In a recent report released by a major lab testing facility, the number one reason for orders to labs for blood and urine analysis is currently related to company drug testing. Anyone who has gone through the process of looking for a new job in the last twenty years is almost certain to have undergone a urinalysis for drugs. There are few employers today that do not require a drug test as part of their screening process for new applicants. There are a few good reasons why companies subject potential employees to drug test today, beginning with liability. Every company has to take care with the people they hire because of the fact that their employee’s actions can cause them serious legal issues. Just last year, a major beverage company based out of Chicago lost a lawsuit involving almost fifty million dollars in damages because of the fact that their employee, destroyed public property with a work truck while under the influence of an illegal substance. Cases such as these are a major reason why companies today try and protect themselves by requiring that all their new employees undergo urine drug testing before taking on a position in their company. Furthermore, companies will require people to undergo drug testing independent of the positon they are going to hold, as people companies can be taken to court for actions committed by employees using drugs in almost any situation. In addition, many companies require their workers to undergo random drug tests from time to time, in order to provide further protection against drug use by their employees while on the job.

Lab testing is also heavily relied upon by medical doctors that are trying to find out what health issues their patients may have. In the past, it was more typical for doctors to have in house testing facilities for their blood and urine testing needs, but as technology has advanced considerably over the years, the ability to maintain the kind of equipment needed for comprehensive testing methods has become harder and harder for small clinics to own and operate. The average lab testing facility today has around two million dollars’ worth of equipment in it, and that number can go up considerably depending on the type of testing the facility offers, as well as how much testing it takes on each month.  It is far easier and cost effective for modern doctors to have their patient’s blood and urine testing done in a professional testing facility than it is for them to do it in their clinics. Some forms of testing however, are still done in the clinic. Simple blood tests for blood sugar levels or for certain common diseases are often still done in the doctor’s clinic because of the simple nature of their process. Some doctors have predicted that within the next ten years, all urine and blood tests will be performed though testing facilities, as the cost and speed of the tests continues to make testing facilities a better choice for doctors today.

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