Consider the Water Heater When House Hunting

House hunting is such a challenge these days. The internet made the process of searching easier instead of pounding the pavement to see so many places. Yet, even when we get to sort through options of places for rent or for sale that are posted in sites like Craigslist, we still miss the fine print sometimes.

I personally like to challenge myself when it comes to the place where we are going to live. I love old places because I think there is an old charm in these places that is rare and hard to match. I love the details and the lived in feeling, and the charm of another time gone by. Old places however have ancient plumbing systems most of the time and it can be a recurring problem.  Old neighborhoods would likely have old irrigation systems as well. So a discerning eye is essential if we’re going to find the perfect place for us. I can deal with old cupboards, windows that won’t shut, even floors that creak, but I draw the line at a problematic plumbing because there are just comforts that are non-negotiable.

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We’re moving to a bigger city where a good job opportunity brought us. The husband is excited over the job, I’m in between excitement and dread when it comes to the place that is to be our home in the next three to five years. But find we did the perfect place. It is old but not run down, and it has a sturdy tankless water heater that is in mint condition. The owners made sure that the water heating system is good and relatively new even if the rest of the house has seen better days. It turns out that the previous occupants were the owners themselves but since the children have their own families now, and the parents retired to an assisted home only a couple of months ago, which makes us the first tenants to rent the place.

The place has 4 bedrooms plus a storage room, which is perfect when we have friends visiting. The walls are old, and some boards need repainting, but other than those, there’s nothing that a few touches of accessories and furniture pieces cannot solve. The walls outside are brick red, real bricks, not the tiled type used in new structures now and there is a pocket garden at the back, with a small wooden deck that’s big enough for lounging chairs and a small breakfast table. It’s like we’ll have a taste of the countryside in that tiny garden at the back. The weeds have overtaken the grass a bit, but the flower beds are filled with flowering plants that just need pruning.

I can’t believe that we got the place, which is not cheap by the way, but still we’re lucky to get it. Many have looked at the place but the owners wanted to find tenants who will truly love and take care of their old family home. The only problem I can think of is how to let go of this place when it’s time to move to another place. This place is a keeper.

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