It pays to have a great DUI attorney on your side

dui attorney

If I hadn’t hired Lazzara legal to represent me last week in my DUI case who knows how bad things could have turned out for me. As I sit here and write this I was one hundred percent innocent of the crimes alleged against me. I claimed that I had not been over the legal limit that fateful night and the police officer who administered the test said that I was. It was his word and breathalyzer result over mine so why was I exonerated from this claim? I’ll tell you my story and why only the best lawyers in Denver could have gotten me out of such a jam.

I am a field technician that services breathalyzer machines for the Denver County police department. I have been doing this job for about ten years now but I’ve only been in Colorado for the past three so I don’t know all the cops on the force (believe me, this could have all been avoided if I did). I was driving home from work one night and I was pulled over by the Cherry Creek Golf Course. The police officer said he “visually estimated” that I was going fifteen over the limit so he pulled me over for that reason. I blew over the legal limit but I know for certain that those breathalyzer units hadn’t been calibrated that month. I know this because that is my district and I hadn’t calibrated them yet. I gave this little tidbit of information to my DUI lawyer and he used it to get me off scott free.