Craft beer halls are making a comeback

If you are an adult over the age of twenty one and consume alcohol regularly like a lot of people, you most likely have a beer every now and again. Whether it be at the end of a long work day, during a sultry summer day at lunch or out with your people letting loose on the weekend, a beer can be exactly what you are looking for. So what type of beer do you craft beergo for in these situations? Do you run into your local liquor store and grab a twelve pack of some big named distributor who brews and bottles the beer on the other side of the country and by the time you get to consume the beverage, it has already been a month or more since its production? Do you go for the best bargain and forget about taste? Or do you pay the extra dollar or two and invest in something you will truly enjoy drinking? This last option is the one that is recommended by this article. If you’re going to have a drink, you should treat it as a reward and get yourself something nice that will make you happy. Below are the top three reasons why you should always choose craft beer instead of domestic mass produced drinks.

The number one reason this article suggests that you and your friends would benefit from going to a Craft Beer Hall rather than some dive bar or sourcing your beers from a big name producer, is taste. The beer you get at a Craft Beer & Eatery is far superior in taste than anything you can consume at any local dive bar. The full bodied flavor and color of drink from a Craft Beer Hall is noticeably different and you can not find the taste in mass produced bottles.

The second reason that this article suggests a Craft Beer & Eatery over other options is the idea of purchasing from local distributors. For the most part, large producers that have been around for a while brew beer in bulk in their home state then ship this mediocre drink all over the country. Not only does that mean that the beer you are drinking is not super fresh, but the carbon emissions from transportation and environmental footprint of these beverages is far greater than some drink you bought at a Craft Beer Hall where you know it was brewed. In short, local is always better.

Finally, the third reason for supporting local Craft Beer & Eatery establishments is very similar to that of number two, but it is about community. Of course when you shop and buy local it is helping your local community, but what’s more is that the physical presence of you sitting down at your local Craft Beer Hall helps to build community in your neighborhood. You are likely to see local people, friends and neighbors and all of this collectively helps to build a stronger and more vibrant community.

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