Pet Owners Know: Carpet Cleaning is Crucial

carpet cleaning As the owner of two dogs and three cats, I can tell you that having pets makes your house become dirtier at a quicker rate. Unless you bathe your pets as often as you bathe yourself, they are probably going to smell a bit and leave that stink everywhere they sit. I need to get my sofa’s upholstery cleaned just about every two months because of dog smells alone. And if the cats decide to “mark their territory” in the corner of a room, I have to spend the next half hour blotting up a mess and eradicating odor as best as I can. Add this on top of the fact that I vacuum and sweep twice a week and I can tell you, pet ownership is a constant cleaning challenge. So it should not be surprising to other pet owners when I say that I have a carpet cleaning service on speed dial.

To me, the best measure to determine if it’s time to call in the carpet cleaner is to lay down on the carpet, face down, and if you become disgusted or nauseated by the smell, it’s time to call them. I have had this done for years and it’s very interesting to watch how innovations in carpet cleaning has changed over the years. Some carpet cleaners today are very environmentally conscious and aware of the fact that their clients are too. With all the “natural” cleaning products available on the market today, it should be clear to anybody providing a cleaning service that today’s consumers are very concerned with what chemicals are being used in their houses, so I am always delighted by new, green measures taken by these professionals. The cleaner I choose (who also does upholstery and furniture cleaning in Riverside, I should add) is very conservation minded. They use minimal water to clean my carpets, and in place of cleaning chemicals they use carbonation that brings dirt to the surface of the carpet, making it easier to clean and remove.

On top of all the green, environmental measures taken, the convenience of the service has been dramatically improved. It used to be that I would have to schedule an entire two days around carpet cleaning. I would have to find a way to keep the pets outdoors or boarded all day while they worked, and then when they were done I would have to keep all animals and people away from the floor while it dried. This drying could take all day! Sometimes I would wake up the day after the appointment with the floor still quite damp! Not a problem today. The carbonation cleaning service I mentioned typically only takes a few hours to dry. This has been an incredible improvement over the old process, making me feel a whole lot better about owning pets. If I am going to need a service like carpet cleaning as often as I do with these animals, I am a lot happier if the process is quick and easy.