I’m almost done with my interview training

interview training

Last month my boss came into my office and asked me if I would be interested in sitting in on a few interviews next quarter to see how things are done around here. Of course I say yes enthusiastically and now I am doing my best to prepare for that day. I  know that I won’t be the one conducting an interview but I am assuming my boss doesn’t just want me to be there so the chairs won’t fly away. He may be expecting my input in some way or another and that can be anything from asking meaningful questions to reviewing the resume itself. I have decided to prepare my contacting Select International and utilizing their online interview training tools. These tools are so cool and unique I wish I had learned about them earlier so I could have sat in on interviews long ago. I am nearly finished with them now and I can say they have already helped to boost my confidence and keep me in the right frame of mind. I think my boss will be impressed at how confident and prepared I am to conduct an interview with the applicants.

Maybe I should tell the bosses about Select International and their resources they offer to clients. I believe we could make great use of their employee assessment tests to help us narrow down the field a little and to get more qualified applicants coming in for interviews. Maybe next time I am in a meeting with them I can bring it up to see if we can get the whole company using Select International.