My son is comfortable with our family dentist

family dentist

I knew that my son was comfortable with our family dentist when I saw him smile big after his last dental cleaning. It was a routine exam so there wasn’t anything painful or major that he had to deal with, but even so he usually HATES the dentist and does everything in his power to resist going. I’m used to the whole routine by now; tears, crying, screaming and yelling and literally kicking and screaming to try and get away from the waiting room. This new dentist office, Willow Creek, just seems to take a different approach to how they deal with patients and how they keep the atmosphere friendly for families and kids of all ages. If you have ever been to a dentist with your kid and had them react the way my Bobby did, perhaps you should consider taking them to Willow Creek Dental as well. I tell you, it was the best move me and my husband could have ever made. Besides the fact that Bobby and the rest of my kids truly enjoy the experience of going to the dentist these days, you also can’t be the prices and different packages they offer. You can buy a bundle of cleanings or a bundle of services that will reduce the overall price of things. They also have some pretty amazing cosmetic dentists on staff to help you and your family for when the little ones aren’t so little anymore. Believe me that day is approaching much more quickly than you can imagine.