Improving worker safety with technology

Cartasite, a company which works with GPS tracking to improve performance and safety in the oil and gas industry, developed one of the first integrated Geographic Information Systems called GeoGraphix. GeoGraphix provides remote equipment monitoring so companies can be up to date, minute-by-minute on their productivity and operations across a number of programs, platforms and technologies. A few of the available programs also have emergency features, which let workers send a help signal along with GPS tracking coordinates to both the company as well as a Global Emergency Operations Systems that is continuously running, no matter where they are. This can be particularly helpful for companies who have rigs or equipment that is in an area not covered under normal cell phone service. GPS trackingCartasite also developed a number of GPS tracking devices specifically made for the oil and gas industry, particularly for haulers as they move products around the globe. Technologies such as inREACH, ROVR and globalTAG all have easy to use GPS features to update the company on any number of possible issues, both technological and man created. For example, if a worker is speeding or exhibiting any other unsafe driving practice, the installed systems will use GPS tracking and a complex data system to organize and present all and any information to the employer on exactly what the employee was doing, where and when. Information over particular workers, particular times or locations can all be peeled apart and looked at so your company can figure out exactly where any problems are and the best way to go about fixing them.