wood, upholstery, electrical equipment, and various other materials very quickly.  Winter leaks are bad because they last a long time, since the snow will be melting on your roof virtually all winter.  Plus,  roof repair personnel cannot access a roof that is covered in snow and ice, so you may have to wait months for repairs.

Carpet cleaners can help maintain your home

One of the most overlooked aspects of home maintenance is your carpet care.  By hiring a professional carpet cleaner and setting up a regular maintenance plan, you can set yourself up to save thousands of dollars over the life of your house.  Not only that, perhaps the more important thing is the quality of your existence.  Do you own pets, have kids, smoke cigarettes, or host parties?  If you do any of these things, you should realize that your carpet acts like a sponge that absorbs all the dirt and decay from your day to day.  But carpet doesn’t just hold onto the dirty stuff.  It actually releases the dirt and decay back into the environment of your home for you to live in and breathe.  In terms of quality of life, one might equate not hiring a carpet cleaner to give you regular maintenance on you carpet to not going to the doctor or not getting routine checkups from the dentist.  A home owner must perform a wide variety of projects to keep their property in the kind of shape that will make them proud.  While it might be acceptable to clean your own carpet if you live a simple clean life.  There are so many things that would make that impossible including the what dogs, cats, and kids do to your floors.  One more thing to take into consideration is that carpet maintenance will actually prevent the structural integrity of your subfloor.  So call a local carpet cleaner today and talk about a maintenance plan that will keep your home in good shape.

Improving worker safety with technology

Cartasite, a company which works with GPS tracking to improve performance and safety in the oil and gas industry, developed one of the first integrated Geographic Information Systems called GeoGraphix. GeoGraphix provides remote equipment monitoring so companies can be up to date, minute-by-minute on their productivity and operations across a number of programs, platforms and technologies. A few of the available programs also have emergency features, which let workers send a help signal along with GPS tracking coordinates to both the company as well as a Global Emergency Operations Systems that is continuously running, no matter where they are. This can be particularly helpful for companies who have rigs or equipment that is in an area not covered under normal cell phone service. GPS trackingCartasite also developed a number of GPS tracking devices specifically made for the oil and gas industry, particularly for haulers as they move products around the globe. Technologies such as inREACH, ROVR and globalTAG all have easy to use GPS features to update the company on any number of possible issues, both technological and man created. For example, if a worker is speeding or exhibiting any other unsafe driving practice, the installed systems will use GPS tracking and a complex data system to organize and present all and any information to the employer on exactly what the employee was doing, where and when. Information over particular workers, particular times or locations can all be peeled apart and looked at so your company can figure out exactly where any problems are and the best way to go about fixing them.

There are Plenty of Options in Orthodontics

OrthodonticsIf you are frustrated with the appearance of your teeth and have not taken the first step to change them then it’s time to visit an orthodontist. There are more options available to fix your teeth than you may realize. Braces of course are still the most popular option and have a long established track record of success in fixing smiles. If the work needed isn’t too drastic, it’s possible to get a retainer instead of braces. This can be a very preferable treatment, as a retainer can be removed and cleaned, unlike braces which remain permanently in the mouth until removed by the orthodontist. A lesser known technique in bite adjustment is the use of a permanent retainer. Much like braces, the retainer is a metal wire that is cemented or glued behind the upper row of teeth and along the gumline of the lower teeth. This technique has the benefit of working as effectively as normal braces but being nearly undetectable to the common observer.

The last option you might want to consider is Invisalign. Much like the permanent retainer, it can be very difficult to detect if you do not call attention to it. Adults are more likely to choose this or a permanent retainer, since braces are normally considered a child’s solution to bite correction. Preserving an air of wisdom and leadership with a mouthful of braces seems almost impossible, so I can’t blame them. Above all else, straight teeth and a correct bite will increase your confidence and improve your health. Choose the best option available and get started now.

Steel buildings are cheap and easy to maintain

metal building
I think one of the things that Americans are most commonly ignorant of is the future of the country they live in. It seems that everyone has short attention spans. When things are going bad with the economy, everyone seems panicked and filled with doom. What they don’t understand is that the economy is much like the tides of the ocean; if it draws away very far there is a high chance that it will crash back with much force. Lately, I’ve been seeing the tides of the economy shifting towards the United States heading towards significant growth. Because of this, I’ve decided that it would be a good idea to start an online business that I’ve always been contemplating. I want to sell a certain product that I think will do really well in a recovering economy, so I’m going to need a well-constructed metal building to house my products.

The main reason I would go with such a material is the costs. Because metal buildings can be extensively prefabricated before they reach the building site, the cost of building is much lower than with a material such as brick. The material itself also tends to cost less. Another great advantage of steel buildings is that they are quite easy to expand upon. The durable materials can be deconstructed and reused if I decided that I need to expand the space and add more room to house additional products. This makes me feel that my business could potentially handle significant growth if the economy is indeed recovering.

Reputation Marketing Services can Be Greatly Beneficial to Small Businesses.

Reputation marketing servicesThough it is unfair, big corporations have so many advantages over small businesses.  That  means that small business owners need to try even harder to compete with the large corporations.  Small businesses often have much better products and services than their large competitors, but that does not mean they are always more successful.  The difference is reputation and marketing.  The right way to market your products and services is not always obvious.  To make things even more confusing, marketing strategies change rapidly, and there are many conflicting viewpoints on the matter.  Reputation marketing services can be greatly beneficial to small businesses .  The reason this the case is the fact that reputation marketing is a strategy for actively trying to improve the reputation of a business.  Unfortunately, a business’s reputation has more to do with its success than the quality of its products or service.  This means that even if your products are great, people will not buy them from you if your business is not respected.  One of the ways in which agencies seek to help you improve your company’s reputation is by paying close attention to online reviews.  Online business reviews have become very popular, and people put a lot of faith in them.  This means that you should do all you can to ensure that you accumulate a lot of very positive online reviews.  This is one of the most important ways in which you can improve your company’s reputation, which is why online reputation management is so important .

Getting an updated look on my eyes with blepharoplasty

I had never before heard of blepharoplasty, but it essentially is just a way to raise up your eyes a bit, make them appear less hooded by the eye lid, and just make them appear wider and brighter, with less wrinkles around them. I don’t necessarily mind my crows feet, I think that it shows that I love to laugh and am not a generally unhappy person. But it was the hooded eye lids that I really wanted to fix, and my eyes were just so small, that people always thought that I was tired, even when I was fully awake and alert. So when I learned about blepharoplasty, I decided that it may be the perfect solution for me. It wasn’t a facelift or any kind of major cosmetic surgery, but it would help with my face and my look, and it would make me appear to others to be more involved and interested in what they were saying to me, which could really help me in the workforce and be a great asset for my career. So I decided to go for it and get the procedure done. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I was a little worried that the changes would be sever and very noticeable. But that did not happen, it was just slight enough that people commented but weren’t sure what was different. I think that for sure the blepharoplasty was the right decision for me and for my face, and I’m really so happy with my updated look and my wider and brighter eyes.


My girlfriend really loves these essential oils

essential oilsMoving into an apartment with my girlfriend has been a mixture of being both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it is great to live with someone who I love and want to build a future with. She and I really balance out each other’s lives. I’m more clean and detailed oriented, while she is more fun and adventurous. On the other hand, sometimes she can really get on my nerves and it’s hard to know how to handle these situations. I don’t really enjoy confrontation, but she is a bit more in your face than I am. She wants me to be sure not to hold in any issues I have, but I am sometimes afraid that confronting her might lead to a fight that can damage our relationship.

I’d have to say that one big thing I enjoy about living with her is her love for the use of essential oils . She knows a lot about the different effects that certain oils can have on both the body and mind. One of my favorite scents that she uses is blood orange essential oil. This oil smells very citrusy, and it really uplifts and arouses me. She uses an oil diffuser that kind of looks like some sort of science experiment apparatus. Whenever she works with this device I like to tease her that she is acting like some kind of alchemist working with magical elixirs. She always get a big kick out of these and we have a good laugh together.

It pays to have a great DUI attorney on your side

dui attorney

If I hadn’t hired Lazzara legal to represent me last week in my DUI case who knows how bad things could have turned out for me. As I sit here and write this I was one hundred percent innocent of the crimes alleged against me. I claimed that I had not been over the legal limit that fateful night and the police officer who administered the test said that I was. It was his word and breathalyzer result over mine so why was I exonerated from this claim? I’ll tell you my story and why only the best lawyers in Denver could have gotten me out of such a jam.

I am a field technician that services breathalyzer machines for the Denver County police department. I have been doing this job for about ten years now but I’ve only been in Colorado for the past three so I don’t know all the cops on the force (believe me, this could have all been avoided if I did). I was driving home from work one night and I was pulled over by the Cherry Creek Golf Course. The police officer said he “visually estimated” that I was going fifteen over the limit so he pulled me over for that reason. I blew over the legal limit but I know for certain that those breathalyzer units hadn’t been calibrated that month. I know this because that is my district and I hadn’t calibrated them yet. I gave this little tidbit of information to my DUI lawyer and he used it to get me off scott free.

A Different Approach To Website Design

marketing agencyIn reality anyone in the world who has access to a computer and the internet can create a website, but the question is, can they create a website that also functions as an efficient branding and marketing tool? The most simplistic answer to this question is, no they cannot, and that is where the experts come in. There are a lot of online marketing agencies but there is one marketing agency in particular that is working hard at a new and different approach when it comes to online marketing and online branding. The agency that is making waves when it comes to these new approaches is One Sharp Design which is a Utah based online creative marketing and branding agency. Here they believer that the concepts of marketing and branding along with creativity go hand in hand and they ware working hard to make sure that they are creating innovative websites for all of their clients that are both creative visually and conceptually but that are also functional and effective in terms of branding. According to One Sharp Design, marketing is essentially a war and they are willing and able to be the general of your marketing strategy war. This is just one of the ways that they are using the concepts of design and creativity to invent new ways to brand and create websites for their clients. It seems that One Sharp Design is a creative agency that is making sure that they are using creativity in every aspect of their work.

Interview training covered after orientation

interview training










I was just hired in the human resources department of a major corporation. As I expected, everything is quite standardized in this corporate environment. Little did I know I was about to take the longest training course of my life. This training course was to cover all the basics for the position I was hired on for. Surprisingly there were many other new hires in my class, so I didn’t feel quite as alien as I originally anticipated.

The first day covered orientation, a really generic welcome aboard that covered all the parts of why I was hired and what the company does as a whole. I didn’t think I was going to make it through all of the orientation because it was too entirely boring. The guy next to me noted my boredom and nudged me to keep awake. I took this behavior as very rude, though soon dismissed it and considered him a friend when the instructor fired someone for falling asleep during the orientation. At the end of orientation, the instructor informed the training class that the next day we were going to move on to a more stimulating subject.

The following day I sat next to my new friend again, and we both joked at how horrid the previous introductory day was. The instructor started our first phase of the day which was on interview training. Much to my surprise, I was fully alert during the whole class. It could have been the extra cup of coffee, though I think I was actually interested in this new online interview training.

I need the number for a water damage restoration company

water damage

This will be the last post I can send out before my street is evacuated due to the flooding in the area. Each hour I’ve been watching the rains come down and I kept hoping that the skies would lighten and the rain would cease. I prayed and even did a dance to help encourage the sun to come out and dry the rain and the eyes of the good people losing their homes. The first signs of trouble came a few hours into the storm when my sump pump motor blew out due to the high volume of water coming in the house. As soon as that went out I knew we would have water in the basement that could cause a problem.

So, I know that when I see my house again it will most likely be in much worse shape than how it is now. The question is, how bad? Will I be able to handle it myself or will I need to hire someone to come in and deal with this water damage restoration? I shudder to think about what the price of such labor and parts could be but I can’t very well live in a swamp for the rest of my life. The odor and fumes alone from the fungus and mildew can actually be very damaging to your respiratory system so whoever I hire to clean my house and remove this water they need to make sure there is not residue left behind. I hope the house is in good shape when I get back.

Why am I always ending up in Urgent Care?

My friends call me the dainty flower, and it really is for good reason. I have no idea what the deal is, but living here in San Tan valley, urgent care seems like its the place that I go back to over and over again. I don’t feel like I got hurt this much when I wasn’t living here in this state, but maybe I just have selective memory.  But for some reason, I am just always getting hurt doing things that other people don’t get hurt doing.  I was snowboarding, and I broke my wrist, then a few years later I broke my other wrist. I’ve also twisted my knee, and sprained both of my ankles while snowboarding, and there are just so many other injuries I have had. I was hiking a fourteener this year and I slipped on the way down and twisted my ankle again.  I just seem to be made for the urgent care center, even though I am normally pretty healthy all around.  I mean, I guess I really could be stronger and I could work out so much more than I do if it would keep me out of the urgent care center with any of these broken bones or twists and sprains.  But man its getting annoying to keep having to go there, to the San Tan valley urgent care center, when I know that I am going to come out with a cast or with a doctors note keeping me from working, or something else horrible like that.

san tan valley urgent care

Is a steel building right for your project?

Pre-constructed steel buildings are quite common for single standing facilities such as churches, work spaces or living accommodations.  They are constructed using steel for internal support as well for the exterior shell, with other materials making up the rest of the facility for things like the floors or walls.

Many companies on a budget choose to go with General Steel buildings for a variety of reasons including the affordable price and the fact that steel prices don’t fluctuate much so you know the value of your building wont teeter or plummet.. Since steel is a natural product it more eco friendly to construct a building out of it compared to other synthetic materials. In addition to being a green material, General Steel buildings are also energy efficient, saving your company or organization money during the harsh months. With a steel building you can be sure to get your values worth for years to come. Steel doesn’t warp so once set up you can rest assured that it will be there ready to go for years to come with little or no maintenance.

General Steel

The only downsides of going with a steel building are that you have to be careful about conducting heat with the steel studs which conduct 10 times more heat than the comparable stud used for wood. The second consideration is that if the building isn’t constructed correctly, it can lead to corrosion or both the steel parts of the building as well as any iron used alongside the steel.


I wish invisalign was an option when I got braces

bracesThere are many things in life to smile about. If you really think about all the blessings in your life and how much it actually means to be experiencing those blessings, than you should definitely be smiling. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to smile despite getting to experience the beauty of existing. Perhaps you are not confident about your teeth due to them being crooked and having gaps. It’s no surprise that this could prevent one from wanting to smile and show their teeth, I’ve personally experienced this myself. When I was 13 I had to get braces to correct the alignment of my teeth. I was already self-conscious of how my teeth looked, but once I got the metal bands attached to my mouth it was even worse. I didn’t want to smile because I thought I looked like a dumb little kid. Despite how much I disliked having braces, I have to say that it was completely worth the trials and tribulations I was experiencing when they were still on. As soon as I saw my teeth without braces on them and they were straight and I beautiful, I smiled as big as I ever have.

Kids these days have it easy now with the invention of invisalign; an orthodontic device that performs the same function as braces, but with a transparent mouth piece instead of metal brackets. With invisalign, no one will be able to tell that you have braces unless they see you actually putting in or taking out the device.

Many People do not Know a Lot About Pipe Fabrication or Industrial Construction, in General.

pipe fabricationMany people do not know a lot about pipe fabrication or industrial construction, in general.  Pipe fabrication is the means by which large piping systems are assembled.  This is a relatively broad term, and it can include anything from setting up a sprinkler system to setting up a system of oil pipes.  Pipe fabrication is not easy, since the pipes involve are often very large and made of extremely durable alloys.  This means that incredibly high temperatures must be reached to weld the pipes together, making pipe fabrication a fairly dangerous occupation.  A person who performs pipe fabrication is known as a pipe fabricator.  Pipe fabricators have to be very adept at welding large metal pipes together.  It  requires extreme focus.  Even a slight error can result in serious injury.  Pipe bending fabrication is another element of pipe fabrication.  Pipes are manufactured as straight tubes, so they must be bent into the proper shape to be used in construction.  Pipe fabrication is part of an industry known as industrial construction.  This includes a lot of different types of construction that involves industrial facilities.  Industrial construction is almost always related to repairing, constructing, or maintaining industrial facilities.  Most practices that are a part of industrial construction involve heavy machinery and metal.  This, of course, means that it is a fairly dangerous industry to work in.  Industrial construction companies should pay their workers well, since they a lot is expected of them.  If they make even a minor error they could seriously injure themselves or other people.

My son is comfortable with our family dentist

family dentist

I knew that my son was comfortable with our family dentist when I saw him smile big after his last dental cleaning. It was a routine exam so there wasn’t anything painful or major that he had to deal with, but even so he usually HATES the dentist and does everything in his power to resist going. I’m used to the whole routine by now; tears, crying, screaming and yelling and literally kicking and screaming to try and get away from the waiting room. This new dentist office, Willow Creek, just seems to take a different approach to how they deal with patients and how they keep the atmosphere friendly for families and kids of all ages. If you have ever been to a dentist with your kid and had them react the way my Bobby did, perhaps you should consider taking them to Willow Creek Dental as well. I tell you, it was the best move me and my husband could have ever made. Besides the fact that Bobby and the rest of my kids truly enjoy the experience of going to the dentist these days, you also can’t be the prices and different packages they offer. You can buy a bundle of cleanings or a bundle of services that will reduce the overall price of things. They also have some pretty amazing cosmetic dentists on staff to help you and your family for when the little ones aren’t so little anymore. Believe me that day is approaching much more quickly than you can imagine.

Adding brick to our steel building

So after we got the new steel building up, we waited awhile to see how we would start to feel about the look and feel of the new place.  We got some nice landscaping done around the front door and the parking lot, and the office really started to feel comfortable and like we had been there forever. But the look of the building from the outside just never really seemed to impress any of us and really we felt like we were going to work in a warehouse.  Of course, there is a lot you can do with steel buildings, and we knew that we didn’t have to just leave it like that if we didn’t like it. And work wasn’t supposed to feel like a warehouse environment anyway.  So we decided to add some brick to the outside of the space, and put in an awning over the front door that would protect the door from the sun and the rain, and provide a place to stand outside out of the elements.  We hired another contractor who did the work over the weekend, and we think initially that it looks much better already than it did last week.  The brick took away that warehouse feel that the steel building had before, and it made it seem more like an office building than a warehouse.  So people are feeling more at home here now than they were just after the move to the new steel building, and we think it really was the right way to go for all of us.

steel building