I was able to nail the interview because of the online training course

interview training

Just a few years ago I would have considered “nailing” an interview to mean that I did well and I should be expecting a call back from the employer with good news. These days now that I am the one conducting the interview, when I say I “nailed it”, I mean that I was able to conduct the interview with no hiccups and in a professional and confident way. Oh the difference a few yeas can make in your professional development.

My story probably goes much the same way that many people’s does in my position. You get hired on at a company and work your way up and before you know it, they value your opinion enough that you are making hiring calls. If this sounds overwhelming to you I have a piece of advice: Should you ever get to that point with your company you should be in contact with Select International and ask about theirĀ online interview training. This course is taken online at your home or office and over the span of just a few hours you can greatly improve your ability and techniques used during an interview. You’ll focus on everything from how to dress, how to sit, posture, solid confident hand shakes, what questions to ask and how to avoid stalling out during the question asking process. Before you know it you will sound and act like a pro during job interviews.

You might also want to screen the applicants beforehand by using Select International’sĀ employee assessment tests. These are personality tests that can ensure you know the true nature of each applicant.