Is an Australian cobberdog right for my family?

Many of us were only first introduced to a “labradoodle” recently.  The word sounds made cobberdog puppies for saleup and comical in some ways, and that’s because it really is a made up word.  Labradoodles are a breed of dog that is a mixture of a Labrador and a poodle.  They have been specifically bred over the years to be a family favorite with their sweet attitudes, herding needs, and their hypoallergenic coat and saliva.  There are some traits of the labradoodle, however, that were not as desirable to breeders and families over the years.  One such trait is that they are never 100% guaranteed to not shed.  These days no one wants to pick all of hair up from their dog.  Additionally, some labradoodles are not as calm as desired, or may have a lower intelligence.  No dog is perfect, but the breeders of Australian Cobberdogs tend to think so.  They are direct descendants of the labradoodle and were bred to “top off” the progress of the labradoodle.  Cobberdogs are considered by some breeders to be the final and perfected product of their decades of work with labradoodles.

Cobberdogs are obviously very similar to labradoodles, but they also have some other inherited traits and genetic factors that stick to just this breed.  For one, they are guaranteed to be non-shedding dogs with wavy fleece coats.  These coats will need some grooming from time to time, though.  They grow to be about the same size and shape as labradoodles with the same medium-long snout and long shaggy tail.  They are extremely sociable and loving and want nothing more than to be around their family.  Both cobberdogs and labradoodle puppies are easy to train and enjoy daily mental and physical challenges.  These dogs definitely would appreciate a daily walk or at least a few throws of the ball in the back yard.  They also love to fulfill duties and tasks, so they are great service dog trainees.  Some of the most trained dogs have been known to help with laundry or other daily chores for an owner that has a mental or physical disability.  Australian cobberdogs are extremely intuitive so they also service humans with medical conditions like epilepsy.  Cobberdogs have been known to alert their owners when a seizure is about to come on so that they can get into a safe position or call someone.

The complete true origins of the cobberdog are only known in full detail by the original breeders.  Most current breeders stick to their specifications, however, to ensure that all of the desirable traits of the Australian cobberdog are maintained.  They test well genetically and usually have great health, so the breeders would like to keep it that way.  To see some cobberdogs for yourself, you can visit Highlands Australian Cobberdogs to witness the cuteness overload first hand.  They always have puppies available and would be happy to send one to another happy home.  These breeders are highly knowledgeable and just want their puppies and humans to be happy.

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