Choosing Proper Lighting for a Food Facility

Choosing the right lighting for a food facility is a very important task. Just imagine if there was no light at all, then the facility would probably have to be shut down, and what if the lights are too bright, then nobody would probably even bother working in a place where their eyes are being barbecued. Not all light sources are made to be equal, and right now, there are two popular options to choose from when using a light source. This would be LED bulbs and fluorescent lights. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages and both can have their use maximized in certain areas. This means that parts of the facility can have LEDs and parts can have fluorescent lights. Let’s take a more detailed look at it



First let us talk about LED lights. Now LED efficient lighting are said to be more ideal for warehouses and processing areas. Before when LEDs were first introduced, no one really like them because they were pricey compared to fluorescent lights. But right now, companies are starting to see the energy efficiency of LED lights and used that to their advantage.

LEDs are considered great for uses in warehouses because they can be dimmed through manual controls or automatically. If installed with motion sensors, the LED can adjust its brightness if there is heavy machinery currently passing by to avoid glare on the driver which can be very dangerous in the warehouse. Depending on what is required, the LED lights can either brighten up or become dimmer.

Along with being very energy efficient, LEDs also have other advantages. LEDs have a longer lifespan compared to other lights. A single bulb can last around 10 years before you would need to change it whereas fluorescent bulbs needed changing annually. Because of this, you can install LEDs in places hard to reach without having to worry about changing it often. Because it has a longer lifespan, LEDs don’t need much maintenance as well which means the place can continue to go on without needing maintenance for the industrial lighting. LEDs can also perform well in cool places unlike its fluorescent counterpart which can malfunction in cooler places.

Now let us go to fluorescent lights. It is considered best to use fluorescent lighting in area where employees usually stay and in packaging areas as well. This type of lighting would be preferable in areas of the facility that are less profitable where there is no processing or production involved. It is also good to use this lighting in areas of the facility where the product produced is not that exposed like the packaging area as mentioned before. But one must also consider that since fluorescent lights don’t last that long, maintenance will be more frequent compared to LEDs and sometimes this may even interfere with work in the area.

Both lighting options are great provided that they are used in the proper areas, LEDs which last longer and don’t consume much energy will be preferable for areas that use lighting often.

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