The cannabis industry has become the fastest growing new industry of the last fifty years, in this country and abroad. Recreational marijuana use is up by nearly forty percent, compared with five years ago, and the medical cannabis industry alone has generated sales which will top the billion dollar mark this coming year. As the cannabis industry starts to make itself known as a huge source of taxable income in this country, the research behind the ways which cannabis can be used is on the rise. Companies all across the country are putting millions of dollars into developing new and better ways for cannabis to be used, and in the following article we will highlight a few of the exciting new things being done with cannabis today.

One of the country´s largest cannabis dispensaries, www.oc3dispensary.com has just revolutionized the way cannabis is sold, as many of their cannabis products can now be purchased over the web and shipped directly to the purchaser´s home. One of the biggest issues which marijuana users who live in rural areas face is the difficulty it is for them to get to a marijuana shop. The majority of the country doesn’t enjoy the massive cannabis culture which we do here in our state, and there are millions of Americans that are forced to drive for hours in order to buy their cannabis products. All that has changed, as dispensaries around the country have started offering delivery services to their customers, bringing them the cannabis products they seek, right to their front doors. The ability to buy cannabis over the web is especially good news for older or sick cannabis users who would otherwise have a hard time getting to where their cannabis is sold. Some people in the cannabis industry worry that the popularity of purchasing cannabis products online might become so great that the majority of physical shops will eventually have to close down.

It isn’t just how cannabis is being sold which is exciting either; it is how cannabis products are being designed today. Cannabis concentrates are being used in a wide range of different ways which have made cannabis users very happy. Smoking cannabis is quickly becoming less popular as the medical industry expands its efforts to educate the public about the dangers of smoking cannabis. New cannabis consumption methods are also contributing to the decline in the number of people who smoke their marijuana. Cannabis edibles are the hottest new thing on the market right now, as they come in a whole range of different products. There are cannabis candies, cannabis cookies, cannabis butter and even cannabis gum. Consuming cannabis through edible delivery systems is not only a healthier option than smoking it, almost all cannabis users agree that the high they get from eating their cannabis products is a better high. As new and better ways of getting THC into edibles continue to emerge, the number of people smoking marijuana will continue to decline, and edible cannabis will become the new norm.

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