My Sister’s Load in a Baby Wrap

I look at my sister and feel sorry for her. She tries to comfort her baby which she carries in a baby wrap. Going through a divorce is a painful process, especially with three small children. I know she will be alright, and it is just a phase that she will have to go through.

My kids are grown and off to university, so I offered to let her stay in my basement, which has plenty of room and it also affords her some privacy as she rebuilds her life. It’s a good thing she works from home, so at least income is not so much of an issue. I mentally ticked off the guest room that I have near the kitchen. It should be a good place for her baby during the daytime. The basement is nice as a sleeping area but not for play time.

solly baby

carrying baby

I sigh as I think I am too old to have little kids running around. Ed is very supportive, as we also had his sister stay with us when they first arrived in the US, from Italy. It was a riot but we survived and I learned to cook authentic Italian food. Starting out in America is not a walk in the park. You need to have American work experience for you to land a good job. But then you have to start somewhere!

My sister is just from another state. But she might as well be from another planet because Washington is the farthest thing from anything Texan. I have tried not to pry, as I figured there’s plenty of time to get to the story.

She comes in from the patio, baby sleeping in baby carrier, and declared we’re going to have a barbecue! Well, Texas remember? I laughed as I came prepared when she asked if she could stay with us until she sorted things out in her life – I bought a lot of meat.

I was expecting that she would want to grill some meat once she gets here. It would be something that the kids would love. Heck, I would love it too. I can add barbecue to my repertoire in the kitchen. But she would have to show me how because there is no barbecue like Texas barbecue.

As a DIY enthusiast, and Italian, Ed built a stone oven and outdoor grill in our backyard when we moved here fifteen years ago. It was the first thing he did. Well, who doesn’t want pizza cooked in an honest to goodness stone oven?!

I helped her take her baby off her solly baby wrap, a thing I bought for her when she came here with just a few of her belongings. We put her in the pram in the dayroom, as we fired the outdoor grill. My sister had already prepared the meat with her signature rub, and my mouth waters just at the smell wafting from the grill. Ah life, we have come full circle, but we still take care of our little sister. It just never ends.

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