Is a steel building right for your project?

Pre-constructed steel buildings are quite common for single standing facilities such as churches, work spaces or living accommodations.  They are constructed using steel for internal support as well for the exterior shell, with other materials making up the rest of the facility for things like the floors or walls.

Many companies on a budget choose to go with General Steel buildings for a variety of reasons including the affordable price and the fact that steel prices don’t fluctuate much so you know the value of your building wont teeter or plummet.. Since steel is a natural product it more eco friendly to construct a building out of it compared to other synthetic materials. In addition to being a green material, General Steel buildings are also energy efficient, saving your company or organization money during the harsh months. With a steel building you can be sure to get your values worth for years to come. Steel doesn’t warp so once set up you can rest assured that it will be there ready to go for years to come with little or no maintenance.

General Steel

The only downsides of going with a steel building are that you have to be careful about conducting heat with the steel studs which conduct 10 times more heat than the comparable stud used for wood. The second consideration is that if the building isn’t constructed correctly, it can lead to corrosion or both the steel parts of the building as well as any iron used alongside the steel.