It is Almost Always Better to get Loose Diamonds.

Diamonds are one of the most fascinating substances on Earth, and there are many reasons why they hold such a special place in human civilization. Diamonds are a rare type of stone, and they are only found deep within the Earth’s crust, due to the intense conditions that are necessary to produce them. Today, diamonds are so valuable that they are an extremely sought after commodity, with many different applications. That being said, jewelry is the first thing that comes to mind for most people, when they think of diamonds. While you can buy a ring or other jewelry piece with a diamond already in it, it is almost always more economical to get loose diamonds. For those in the Denver area, go to The Diamond Reserve, if you need a wide selection of certified loose diamonds.

Though jewelry is the most iconic use of diamonds, they do serve a variety of purposes. Not only that, most of the diamonds that are mined from the ground are not even good enough to be used in real jewelry. Having said that, they also do not go to waste, since there are tons of industrial uses for diamonds as well. The majority of diamonds, which are too small or unattractive to use in jewelry, are cut and polished and used in tools and other pieces of equipment. Saw blades that are used to cut through brick and concrete are one example of tools that need require diamonds. These small, sharp diamonds are attached to the tips of the blades to be able to cut through these incredibly hard substances. This is because diamond is the hardest substance on Earth, which means it can cut through just about anything. Of course diamonds that are large enough and pretty enough are instead cut and polished and sold as loose diamonds. The best of these typically end up as GIA certified diamonds.

The GIA, or gemological institute of America, is the institution that is held in the highest regard, when it comes to the world of gems. They are the primary institution that is in charge of rating and assigning value to gemstones of all sorts, but especially diamonds. The GIA uses the same system to rate diamonds as all the other institutions do, but their grading system is different. Specifically, it is more strict than the other institutions that provide ratings. Because of this a GIA certification is more substantial and noteworthy than any other certification, and you should strive to buy only GIA certified diamonds, if you are concerned about quality. The other big reason why those who are picking out engagement rings are better off buying a loose diamond separately from the ring is the fact that this increases the quality of the diamond. This is because typically when you buy jewelry that already has a stone in it, the stone is not of high quality. On the other hand, custom engagement rings give you the option to get whatever type of stone you want.

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