How to choose a lasik eye center

The decision to have lasik eye surgery will improve your vision and your overall quality of life. However, before you do so, you have to select the right surgeon for the job. Do not be tempted to only look at the bottom line. While bargain shopping may be good for shoes and clothes, your eye care is priceless. Additionally, do not settle for the first place you look at. Remember that the decisions you make about your eyes will affect you for the rest of your life.

Start by researching names you hear through both advertisements and referrals from others who have had lasik surgery. Be sure to check their qualifications, skills, and reputation. This includes whether or not they are both licensed and board certified. You can either ask directly or check a surgeon’s credentials through the National Practitioner Data Bank. Additionally, it is good to know if your surgeon is certified beyond having a basic license to practice medicine as this means that he or she is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties and is certified to practice his or her specialty.

After you believe that you have found a surgeon, make an appointment for a consultation. Be sure to enquire as to how many procedures he or she has performed, his or her complication rate as it compares to the national average, and whether the procedure will take place at the lasik eye center or elsewhere. It is also a good idea to ask about outcome statistics and what is done if a complication occurs. Additionally, ask if you will be charged if an enhancement is needed.

You should also enquire as to what type of equipment the surgeon uses and how long the results are guaranteed for. Moreover, since your regular eye doctor usually does not perform this procedure, you also need to be sure that he or she will work with your current eye doctor, both before and after surgery, in order to ensure your continued satisfaction. Additionally, it is important for you to read the patient handbook that is provided to your doctor by the manufacturer of the device used to perform the procedure.

Bear in mind that it is best and much more convenient to find someone that practices close to your home especially if you have a rare complication that requires ongoing attention, as it will be much easier for you if you can avoid traveling long distances for appointments as well as routine follow-up care.

However, as with any relationship you have with someone in the medical profession, it has to be one of trust as you have to feel that you trust the person and that they are personally interested in you. Therefore, you should be concerned if you think you lack rapport with your eye surgeon as even though you may not have to see that person too often, if there is an issue, you are going to require more attention and you want to know that you have someone who is personally connected to you and is working hard to address your concerns.

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