I need the number for a water damage restoration company

water damage

This will be the last post I can send out before my street is evacuated due to the flooding in the area. Each hour I’ve been watching the rains come down and I kept hoping that the skies would lighten and the rain would cease. I prayed and even did a dance to help encourage the sun to come out and dry the rain and the eyes of the good people losing their homes. The first signs of trouble came a few hours into the storm when my sump pump motor blew out due to the high volume of water coming in the house. As soon as that went out I knew we would haveĀ water in the basement that could cause a problem.

So, I know that when I see my house again it will most likely be in much worse shape than how it is now. The question is, how bad? Will I be able to handle it myself or will I need to hire someone to come in and deal with thisĀ water damage restoration? I shudder to think about what the price of such labor and parts could be but I can’t very well live in a swamp for the rest of my life. The odor and fumes alone from the fungus and mildew can actually be very damaging to your respiratory system so whoever I hire to clean my house and remove this water they need to make sure there is not residue left behind. I hope the house is in good shape when I get back.