Here are the top five types of retail custom packaging

When it comes to retail custom packaging, then there are many options that you can choose from. There are a variety of packaging options that range from anything from clear packaging options to printed cartons to a mixture of both. You will want to be sure to find the perfect packaging options for each of your products as you will want to be sure that you are properly marketing your products on the shelf. If a consumer is undecided, then the packaging of your product will make a big different as to whether or not they will choose to purchase your products. packaging design

There are many types of retail custom packaging. Listed here are the top five types of custom retail packaging that you can find for your next retail packaging job:

  1. Clamshells. One type of custom packaging that you can find is a clamshell. Clamshells are are clear and plastic. They offer great visibility and will also protect your product at the same time. You can customize your clamshells via size and type of clamshell that you use. You can choose custom clamshells, semi custom clamshells, and stock clamshells.
  2. Clear packaging. There are also many different types of clear packaging options to choose from as well. You can find plastic cartons, which are a great option for presenting your product. You can choose clear plastic canisters, which offer the ability to view your product from every single angle. You can purchase custom plastic trays, which will provide great visibility for your product while also securing it safely in place so that it won’t be damaged. Other types of clear packaging include side blisters and skinboard.
  3. Printed cartons. You can find many different types of printed cartons including small folding cartons, litho laminate cartons and set up boxes.
  4. Printed cards. You can also find printed cards in the form of trapped blister packaging with printed inserts and other types of printed cards.
  5. POP displays. These are great for in store marketing and purchases. When you have the right POP display, then you can convince those undecided consumers to get your product via your display and marketing. You can find anything from counter displays to floor displays and more. There are many different options that come with POP displays.

As you can see, there are many options that come along with packaging design and custom packaging options. You will want to determine the right types of packaging for your needs that will help you market your product on the shelves so that you can increase your sales. There are many different packaging options to choose from and you may want to work with a designer to help you find the right types of packaging for your products.

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