There is a multi-billion dollar industry that exists in home pest control products. Everything from bug sprays to but bombs, to bug repelling lights. The average home in this country spends around two hundred dollars a year on store bought products which are designed to get rid of home pests. The problems with the store bought bug control products are that they are almost always totally ineffective, or else they do only a very superficial job of controlling a pest problem. Just as with every other industry out there, there is a professional solution which works so much better, and which might end up saving a household a lot of cash. We are talking about professional pest control services in this article, and how they can help rid a home of bug problems in a way which people just can’t do on their own. Below we examine some of the most common pest issues people face, and how professional pest control can best address these issues.

We start with a topic which is sure to make out skin crawl; bed bugs. There are hundreds of products which claim to be able to get rid of bed bugs sold in stores all over the country, but any professional will tell you that without serious bug control experience, bed bugs are almost impossible to get rid of. Some people go so far as to throw out their mattresses when they get bed bugs, but that is far too extreme a step when you consider the fact that a simple service, such as that provided by, can end bed bugs infestation in no time. Professional bug control workers know that the problem of bed bugs isn’t just fought in the bed, the area around the bed must be treated, and special traps must be set in order to ensure that the crawling critters don’t come back a few weeks after a treatment. Professional pest control experts can wipe out a bed bug problem with one visit, so people can get back to seeing their beds as a sanctuary of rest, instead of an itchy nightmare than seem to have no end.

The other major pest problem which is better left to the pros is termite control. Termites are not just a bother, as some pests are, termites can destroy a home in very little time. Termite exterminators should be called the very moment signs of termites appear, as time is always going to be a major factor in how much damage the pests are able to cause. In fact, people that live in areas where termites are common should have a termite expert visit their house on an annual basis just to help make sure that there isn’t a termite issues developing out of sight. Many people discover they have a termite issue only after thousands of dollars of damage have been done to their home. In the case of termites, a little prevention really is worth the time and money. Regular visits from a termite expert help keep your home safe from these often inviable intruders.

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