How to buy a seamless gutter machine

There are numerous factors that go into not only deciding to purchase a seamless gutter machine, but also determining which one to buy and what additions are necessary to improve your business and keep it on the cutting edge. However, most contractors find it necessary so that they can stay ahead of the competition.

One of the biggest factors that comes into play when a company is looking at gutter machines is the climate wherein they live and work. Due to the amount of rain each region receives, different types of gutters are popular in different regions and therefore, different machines are needed to make them. For example, if you live and work in the North, then chances are you install more six-inch gutters than any other kind. While if you live in the South, Southeast, and Midwest a 5-inch K-style gutter is the most common.

The size of your business, along with the growth expectation for your company is also important when deciding to purchase a gutter machine. This is because if you have a large company or are continually expanding, you can save money by purchasing a machine that can cut both five and six-inch gutters. This not only saves you from having to buy two machines, it also saves you from having to send out multiple trucks to the same locale. You can have one truck carry both sizes after they are cut from the same machine. Switching over is often easy and only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Moreover, the particular type of machine that you purchase will also dictate the additions that you can buy and pass on to your customers. This includes the types of materials used to make the gutters, the colors they can be made in, and the gutter art, or embossment that makes the seamless gutters more personal and unique. Not every machine comes with every feature and it is best to ask what yours includes.

Be sure to enquire as to whether or not there is a warranty, as well if there is a service contract available. Also, find out who will be responsible for fixing it, the company you are buying the machine from or do they contract the work out. This is important because you want to ensure that your service technician is properly trained and knowledgeable. This is true whether you are purchasing a brand new machine or buying a used one that is back on the market.

Bear in mind that if you choose to purchase a used gutter machine, you should ask for a copy of the maintenance records so that you know exactly what you are buying. If you do not know where it has been or the type of abuse it has encountered, you will be unable to determine how long it will last you and if you are getting a good deal. There are no carfax type information sources for business machinery and you want to take special caution especially if there is no warranty.

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