Getting an updated look on my eyes with blepharoplasty

I had never before heard of blepharoplasty, but it essentially is just a way to raise up your eyes a bit, make them appear less hooded by the eye lid, and just make them appear wider and brighter, with less wrinkles around them. I don’t necessarily mind my crows feet, I think that it shows that I love to laugh and am not a generally unhappy person. But it was the hooded eye lids that I really wanted to fix, and my eyes were just so small, that people always thought that I was tired, even when I was fully awake and alert. So when I learned about blepharoplasty, I decided that it may be the perfect solution for me. It wasn’t a facelift or any kind of major cosmetic surgery, but it would help with my face and my look, and it would make me appear to others to be more involved and interested in what they were saying to me, which could really help me in the workforce and be a great asset for my career. So I decided to go for it and get the procedure done. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I was a little worried that the changes would be sever and very noticeable. But that did not happen, it was just slight enough that people commented but weren’t sure what was different. I think that for sure the blepharoplasty was the right decision for me and for my face, and I’m really so happy with my updated look and my wider and brighter eyes.