Custom blinds will change your life.

Let me start out by saying that the title of the article is probably a bit misleading, but it does emphasize the impact of having the right blinds for your house and that is the goal of what I am trying to talk about.  The big thing for me is to have a house that is continuous in how it represents a theme.  For me, I am trying to have a modern theme in my house and I am trying to do so through the development of different factors in a piece by piece strategy. So far, it is working out really well, but that is not to say that I can’t improve upon what I have already done.  Nevertheless, the reason why I am writing is because friends have asked me many times about my place and everything that is going on there.

hunter douglas blindsLet me emphasize that there is a lot going on in the home and that has a lot to do with the fact that the place is newer to me and so I am having to make a lot of the decisions about the furniture and the amenities right now. One of the first decisions that I made about the place was concerning the blinds.  When I moved in, the blinds were the old plastic ones that you have seen everywhere before.  I was not a fan of them because they were dusty, broken, and were a pale yellow color.  To change this, I got some custom shades created to fit the wood molding in my home.  It truly looked amazing and I do not think that I would change how it appears in my home in the future.

This is something that most people can do.  I chose to have a blind that reflected the wood molding and the wood floors in the space without distracting from their natural beauty.  I also wanted to make sure that ample light still came through.  The best way for me to do this was through the development of a strategy around the blinds.  I have to say that this is something that I would want to do again.  I found that it was a lot of fun to be able to focus on that sort of improvement in my home.  The other thing that I thought about doing was to develop a theme in each room.  This is decided against, but that is something that you can do through different custom shades. By simply using different patterns and materials or by choosing to go with some custom shutters instead, you could make each room its own adventure.  That would be a great idea for something that is looking to get that kind of change in their lives.  I would be thoroughly behind a decision around making your home reflect your personality and doing so through different blinds is great idea. I would like to see how that would work in a smaller space because I don’t think I can do it.