Improving Your Store Bought Window Treatments

The window treatments that you buy that are ready-made in the store aren’t always aesthetically attractive especially if you compared it to window treatments that have been custom made to the right dimensions with beautiful bright colors and designs. Some of us don’t have the budget to have window treatments custom made and have to settle for store bought window treatments that can look boring but there is a way for you to work with store bought window treatments be it shades, shutters, blinds or drapes to make it look great and add your own creative style to it in such a way that you can create something unique.

Now the most common problem that people have with store bought window treatments is not really their design and color, but their measurement and size. You might be able to find something that you find attractive and can look good in your interior but when you install it, the size is off which affects the entire look making it look bad. So what you can do to remedy this is to alter the size of the window treatments you bought or even make some changes in the installation.


grey drapes

Altering the size would work best with drapes since it is one big piece of cloth that you can just cut off. Now people have different styles, there are some who like drapes to pool at the floor while there are those who like it to break just before the floor. If you are the latter and your drapes are too long, then you may consider doing some size adjustments. You might want to have a sewing machine available so that you can sew up any cuts and make it look clean.

If you don’t want to do any cutting work with your window treatments, I suggest you install it differently. Now people usually install the window treatments but setting the bar just above the frame of the window. If your window treatments are too long, I would suggest installing the window bar a little higher above the frame of your window. This will bring up the window treatments so that they won’t be touching the floor or covering more than the just the window below without you having to cut any part of or alter its size.

Now let’s take a look at the design of the window treatments. Many people aren’t really impressed with the designs that store bought window treatments are sold in although some find colors that can work with their interior. If you are willing to exert some effort, you can put in your creative style into your window treatments. Just look for some white window treatments preferably drapes since they are easy to work with in designing or any color window treatments that you want to work with as a base.

You can even install it beforehand so that it can be presented to you upright. All that you need to do know is let your creativity come forth using some paint that works with your chosen window treatment and come up with designs that you would like on it.

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