How to choose window shades

You thought you it would be easy to choose window shades as your window covering.  You figured that they only came in vinyl and use a spring to go up or down.  Oh, how wrong you were!  When you entered the store, you were quickly overwhelmed by the choices you were shown when you asked for window shades.

While the old fashioned standard vinyl window shade is still an option, there are so many other options to choose from, that you wonder why anyone would bother with it. These choices make it so that you do not have to count out the window shade when deciding on you homes decor.


The most basic change is to have the blinds made out of a different material.  You can choose one that has a nice design or is an interesting color that would really make a statement.  Also, using different materials changes how dark the shade makes the room.


Another type of window covering is the roman shade.  Roman window shades give a room flair.  They are not spring loaded and do not rest on a dowel.  These shades gather into accordion-like pleats as it is raised in order to provide the room with a stylish, well-made look. One of the best things about these shades is that they can be made from virtually any fabric that would be appropriate for draperies.  In addition, roman shades are lighter than drapes and usually more budget-friendly.


Roman shades come in a variety of styles.  One of the most popular styles is the balloon shade.  When the shade is lifted, the bottom puffs out.  This style can be modified to look scalloped at the bottom when the shade is opened.  Be sure to enquire as to whether the roman shades you select are movable or not as some shades of this style are made to be stationary.  While this makes them pretty, it does not allow for privacy or for controlling the amount of light that gets into the room.


Cellular shades are another popular choice.  Cellular shades are window shades that are honeycomb shaped.  These shades allow light in while allowing you to maintain your privacy.  In addition, cellular shades can also help lower energy bills and are opened from the top instead of the bottom the way traditional shades are opened.


Another great thing about shades is that they can accompany other window treatments, especially drapes.  This helps to increase privacy and also make a décor statement.  This is true regardless of the color, style or material you have your custom shades made from.


Finally, the newest option on the market is the smart shade.  They can be opened with the touch of a button on a remote control or remotely from anywhere through an app on your phone.  This allows you to make it look like you are home when you are away and reduce break-ins.  This also makes it easier to wake anyone who sleeps through their alarm clock and close the shades on windows you cannot reach easily.

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