Learning to downsize

I have always liked to collect things, and in the past I have always had a storage unit that I could put everything into if it didn’t fit in my house or my space. But now that we are moving, I’m thinking that I need to start learning how to downsize. I don’t want to get rid of my storage rental, but since we will be farther away from it, I will need to go there less. self storageThat means that I will need to not collect or purchase as many things, because they won’t be easily put into storage. They will have to stay in the house, and the house that we have will be living in from now on will be a bit smaller than the one we are moving out of. That means that we just simply don’t have enough space and room for all the things that I would normally like to store. Not only am I going to need to go through the whole house and pare down everything that I have already that is in my closets and storage areas in my house. But I am also going to have to go through my storage unit and get rid of some things from there as well. We may end up moving the storage unit to a different company that is located closer to the new home. But we may also just leave it as it is, and use it less often. We can leave the stuff in there that we don’t really get into or use that much, and then from there we can get into it only when we really need the stuff that is stored in there.

I know that in the end I really am going to try to get to a place where I don’t need to have a storage unit because I don’t need to be storing that many things. But for now, I know that I will need to keep it for a bit longer, because with a smaller house and trying to get rid of things already as it is, I just can’t get rid of the whole storage unit either. It is a really good thing that I am able to keep it as long as I need it and am not on a time limited contract. Instead, I just pay by the month and use it as much or as little as I need to. Maybe when we are able to transfer to a storage unit that is closer to where we are going to be living, I will be able to get a smaller unit and now have to feel bad about filling it up. I do need to learn to not keep things around that I’m not going to be needing or using anymore, but in the end there are going to be things that I will need to keep in storage anyway, so maybe it isn’t really reasonable to actually downsize completely. Just enough to be able to move into a smaller place.