Cut down your heating costs with replacement doors and windows

The time has finally come that you need to get some replacements in your home.  We tend to put these things off for as long as possible because they are big purchases and might be decently expensive.  Maybe your tax return was good this year and you are finally able to invest in some long terms things in your life.  New windows, doors, or siding for your home is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Replacement windows are one of those most common aspects of a home that can make a big difference.  For decades, windows will function but might progressively get more difficult to operate.  Older windows might stick, let out all of the inside heat, or might not even open like they should.  That can cause frustration for sure, but can also be dangerous in the case of an emergency where exits need to be available.  You can call 1st Choice Windows and Siding to get an accurate estimate on what a full window replacement would cost.  Their free consultations are very informative and will give you a good idea of what is possible and what everything might cost.  The technicians are extremely knowledgeable and will guide you through the process based on your budget, not theirs.  You will quickly realize that you might save hundreds on heating and cooling costs alone after a full window replacement, which makes the cost pay for itself sooner rather than later.  Getting those drafty and sticky windows out will feel great and you will notice the new look every time you walk by.

A free consultation with 1st Choice Windows & Siding will also include a look at your doors and siding if desired.  The front door is the first impression of the home – are you siding installationsending a welcoming message?  Doors are also something that you put up with for a long time because you might think a replacement isn’t worth it.  They can also let a great deal of heat out through the cracks when not properly aligned.  Older doors just lose that ability to stay lined up over time and there isn’t any clear remedy other than replacement.  Older wooden doors can become damaged if the paint wasn’t kept up on them, and that is another common reason for needed a replacement front door.  You will have fun with all of the styles and options to choose from.  Being able to give a voice to your home is a great feeling, and the choice of your front door is the most important piece of that.

The new look and feel of some replacement windows, doors, and siding might make you think you moved into a new house.  The drafts will be gone and the old bubbled and droopy siding will be strong and appealing.  Don’t always assume that replacements will cost you more than you have and they won’t be worth it.  Financing is usually an option as well.  But the initial consultation will give you an estimate so that you can make an informed decision.

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